Mnemonics, Tools, CNT-S

DescriptionCompensated Neutron Tool - S

Related channels
BHPR Borehole Pressure
BHRM Borehole Mud Resistivity
CFTC Corrected Far Thermal Count Rate
CNTC Corrected Near Thermal Count Rate
DRTA Depth Derivative of Raw TALP
GHD Borehole Diameter
GTEM Generalized Borehole Temperature
GTEM_TVDSURF Borehole Temperature computed as Linear TVD Gradient from Surface
NPHI Thermal Neutron Porosity (original Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
NPHI_DOL Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) (matrix Dolomite)
NPHI_LIM Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) (matrix Limestone)
NPHI_SAN Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) (matrix Sandstone)
NPOR Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity in Selected Lithology
NPOR_DOL Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Dolomite)
NPOR_LIM Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Limestone)
NPOR_SAN Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Sandstone)
RCFT Raw Corrected Thermal Far Count Rate
RCNT Raw Corrected Thermal Near Count Rate
TALP Thermal Alpha Factor
TCFT Far Thermal Neutron Counts
TCNT Near Thermal Neutron Counts
TFTC Calibrated Deadtime-Corrected Far Thermal Neutron Count Rate
TNPH Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
TNPH_DOL Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Dolomite)
TNPH_LIM Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Limestone)
TNPH_SAN Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Sandstone)
TNRA Thermal Neutron Ratio
TNTC Calibrated Deadtime-Corrected Near Thermal Neutron Count Rate

Related parameters
BARI Barite Mud Presence Flag
BHS Borehole Status (Open or Cased Hole)
BS Bit Size
BSAL Borehole Salinity
BSCO Borehole Salinity Correction Option
CFTC_GAIN CFTC Calibration Gain
CNTC_GAIN CNTC Calibration Gain
CNTT CNT Calibration Tank Temperature
DFD Drilling Fluid Density
DFT Drilling Fluid Type
DFT_WATER Drilling Fluid Water Type
FSAL Formation Salinity
FSCO Formation Salinity Correction Option
GRADI_TVD Temperature Gradient for TVD
HSCO Hole Size Correction Option
MATR Rock Matrix for Neutron Porosity Corrections
MCCO Mud Cake Correction Option
MFST Mud Filtrate Sample Temperature
MRT Maximum Recorded Temperature
MST Mud Sample Temperature
MWCO Mud Weight Correction Option
NCT_WATER_TEMP Calibration Tank Water Temperature
PTCO Pressure Temperature Correction Option
R6_RATIO R6 Ratio
RCFT_PLUS_CORR Corrected RCFT Plus Average
RCFT_PLUS_REF Far Neutron Count Rate Plus Reference
RCNT_PLUS_CORR Corrected RCNT Plus Average
RCNT_PLUS_REF Near Neutron Count Rate Plus Reference
RMFS Resistivity of Mud Filtrate Sample
RMS Resistivity of Mud Sample
SDAT Standoff Data Source
SOCN Standoff Distance
SOCO Standoff Correction Option
TEMP_TVD Temperature with a Linear Gradient in TVD for Temperature Correction
TNRA_GAIN TNRA Calibration Gain
TNRA_PLUS_REF Neutron Ratio Plus Reference
TOU_TVD Temperature Offset Upper for TVD

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