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DescriptionHigh Temperature PSP Gradiomanometer and Flowmeter Tool

Related channels
ACPE Acceleration Period
ACPE_SL Acceleration Period
ATCOR Accelerometer Correction Temperature
ATCOR_SL Accelerometer Correction Temperature
ATEP Accelerometer Temperature
ATEP_SL Accelerometer Temperature
ATPE Accelerometer Temperature Period
ATPE_SL Accelerometer Temperature Period
AZ_PGMS Gradiomanometer Cartridge Acceleration Along Z Axis
AZ_PGMS_SL Gradiomanometer Cartridge Acceleration Along Z Axis
DEVI_PGMS Gradiomanometer Cartridge Hole Deviation
DEVI_PGMS_SL Gradiomanometer Cartridge Hole Deviation
GPCO Gradiomanometer Pressure Correction
GPCO_SL Gradiomanometer Pressure Correction
GPOP Gradiomanometer Pressure Offset Period
GPOP_SL Gradiomanometer Pressure Offset Period
GPPE Gradiomanometer Pressure Period
GPPE_SL Gradiomanometer Pressure Period
GTCO Gradiomanometer Temperature Correction
GTCO_SL Gradiomanometer Temperature Correction
GTEP Gradiomanometer Temperature
GTEP_SL Gradiomanometer Temperature
GTOP Gradiomanometer Temperature Offset Period
GTOP_SL Gradiomanometer Temperature Offset Period
GTPE Gradiomanometer Temperature Period
GTPE_SL Gradiomanometer Temperature Period
RHOSB Bottom Hole Silicon Oil Density
RHOSB_SL Bottom Hole Silicon Oil Density
UWFD Uncorrected Well Fluid Density
UWFD_SL Uncorrected Well Fluid Density
WFDE Well Fluid Density
WFDE_SL Well Fluid Density

Related parameters
ATCO Accelerometer Temperature Compensation Option
EPRE Estimated Pressure
GCPG Gradiomanometer Calibration Pressure Gain
GCPO Gradiomanometer Calibration Pressure Offset
GPCO Gradiomanometer Pressure Compensation Option
GTCO Gradiomanometer Temperature Compensation Option
PDSH Gradiomanometer Fluid Density Shift
PGMS_ETEM Estimated Gradiomanometer Temperature

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