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DescriptionMeasurement While Perforating Tool

Related channels
CCL Casing Collar Locator Amplitude
CCL_COR Corrected CCL
CCL_SL Calibrated CCL - Station Log
CSGP Compensated SGP (RSGP - SGOF)
CSGP_SL Compensated Strain Gauge Pressure - Station Log
DPRE Differential Pressure
DPRE_SL Differential Pressure - Station Log
DTEM Differential Temperature
DTEM_SL Differential Temperature - Station Log
ESGP Engineering Units Strain Gauge Pressure
ESGP_SL Engineering Units SGP - Station Log
HV Head Voltage
MTES Telemetry Error Summary
PSGP Strain Gauge PRE_Pressure
PSGP_SL Strain Gauge PRE_Pressure - Station Log
RCCL_SL Uncalibrated CCL - Station Log
RSGP Raw Strain Gauge Pressure
SGP Strain Gauge Pressure
SGP_SL Strain Gauge Pressure - Station Log
SGPA Strain Gauge Pressure in Absolute Pressure (For WTQL)
SGPA_SL Strain Gauge Pressure - PSIA - Station Log
SGPT SGP Temperature
SGPT_SL Strain Gauge Temperature - Station Log
TEMP Computed Borehole Temperature
TEMP_MWPT Temperature
TEMP_MWPT_SL Temperature - Station Log

Related parameters
DLYSG MWP - Wait for SGP Stabilization
MCMD MWP Command to SEC
MRET Maximum Retry
PFIL MWP - Pressure Filter Limit
SEQD Acquisition sequence delay
SGTI SGPT Sample Interval
TTYPE MWP - Temperature Gauge is H-655340
VLIM MWP - Maximum Negative Voltage

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