Mnemonics, Tools, GCT-A

DescriptionGuidance Continuous Tool - A

Related channels
AX Acceleration X-Axis
AY Acceleration Y-Axis
AYO Acceleration on Y Axis
AZIM Measured Azimuth
CCD Casing Collar Depth
CDPT Corrected Depth
CPY Computed Precession on Y Axis
CPZ Computed Precession on Z Axis
CWEL Curvature of the Well
DER2 Detection Resolver 2
DEVI Hole Deviation
ED East Departure
GCSP GCT Current Speed
GMSP GCT Maximum Speed
ND North Departure
RAZI Raw Azimuth
SROT Sonde Rotation
TICK Tick Counter
TVD True Vertical Depth
VALI Validation of Directional Outputs

Related parameters
ACM Azimuth Computation Mode
ALTI Altitude
AMT Anchor Motor Type
AXOF AX Offset
AXSF AX Scale Factor
AYOF AY Offset
AYSF AY Scale Factor
AZIM Well Section Azimuth
BETA Beta Angle
CCDI Casing Collar Detection Interval
CERI Command Error Report Interval
CGRA Gas Gravity
CLD Comparison Listing Destination
CY Couple on Y Axis
CZA Couple on Z Axis
DC Depth Stretch Correction Flag
DEVI Well Section Deviation
ENVT Environment Type
FLAT False Latitude
GAD Grid Angle Departure
GAMA Gamma Angle (Vertical Colinearity Error)
GAMY Gamma On Y Axis
GCEC Guidance Continuous Electronic Cartridge
GCID Guidance Continuous
GCPC Guidance Continuous Electronic Cartridge Type
GCPN Guidance Continuous Electronic Cartridge Serial Number
GDOC Gyro Depth Offset Correction
GDR2 Gain of Detector Resolver 2
GFPM Gyro Failure Processing Mode
GMU Gyroscope Mass Unbalance
GQMU Gyroscope Quadratic Mass Unbalance
GRAV Acceleration of Gravitation
HTEM Heating Temperature
IDD Initial Depth Departure
IED Initial EAST Departure
IEKU Initial East Kilo UTM
IGDE Initial Gyro Depth
IND Initial North Departure
INKU Initial North Kilo UTM
ISTP Interpolation Step
ITVD Initial TVD Departure
IVS Initial Vertical Section
LATD Latitude (N=+ S=-)
LECM Latitude Error Correction Mode
LFD List Format Destination
LFDD Long Free Drift Duration
LFS Listing Format Selection
LSWT Long Stabilization Waiting Time
MESS Message
MFP Multiple File Processing
NLPP Number of Lines Per Page
NRA Navigation Reference Azimuth
R1OF Resolver 1 Offset
R1PV Resolver 1 Previous Value
R2CA Resolver 2 Calibration Amplitude
R2CP Resolver 2 Calibration Phase Shift
R2N Resolver 2 Axis to North
SMD Simulation Message Destination
SYSF Sensor Y Scale Factor
SZSF Sensor Z Scale Factor
TAZI Target Azimuth
TEMP Temperature
TETA Spin Axis Tilt Angle
TLAT True Latitude
TSWT Temperature Stabilization Waiting Time
TTRB Temperature Threshold for Ready Bit
VLV Vertical Loop Validation
VSPM Vertical Section Processing Mode
WRMD Wrap Mode (Not Linked)

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