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DescriptionTubing Geometry Tool (commercially referred to as TGS)

Related channels
AZEC Azimuth of Eccentering
CIDC Casing/Pipe Inner Diameter
CIRC Casing/Pipe Nominal Inner Radius
CODC Casing/Pipe Outside Diameter
CORC Casing/Pipe Nominal Outer Radius
CR01 Corrected Radius 1
CR02 Corrected Radius 2
CR03 Corrected Radius 3
CR04 Corrected Radius 4
CR05 Corrected Radius 5
CR06 Corrected Radius 6
CR07 Corrected Radius 7
CR08 Corrected Radius 8
CR09 Corrected Radius 9
CR10 Corrected Radius 10
CR11 Corrected Radius 11
CR12 Corrected Radius 12
CR13 Corrected Radius 13
CR14 Corrected Radius 14
CR15 Corrected Radius 15
CR16 Corrected Radius 16
DIA1 FTGT Diameter 1
DIA2 FTGT Diameter 2
DIA3 FTGT Diameter 3
DIA4 FTGT Diameter 4
DIA5 FTGT Diameter 5
DIA6 FTGT Diameter 6
DIA7 FTGT Diameter 7
DIA8 FTGT Diameter 8
DR01 Delta Radius 1
DR02 Delta Radius 2
DR03 Delta Radius 3
DR04 Delta Radius 4
DR05 Delta Radius 5
DR06 Delta Radius 6
DR07 Delta Radius 7
DR08 Delta Radius 8
DR09 Delta Radius 9
DR10 Delta Radius 10
DR11 Delta Radius 11
DR12 Delta Radius 12
DR13 Delta Radius 13
DR14 Delta Radius 14
DR15 Delta Radius 15
DR16 Delta Radius 16
ECCE Amplitude of Eccentering
IRAV Internal Radius Averaged Value
IRMN Internal Radius Minimum Value
IRMX Internal Radius Maximum Value
LACK Metal Loss
PN01 Fractional Penetration 1
PN02 Fractional Penetration 2
PN03 Fractional Penetration 3
PN04 Fractional Penetration 4
PN05 Fractional Penetration 5
PN06 Fractional Penetration 6
PN07 Fractional Penetration 7
PN08 Fractional Penetration 8
PN09 Fractional Penetration 9
PN10 Fractional Penetration 10
PN11 Fractional Penetration 11
PN12 Fractional Penetration 12
PN13 Fractional Penetration 13
PN14 Fractional Penetration 14
PN15 Fractional Penetration 15
PN16 Fractional Penetration 16
PNAV Average of Fractional Penetrations
PNMA Maximum of Fractional Penetrations
PNMI Minimum of Fractional Penetrations
RA01 Calibrated Radius 1
RA02 Calibrated Radius 2
RA03 Calibrated Radius 3
RA04 Calibrated Radius 4
RA05 Calibrated Radius 5
RA06 Calibrated Radius 6
RA07 Calibrated Radius 7
RA08 Calibrated Radius 8
RA09 Calibrated Radius 9
RA10 Calibrated Radius 10
RA11 Calibrated Radius 11
RA12 Calibrated Radius 12
RA13 Calibrated Radius 13
RA14 Calibrated Radius 14
RA15 Calibrated Radius 15
RA16 Calibrated Radius 16
REFE Reference
UR01 Uncalibrated Radius 1
UR02 Uncalibrated Radius 2
UR03 Uncalibrated Radius 3
UR04 Uncalibrated Radius 4
UR05 Uncalibrated Radius 5
UR06 Uncalibrated Radius 6
UR07 Uncalibrated Radius 7
UR08 Uncalibrated Radius 8
UR09 Uncalibrated Radius 9
UR10 Uncalibrated Radius 10
UR11 Uncalibrated Radius 11
UR12 Uncalibrated Radius 12
UR13 Uncalibrated Radius 13
UR14 Uncalibrated Radius 14
UR15 Uncalibrated Radius 15
UR16 Uncalibrated Radius 16
VRMN Value of Radius Minimum
VRMX Value of Radius Maximum

Related parameters
ARMS Arm Size
CSID Casing Inner Diameter
CSOD Casing Outer Diameter
CSWT Pipe Weight
CWEI Casing Weight
DEBU Debugging
EXCO Eccentering Correction
FIDE Film Destination
GSS Gray Scale Selection
ODFO Output Data Format
RPAI Radial Plot Automatic Interval
RPMO Radial Plot Mode
RPSF Radial Plot Scaling Factor
RPWS Radial Plot Worst Selection
SAMP Sampling Rate
VRES Vertical Resolution

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