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DescriptionLitho Density Tool - C

Related channels
BDQC Bulk Density Quality Curve
CALI Caliper
DCAL Differential Caliper
DPHI Density Porosity
DRHO Bulk Density Correction
LITH Litholog Window Count Rate
LL Long Lower Window Count Rate
LS Long Spacing Computed Count Rate
LSHV High Voltage for Long Spacing Loop
LSRH Long Spacing Density (Uncorrected)
LU Long Upper Computed Window Count Rate
LURH Long Upper Bulk Density
PEF Photoelectric Factor
PHND Porosity from Enhanced Density
QLS Quality Long Spacing
QRLS Quality Ratio Long Spacing
QRSS Quality Ratio Short Spacing
QSS Quality Short Spacing
RCAL Raw Caliper
RHOB Bulk Density
RLIT Raw Lithology Count Rate
RLL Raw LL Count Rate
RLS Raw Long Spacing Count Rate
RLU Raw Long Upper Count Rate
RSS1 Raw Short Spacing Window 1 Count Rate
RSS2 Raw Short Spacing Window 2 Count Rate
S1RH Short Spacing 1 Density
SS1 Short Spacing Window 1 Count Rate
SS2 Short Spacing Window 2 Count Rate
SSHV High Voltage Output for SS Loop

Related parameters
BFM Borehole Fluid Medium
DHC Density Hole Correction
DPPM Density Porosity Processing Mode
DRSN Density Resistivity Sonde Number
FD Fluid Density
MDEN Matrix Density for Density Porosity
NRDC Density Alpha Processing Depth Constant
WMUD Weight of Mud

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