Mnemonics, Tools, FBST-B

DescriptionFull-Bore Scanner - B

Related channels
C1 Caliper 1
C2 Caliper 2
DB1 Dip Button 1
DB1_COR Dip button #1 corrected
DB1A Dip Button 1A
DB1A_COR Dip button #1A corrected
DB2 Dip Button 2
DB2_COR Dip button #2 corrected
DB2A Dip Button 2A
DB2A_COR Dip button #2A corrected
DB3 Dip Button 3
DB3_COR Dip button #3 corrected
DB3A Dip Button 3A
DB3A_COR Dip button #3A corrected
DB4 Dip Button 4
DB4_COR Dip button #4 corrected
DB4A Dip Button 4A
DB4A_COR Dip button #4A corrected
DEVI Hole Deviation
EI EMEX Current
EV EMEX Voltage
FBAA_A Buttons, Aligned, Pad A
FBAA_P Buttons, Processed, Pad A
FBAB_A Buttons, Aligned, Pad B
FBAB_P Buttons, Processed, Pad B
FBAC_A Buttons, Aligned, Pad C
FBAC_P Buttons, Processed, Pad C
FBAD_A Buttons, Aligned, Pad D
FBAD_P Buttons, Processed, Pad D
FBCR Correlation Resistance
FBGA Electronic Gain
FCA1 Buttons, Pad A, Row 1
FCA2 Buttons, Pad A, Row 2
FCA3 Buttons, Pad A, Row 3
FCA4 Buttons, Pad A, Row 4
FCB1 Buttons, Pad B, Row 1
FCB2 Buttons, Pad B, Row 2
FCB3 Buttons, Pad B, Row 3
FCB4 Buttons, Pad B, Row 4
FCC1 Buttons, Pad C, Row 1
FCC2 Buttons, Pad C, Row 2
FCC3 Buttons, Pad C, Row 3
FCC4 Buttons, Pad C, Row 4
FCD1 Buttons, Pad D, Row 1
FCD2 Buttons, Pad D, Row 2
FCD3 Buttons, Pad D, Row 3
FCD4 Buttons, Pad D, Row 4
FSVN FBSC negative supply
FSVP FBSC positive supply
P1NO_FBST Pad 1 Azimuth in Plane Orthogonal to Tool Axis (0 = True North), memorized to FBST
PP Pad Pressure
RB_FBST Memorized Relative Bearing
RC1 Raw C1
RC2 Raw C2

Related parameters
C1_GAIN Calibration Gain Applied to Caliper 1 (or X)
C1_OFFSET Calibration Offset Applied to Caliper 1 (or X)
C1_PLUS_ACCUM Average of C1 Caliper During Plus Accumulation
C1_ZERO_ACCUM Average of C1 Caliper During Zero Accumulation
C2_GAIN Calibration Gain Applied to Caliper 2 (or X)
C2_OFFSET Calibration Offset Applied to Caliper 2 (or X)
C2_PLUS_ACCUM Average of C2 Caliper During Plus Accumulation
C2_ZERO_ACCUM Average of C2 Caliper During Zero Accumulation
EGCO EMEX and GAIN Correction
FBCD Correct Dip Buttons Values by EMEX and Gain
FBEF EMEX Filtering Activation
FBMV EMEX Maximum Voltage Calculation
FBST_RBS Resistivity Button Selection
FDBD Dead Buttons Detection
FDBP Dead Buttons Patching
FDFL DSP Filter Length
FIEQ Image Equalisation
FIGA Image Gain
FIOF Image Offset
FLM Logging Mode
FPCO Phase Shift Compensation
FPSA Peak Signal Amplitude for Required Servo Level
LARGE_RING Caliper Calibration Large Ring
PADA_DEAD_BUTN Pad A Dead Button Selection
PADB_DEAD_BUTN Pad B Dead Button Selection
PADC_DEAD_BUTN Pad C Dead Button Selection
PADD_DEAD_BUTN Pad D Dead Button Selection
RBSI Auto RBS Change Interval
SMALL_RING Caliper Calibration Small Ring
SOFF Standoff
XGAI_FBST Gain Value in Manual Mode
XGMO EMEX and Gain Modes

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