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DescriptionNatural Gamma Ray Spectrometry Tool - D

Related channels
APLW Americium Peak Lower Window Output
APUW Americium Peak Upper Window Output
CGR Gamma Ray Contribution from Thorium and Potassium
CHIS CHI Square of Fit with respect to NGT Counts
LQCL Log Quality Control in Americium Lower Window
LQCU Log Quality Control in Americium Upper Window
POTA Potassium Concentration
RSGR Raw Gamma Ray
SGR Spectroscopy Gamma Ray
THOR Thorium Concentration
TPRA Thorium/Potassium Ratio
TURA Thorium/Uranium Ratio
UPRA Uranium/Potassium Ratio
URAN Uranium Concentration
VBAR Variable Barite
VSCG Volume of Shale from SGR
VSDI Shale Volume Difference
VSPC Volume of Shale from Potassium
VSSG Volume of Shale from SGR
VSTC Volume of Shale from Thorium
VSUC Volume of Shale from Uranium
W1NG Window 1 (.150 - .5 MeV)
W2NG Window 2 (.5 - 1.1 MeV)
W3NG Window 3 (1.1 - 1.6 MeV)
W4NG Window 4 (1.6 - 2 MeV)
W5NG Window 5 (2 - 3 MeV)

Related parameters
CBAR Constant Barite
CGMI Spectro Computed Gamma Ray Minimum
CGSH Spectro Computed Gamma Ray Shale
GSRR Calibrator Reference Value
KMIN Potassium Minimum
KSHA Potassium Shale
MSL Mode Slow Loop
NCBN NGT Calibration Blanket Number
NCT NGT Calibrator Type
NFO NGT Filtering Option
NGCN NGT Cartridge Number
NGDN NGT Detector Number
NGDT NGT Detector Number
NGJN NGT Jig Number
NGSN NGT Tool Serial Number
NPMR NGT Photo-Multiplier Resolution
NST NGT Sonde Type
PCSL Programmable Correction Slow Loop
PMUD Potassium Concentration in Mud
QALW Americium Lower Windows After Quality Check
QAUW Americium Upper Windows After Quality Check
QWRC Quality Windows Ratio (Calibration)
QWRS Quality Window Ratio (Shop)
SGMI Spectro Gamma Ray Minimum
SGSH Spectro Gamma Ray Shale
TMIN Thorium Minimum
TSHA Thorium Shale
UMIN Uranium Minimum
USHA Uranium Shale

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