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DescriptionBottom Gun Modified CST-A

Related parameters
BULL Bullet Type
CURC Current CST
DSM Depth Selection Method
DSMO Depth Selection Method Offset
FNAM Formation Name
GDEN Grain Density
LAWW Lower Arming Window Width
LOAD Powder Load
LPW Logging Power Wire
LRET Logging Return
LSIG Logging Signal
LSWW Lower Shooting Window Width
LWIR Logging Wire
NUMB Number of Sample or Experiment
PORO Porosity
POWD Powder Type
PSOU Porosity Source
RECO Core Recovery Description
RING Ring Type
SRET Shooting Return
UAWW Upper Arming Window Width
USWW Upper Shooting Window Width
UVRE UV Response
WUSG Window Usage

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