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DescriptionM10 Navigational Sub (PowerPulse)

Related channels
AZIM_CONT_RT Continuous Azimuth, Real-Time
CRPM_RT Collar Rotational Speed, Real-Time
CSN Short Normal Conductivity
DTOR_RT Downhole Torque, Real-Time
DWOB_RAW_RT Downhole Weight on Bit (raw)
DWOB_RT Downhole Weight on Bit, Real-Time
GR_CONF Gamma Ray Bit Confidence
GR_RT Gamma Ray, Real-Time
GRM1 Borehole-corrected Gamma Ray (API-units)
GRR Raw Gamma Ray
GRR_RT Raw Gamma Ray, Real-Time (RAB: RT = Right Quadrant)
GRRC Borehole-Corrected Gamma Ray
GTF_RT Gravity Tool Face, Real-Time
GX_RT Raw Gravity X-axis, Real-Time
GY_RT Raw Gravity Y-axis, Real-Time
GZ_RT Raw Gravity Z-axis, Real-Time
HX_RT Raw Magnetic Field Strength X-axis, Real-Time
HY_RT Raw Magnetic Field Strength Y-axis, Real-Time
HZ_RT Raw Magnetic Field Strength Z-axis, Real-Time
INCL_CONT_RT Continuous Inclination (Hole Deviation), Real-Time
MS10 Spare MWD Channel #10
MSP1 Spare MWD Channel #1
MSP2 Spare MWD Channel #2
MSP3 Spare MWD Channel #3
MSP4 Spare MWD Channel #4
MSP5 Spare MWD Channel #5
MSP6 Spare MWD Channel #6
MSP7 Spare MWD Channel #7
MSP8 Spare MWD Channel #8
MSP9 Spare MWD Channel #9
MTF_RT Magnetic Tool Face, Real-Time
RGX_RT Continuous Rotational Gravity X-axis, Real-Time
RHX_RT Continuous Rotational Magnetic X-axis, Real-Time
SHKPK_RT Shock Peak, Real-Time
SHKPK_WD_RT Shock Peak Width, Real-Time
SHKR_RT Shock Rate, Real-Time
SHKRSK_RT Transverse Shock Risk, Real-Time
STICK_RT Stick Slip Indicator, Real-Time
TEMP_DNI_RT Direction and Inclination Sensor Temperature, Real-Time
TRPM_RT Turbine RPM, Real-Time
TSHK Total shocks over some threshold this run
TSHKR_RT Total Shock, Real-Time
VIB_X_RT Axial RMS Vibration, Real-Time (X=Axial is historical Anadrill convention)
VIB_Y_RT Transverse Y-axis RMS Vibration, Real-Time
VIB_Z_RT Transverse Z-axis RMS Vibration, Real-Time (X=Axial is historical Anadrill convention)
VIBLAT_RT Transverse RMS Vibration
VIBTOR_RT Vibration Torsional, Real-Time

Related parameters
TFCP Toolface Correction Angle

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