Mnemonics, Tools, ITGN-AT

DescriptioniFlex Telemetry Gamma Neutron Tool (Tractor Version)

Related channels
ATFD Far Detector Acquisition Time
ATND Near Detector Acquisition Time
CCL Casing Collar Locator Amplitude
DRTA Depth Derivative of Raw TALP
EATM Epithermal Acquisition Time
EATM_HR High Resolution Epithermal Acquisition Time
ENPH Epithermal Neutron Porosity
ENPH_HR High Resolution Epithermal Neutron Porosity
FCCL Casing Collar Pip
GATM Gamma-Ray Acquisition Time
GATM_HR High Resolution Gamma-Ray Acquisition Time
GRTH4 Gamma-Ray Threshold 4
GRTM Gamma-Ray Threshold Acquisition Time
HTFD High Resolution Far Detector Acquisition Time
HTND High Resolution Near Detector Acquisition Time
HTNP High Resolution Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
HTNP_DOL HiRes Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Dolomite)
HTNP_LIM HiRes Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Limestone)
HTNP_SAN HiRes Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Sandstone)
IGRS Gamma Ray Detector Status
NETC Epithermal Neutron Counts
NETC_HR High Resolution Epithermal Neutron Counts
NPOR Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity in Selected Lithology
NPOR_DOL Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Dolomite)
NPOR_LIM Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Limestone)
NPOR_SAN Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Sandstone)
RCCL Raw Casing Collar Locator Amplitude
RCEN Raw Corrected Epithermal Near Counts
RCEN_HR Raw High Resolution Epithermal Count Rate
RCFT Raw Corrected Thermal Far Count Rate
RCNT Raw Corrected Thermal Near Count Rate
RGCR Raw Gamma Ray Count Rate
RGCR_HR High Resolution Raw Gamma Ray Count Rate
RGCT Natural Gamma-Ray Counts
RGCT_HR High Resolution Natural Gamma-Ray Counts
RGR Raw Gamma Ray
RHFT Raw High Resolution Far Thermal Count Rate
RHGR High Resolution Raw Gamma Ray
RHNT Raw High Resolution Near Thermal Count Rate
SQER Sequence Number Errors
TALP Thermal Alpha Factor
TCFT Far Thermal Neutron Counts
TCFT_HR High Resolution Far Thermal Neutron Counts
TCNT Near Thermal Neutron Counts
TCNT_HR High Resolution Near Thermal Neutron Counts
TEMP_ITGN Borehole Temperature
TEMP_ITGN_HR High Resolution Borehole Temperature
TNPH Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
TNPH_DOL Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Dolomite)
TNPH_LIM Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Limestone)
TNPH_SAN Thermal Neutron Porosity (matrix Sandstone)

Related parameters
BARI_ITGN Barite Mud Presence Flag
DFT_IFLEX Drilling Fluid Type
DHNV_ITGN ITGN Firmware Version
DPPM_IFLEX iFlex Density Porosity Processing Mode
FSCO Formation Salinity Correction Option
HSCO Hole Size Correction Option
MCCO Mud Cake Correction Option
MWCO Mud Weight Correction Option
NICO Neutron Interference Correction Option
PTCO Pressure Temperature Correction Option
PVN_ITGN ITGN Processing Version Number
SDAT Standoff Data Source
SOCN Standoff Distance
SOCO Standoff Correction Option
TBHDS Tool Borehole Diameter Source
TBHTS Tool Borehole Temperature Source
TTSM Tool Temperature Selection from Measured Temperature

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