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DescriptionEnhanced-dts Gyro Data Tool

Related channels
DECINCHDEPTH Depth in Decimal Inches
GD_150I Gyro Data 150V supply current intensity
GD_150V Gyro Data 150 Volt supply
GD_5I Gyro Data 5V supply current intensity
GD_5V Gyro Data 5.25 Volt supply
GD_AX Gyro Data X-Axis Acceleration
GD_AY Gyro Data Y-Axis Acceleration
GD_AZ Gyro Data Z-Axis Acceleration
GD_BUFFUSAGE Gyro Data Buffer Usage
GD_DEVI Gyro Data Deviation
GD_GTF Gyro Data Gyro Tool Face
GD_HAZI Gyro Data Hole Azimuth
GD_PROCTIME Gyro Data Processing Time
GD_RAWDEVI Gyro Data Raw Deviation
GD_RAWGTF Gyro Data Raw Gyro Tool Face
GD_RAWHAZI Gyro Data Raw Hole Azimuth relative to true north
GD_RAWRB Gyro Data Raw Relative Bearing
GD_RB Gyro Data Relative Bearing
GD_RIPP Gyro Data Ripple Voltage
GD_STATUS Gyro Data Status
GFC Gyro Frame Count

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