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DescriptionCompensated Dual Resistivity - Gamma Ray Tool

Related channels
A1DN Amplitude at Receiver 1, Sub Down Measurement
A1UP Amplitude at Receiver 1, Sub Up Measurement
A2DN Amplitude at Receiver 2, Sub Down Measurement
A2UP Amplitude at Receiver 2, Sub Up Measurement
APRS_CDR Annular Pressure
ATDN_R Raw Attenuation Down
ATMP_CDR Annular Temperature
ATR CDR Attenuation Resistivity
ATR_RT Attenuation Resistivity, Real-Time
ATRD DOWN Attenuation Resistivity
ATRU UP Attenuation Resistivity
ATTN_R Raw Attenuation
ATTN_RT Attenuation, Real-Time
ATUP_R Raw Attenuation Up
AVG_PHASE Average Phase Measured at a Number of Receivers
CATR Attenuation Conductivity
CATR_RT Attenuation Conductivity, Real-Time
CDR_ATMP_RT Annulus Temperature, Real-Time
CGR Gamma Ray Contribution from Thorium and Potassium
ECD_CDR Equivalent Circulating Density
ECD_RT Equivalent Circulating Density, Real-Time
EMTE CDR Tool Temperature
FPG_CDR Fracture Pressure Gradient
GR_CDR CDR API Gamma Ray Average
GR_CDR_RAW_RT Raw CDR Gamma Ray, Real-Time
GRR_CDR Raw Gamma Ray Average
GRR_CDR_CAL CDR Calibrated Gamma Ray
GRW0 SUB Gamma Ray Total Counts, Windows 7 thru 9
GRW1 Gamma Ray Window 1
GRW2 Gamma Ray Window 2
GRW3 Gamma Ray Window 3
GRW4 Gamma Ray Window 4
GRW5 Gamma Ray Window 5
GRW6 Gamma Ray Window 6
GRW7 Gamma Ray Window 7
GRW8 Gamma Ray Window 8
GRW9 Gamma Ray Window 9
GTIK Gamma ray depth sample indicator
P1DN Phase at Receiver 1, Sub Down Measurement
P1UP Phase at Receiver 1, Sub Up Measurement
P2DN Phase at Receiver 2, Sub Down Measurement
P2UP Phase at Receiver 2, Sub Up Measurement
PCAL Caliper from Phase Shift Imbalance
PCAL_CDR_RT Borehole Size Computed using CDR Phase Measurements, Real Time
PHASE_NEAR Phase Measurement at a Near Receiver
PHASE_NEAR_RT Phase Measurement at a Near Receiver, Real Time
PHSF Phase Resistivity Angle
PHSF_RT Phase Shift, Real-Time
POTA Potassium Concentration
POTA_RT Potassium Concentration, Real-Time
PPG_CDR Pore Pressure Gradient
PRSA Annular Pressure
PRSA_RT Annulus Pressure, Real-Time
PSDN_R Raw Phase Shift Down
PSHF_R Raw Phase Shift
PSR Compensated Phase Shift Resistivity
PSR_RT Phase Shift Resistivity, Real-Time
PSRD Down Phase Shift Resistivity
PSRU UP Phase Shift Resistivity
PSUM Sum of all the Phase Measurements
PSUP Calibrated Phase Shift Up
PSUP_R Raw Phase Shift Up
RTIK Resistivity depth samples this frame
SCR1 Small Shock (50G) Count
SGR Spectroscopy Gamma Ray
SHK1_CDR CDR Shocks over 60g
SHKR_CDR_RT CDR Shock Rate, Real-Time
TAB_CDR_GR CDR Gamma Ray Time After Bit
TAB_CDR_RES CDR Resistivity Time After Bit
TAB_GR Gamma Ray Time after Bit
TABR Time After Bit for Resistivity Measurement
THOR Thorium Concentration
THOR_RT Thorium Concentration, Real-Time
TICK_CDR_GR CDR Gamma Ray Sampling Indicator
TICK_CDR_RES CDR Resistivity Sampling Indicator
TTEM_CDR CDR Chassis Temperature
URAN Uranium Concentration
URAN_RT Uranium Concentration, Real-Time

Related parameters
HYDRAULIC_HEAD_ELEVATION Elevation of the hydraulic datum (e.g. Sea Floor, Mud Return Line) with respect to the drilling depth datum (e.g. Kelly Bushing, Drill Floor)
HYDRAULIC_PRESSURE_DATUM Name of the local datum used as the "zero" for wellbore hydraulic pressure measurements
PSOF Phase Shift Offset
TSIZ Tool Diameter
VERS_CDR CDR Downhole Software Version

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