Mnemonics, Tools, DMM2_900

DescriptionOptiDrill/DMM 9" Tool (2nd)

Related channels
APRS_MAX Maximum Annular Pressure
APRS_MIN Minimum Annular Pressure
APRS_SD Annular Pressure Standard Deviation
AXL_AVG Mean Axial Load
AXL_AVG_EU Scaleless Mean Axial Load (used to compute DWOB at surface)
AXL_DYNAMIC Downhole Force Variance
AXL_MAX Maximum Axial Load
AXL_MAX_EU Scaleless Maximum Axial Load
AXL_MIN Minimum Axial Load
AXL_MIN_EU Scaleless Minimum Axial Load
AXL_SD Axial Load Standard Deviation
AXL_SD_EU Scaleless Axial Load Standard Deviation
BND_AVG Mean Bending Magnitude
BND_AVG_BIT Mean Bending Magnitude at Bit
BND_AVG_DMM Mean Bending Magnitude at Strain Gauge
BND_AVG_EU Scaleless Mean Bending Magnitude
BND_DLS Mean Axial Load
BND_MAX Maximum Bending Magnitude
BND_MAX_BIT Maximum Bending Magnitude at Bit
BND_MAX_DMM Maximum Bending Magnitude at Strain Gauge
BND_MAX_EU Scaleless Maximum Bending Magnitude
BND_MIN Minimum Bending Magnitude
BND_MIN_BIT Minimum Bending Magnitude at Bit
BND_MIN_DMM Minimum Bending Magnitude at Strain Gauge
BND_MIN_EU Scaleless Minimum Bending Magnitude
BND_SD Bending Moment Standard Deviation
BND_WHIRLMAG Bending Magnitude due to Whirl
BND_YOFST Auto Calibration Bending Offset Y
BND_ZOFST Auto Calibration Bending Offset Z
BOUNCE_IND Bit Bounce Indicator
BOUNCE_SKEW Bit Bounce Skew
CRPM_GYR Collar RPM measured by Gyro
CRPM_MAX Maximum Collar RPM
CRPM_MAX_GYR Maximum Collar RPM measured by Gyro
CRPM_MIN Minimum Collar RPM
CRPM_MIN_GYR Minimum Collar RPM measured by Gyro
DH_STATE Downhole State
DMM_DMSE DMM Downhole Mechanical Specific Energy
DMMSTAT DMM Tool Status Word
DPRE_MAX Maximum Delta Pressure
DPRE_MIN Minimum Delta Pressure
DPRE_SD Delta Pressure Standard Deviation
DTOR_AVG Mean Downhole Torque
DTOR_MAX Maximum Downhole Torque
DTOR_MIN Minimum Downhole Torque
DTOR_OFFSET Torque Offset
DTOR_OFST Torque Offset set at Downhole
DWOB_AVG Mean Downhole Weight On Bit
DWOB_MAX Maximum Downhole Weight On Bit
DWOB_MIN Minimum Downhole Weight On Bit
DWOB_OFFSET DWOB Offset from Parameter
DWOB_OFST DWOB Offset set at Downhole
ECD_MAX Maximum Value of Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)
ECD_MIN Minimum Value of Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)
ECD_SD Standard Deviation for Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)
IPRS_MAX Maximum Internal Pressure
IPRS_MIN Minimum Internal Pressure
IPRS_SD Internal Pressure Standard Deviation
POWER_STAT Power Status Word
STCKSLP_PRCNT Magnetometer Stick Slip Percent
STKSLP_IND Stick Slip Indicator
STUCK_RAW Stuck Ratio
STUCK_TIME Magnetometer Stuck Time
TOR_AVG Mean Torque
TOR_AVG_EU Scaleless Mean Torque (used to compute DTOR at surface)
TOR_MAX Maximum Torque
TOR_MAX_EU Scaleless Maximum Torque (used to compute DTOR at surface)
TOR_MIN Minimum Torque
TOR_MIN_EU Scaleless Minimum Torque (used to compute DTOR at surface)
TOR_SD Torque Standard Deviation
TOR_SD_EU Scaleless Torque Standard Deviation
TOR0 Raw TOR0 ADC Counts
TOR180 Raw TOR180 ADC Counts
VIB_LAT_1SEC RMS Lateral Vibration (1 second)
VIB_LAT_30SEC RMS Lateral Vibration (30 seconds)
VIB_TOR_30SEC RMS Torsional Vibration (30 seconds)
VIB_X_1SEC RMS Axial Vibration (1 second)
VIB_X_30SEC RMS Axial Vibration (30 seconds)
VIB_Y_1SEC RMS Y Vibration (1 second)
VIB_Z_1SEC RMS Z Vibration (1 second)
VIBENERGIES Combined Vibration Energy Severity Ratings
VIBENERGIES_ST Status of the Vibration Energy
VIBLAT_IND Lateral Vibration Indicator
VIBMOTIONS Combined Vibration Motion Severity Ratings
VIBMOTIONS_ST Status of the Vibration Motion
VIBR Vibration Radial Average
VIBT Vibration Tangential Average
VIBTOR Downhole Torque Variance
VIBTOR_IND Torsional Vibration Indicator
VIBX_IND Axial Vibration Indicator
VIBX_MAX Maximum Vibration, X-Axis
VIBX_SD Vibration Standard Deviation, X-Axis
VIBY_MAX Maximum Vibration, Y-Axis
VIBY_SD Vibration Standard Deviation, Y-Axis
VIBZ_MAX Maximum Vibration, Z-Axis
VIBZ_SD Vibration Standard Deviation, Z-Axis
WHIRL_IND Bit Whirl Severity Indicator
WHIRL_TYPE Bit Whirl Type
WOB0 Raw WOB0 ADC Counts
WOB180 Raw WOB180 ADC Counts
WOB270 Raw WOB270 ADC Counts
WOB90 Raw WOB90 ADC Counts

Related parameters
REF_TO_CBOT Reference To Collar Bottom
ROP_SENS ROP To Sensor Block Offset
SUB_LENGTH Strain Gauge Sub Length

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