Mnemonics, Tools, DRILLING_SURFACE

DescriptionPseudo-Tool for Drilling Measurements from Surface Sensors

Related channels
ACTC Current rig activity
AREV Analog Revolutions Rate
BIT_CONF Telemetry Demodulation Bit Confidence
BLKA Block Acceleration
BLKP Height of block above rig floor
BLKV Block Velocity
BONB Bit On Bottom
BPOS Block Position
BVEL Block Velocity
CDEPTH Composite Depth
COBTM Composite On Bottom Status
DEPTH Depth Index
DREV Digital Revolutions Rate
DRTIME Drilling hours
DW_CAL Drawworks Encoder Calibration Count
DW_ENC Drawworks Encoder Count
FKP The probability that a kick hazard will occur based on analyzing delta flow under real time conditions.
FLCP The probability that a flow lost circulation hazard will occur based on analyzing delta flow under real time conditions.
FLWO Mud Flowrate Out
FOE The probability that the flow out sensor is not performing properly under real time conditions.
GENERIC_01 Generic Channel One
GENERIC_02 Generic Channel Two
GENERIC_03 Generic Channel Three
GENERIC_04 Generic Channel Four
GENERIC_05 Generic Channel Five
GENERIC_06 Generic Channel Six
GENERIC_07 Generic Channel Seven
GENERIC_08 Generic Channel Eight
GENERIC_09 Generic Channel Nine
GENERIC_10 Generic Channel Ten
GENERIC_11 Generic Channel Eleven
GENERIC_12 Generic Channel Twelve
GENERIC_13 Generic Channel Thirteen
GENERIC_14 Generic Channel Fourteen
GENERIC_15 Generic Channel Fifteen
GENERIC_16 Generic Channel Sixteen
GENERIC_17 Generic Channel Seventeen
GENERIC_18 Generic Channel Eighteen
GENERIC_19 Generic Channel Nineteen
GENERIC_20 Generic Channel Twenty
GUID_TEN Guideline Tensionmeter Encoder Count
HDTH Hole Depth
HKLA Average Hookload
HKLD Hook Load
KAPT Auxiliary Pressure Transducer for Kick Detection
KSPT Signal Pressure Transducer for Kick Detection
MOT_ENC Motion Compensator Encoder Count
OBTM Status of the drill bit (On Bottom?)
PPTIME Pumping hours
PVEL Pipe Velocity
RADMON1 Radiation Monitor Sensor 1
RADMON2 Radiation Monitor Sensor 2
RIG_ACT_HSPM Rig Activity
ROP Rate of Penetration
ROP1 Rate of Penetration, 1ft filtered
ROP5 Rate of penetration averaged over the last 5 ft (1.5 m)
ROPH Rate of Penetration over the last .5 ft (.15 m)
ROPI Inverse ROP for last 1 ft (.3 m)
RPM Rotational Speed
SAMPS Surface Amps
SD_BHD Smart Depth - Borehole Depth
SD_BIT_DEPTH Smart Depth - Bit Depth
SLIPS Status of the Slips (In or Out)
SMSE Surface Mechanical Specific Energy
SPM1 Pump 1 Stroke Rate
SPM2 Pump 2 Stroke Rate
SPM3 Pump 3 Stroke Rate
SPM4 Pump 4 Stroke Rate
SPPA Standpipe Pressure
SPT_1 Signal Pressure Transducer 1
SPT_1A Signal Pressure Transducer 1 Average
SPT_1S Signal Pressure Transducer 1 Signal Strength (Amplitude)
SPT_2 Signal Pressure Transducer 2
SPT_2A Signal Pressure Transducer 2 Average
SPT_2S Signal Pressure Transducer 2 Signal Strength (Amplitude)
SPT_3 Signal Pressure Transducer 3
SPT_3A Signal Pressure Transducer 3 Average
SPT_3S Signal Pressure Transducer 3 Signal Strength (Amplitude)
SPT_4 Signal Pressure Transducer 4
SSPI Subsea Pump Input Pressure
SSPO Subsea Pump Output Pressure
SSSPM1 Subsea Pump 1 Stroke Rate
SSSPM2 Subsea Pump 2 Stroke Rate
SSSPM3 Subsea Pump 3 Stroke Rate
SSSPM4 Subsea Pump 4 Stroke Rate
SSSPM5 Subsea Pump 5 Stroke Rate
SSSPM6 Subsea Pump 6 Stroke Rate
STOR Surface Torque
SWOB Surface Weight On Bit
TFLO Total flow rate of all active pumps
TKP Probability of a kick determined from monitoring the tank volume
TLCP The probability that lost circulation hazard will occur based on analyzing the tank volume under real time conditions.
TSTK Total Pump Strokes
WDP_STATUS Wired Drill Pipe On/Off Status
WOP The probability that a washout hazard will occur within a particular borehole environment under real time conditions.

Related parameters
3RD_PARTY_DESC 3rd Party Sensor Descriptions
3RD_PARTY_DPT 3rd Party Sensor DPoints
BIT_CONF_THRES Threshold used for setting acceptance level for MWD measurement
DEPTH_GAIN Gain used to correct depth values
DEPTH_OFFSET Offset used to correct depth values
DEPTH_SEL Depth Selection Parameter
DMSE_BEF Bit Efficiency Factor for Downhole Mechanical Specific Energy
DMSE_RPM_SEL RPM Selection for Downhole Mechanical Specific Energy
KICK_PROBABILITY The probability that a kick hazard will occur under real time conditions
MSE_SEL Mechanical Specific Energy Switch and Algorithm Selection
REV_PER_VOL Number of revolutions per unit volume of fluid pumped through the motor
RIGDST Rig Daylight Saving Time. (0 Means Unknown, 1 Means Standard time, 2 Means Daylight Saving Time)
RIGTZBIAS Difference, in Hours, Between UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and Rig Time
SMSE_BEF Bit Efficiency Factor for Surface Mechanical Specific Energy
SMSE_RPM_SEL RPM Selection for Surface Mechanical Specific Energy
TSDI Tool String Diameter
TSTK_RESET Reset TSTK channel to zero

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