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DescriptionHigh Resolution Dipmeter Tool - D

Related channels
AZIM Measured Azimuth
AZIX Azimuth of Reference Sensor (Pad 1, if available)
C1 Caliper 1
C2 Caliper 2
DEVI Hole Deviation
EWDR East West Drift Component
FC0 HDT Fast Channel 0 (Speed Button)
FC1 HDT Fast Channel 1
FC2 HDT Fast Channel 2
FC3 HDT Fast Channel 3
FC4 HDT Fast Channel 4
FEP Far Electrode Potential
FEP1 Far Electrode Potential 1
FEP2 Far Electrode Potential 2
HAZI Hole Azimuth Relative to True North
NSDR North South Drift
P1AZ Pad 1 Azimuth in Horizontal Plane (0 = True North)
PP Pad Pressure
RAZI Raw Azimuth
RB Relative Bearing
RC Reference Check
RC1 Raw C1
RC2 Raw C2
RDEV Raw Deviation
REFE Reference
RHDT Raw HDT Data Block
RRB Raw Relative Bearing
SDEV Sonde Deviation
TEMP Computed Borehole Temperature
ZB Zero Button

Related parameters
AMOD Averaging Mode Selection
AZIM Well Section Azimuth
DANG Dip Angle of the Bedding
DAZI Dip Azimuth of the Bedding
DEVI Well Section Deviation
DISO DIP Information Source
HDTT HDT Sonde Type
LATD Latitude (N=+ S=-)
LOND Longitude
MCT Mechanical Cartridge Type
MDEC Magnetic Field Declination
MFIN Magnetic Field Intensity
MINC Magnetic Field Inclination
MTD Measured Tie Depth
RANO Resistivity Anomaly Selection
SFAN Scale Factor of Anomalies
STYP Sonde Type

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