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DescriptionFree Point Indicator Tool - D

Related channels
BTL Bottom-Top Limits
CCL Casing Collar Locator Amplitude
CSE Casing Edge
DCCL Casing Collar Locator Depth
INDE Inside Diameter Edge
MEMS Memorized Station Indicator
NFST Non-Presented % Free in Stretch
NFTO Non-Presented % Free in Torque
OUDE Outside Diameter Edge
PFST Percent Free in Stretch
PFTO Percent Free in Torque
PIPE Pipe Scale
RCCL Raw Casing Collar Locator Amplitude
STDE Station Depth
STRH Pipe Stretch
TORQ Pipe Torque

Related parameters
BODA Back-off Depth Actual
BODD Back-off Depth Desired
BPUL Back-off Pull
BTOR Back-off Torque
BTWS Theoretical Weight After Back-off
BWLW Back-off Window Lower Width (displacement below BODD)
BWUW Back-off Window Upper Width (displacement above BODD)
CASD Casing Diameter
CASS Casing Shoe
DINC Customer View Depth Increment (3IN, 6IN, 1FT or 2FT)
DSPO Depth of Estimated Stuck Point
HYDP Hydrostatic Pressure
KDV1 Kick-Off Deviation 1
KDV2 Kick-Off Deviation 2
KDV3 Kick-Off Deviation 3
KDV4 Kick-Off Deviation 4
KDV5 Kick-Off Deviation 5
KOD1 Kick-Off Depth 1
KOD2 Kick-Off Depth 2
KOD3 Kick-Off Depth 3
KOD4 Kick-Off Depth 4
KOD5 Kick-Off Depth 5
MINT Minimum Number of Turns
MLHT Maximum Left Hand Turns
MNFL Minimum Free Length
MPUL Maximum Safe Pull
MRHT Maximum Right Hand Turns
MSR Maximum Stretch Reading
MTR Maximum Torque Reading
MW Mud Weight
OMFL Overpull for Minimum Free Length
OMIN Overpull Minimum
OVRP Overpull
PRIS Number of Primacord Strands
PTOR Pipe Torque Rigidity
PWEA Pipe Weight in Air
PWEM Pipe Weight in Mud
RRPO Recommended Release Position
RSPO Recommended Starting Position
SMFL Stretch for Minimum Free Length
TPFT Theoretical Percent Free in Torque at BODD
TURN Number of Turns
WDBS Weight going Down before Sticking
WTRV Weight of Traveling Block
WUBS Weight going Up before Sticking

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