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DescriptionOil Base Mud Dipmeter Tool - A

Related channels
ANOR Acceleration Computed Norm (vector length)
ANOR_SL Acceleration Computed Norm (vector length)
AX Acceleration X-Axis
AX_SL X Acceleration
AY Acceleration Y-Axis
AY_SL Y Acceleration
AZ Acceleration Z-Axis
AZ_SL Z Acceleration
AZS1G GPIT Gamma Simple Sum
AZS2G GPIT Gamma Double Sum
AZSNG GPIT Number of Raw Acceleration Samples
C1 Caliper 1
C2 Caliper 2
DEVI Hole Deviation
DEVIM Memorized Deviation
DSR1 Dip Signal Real 1
DSR2 Dip Signal Real 2
DSR3 Dip Signal Real 3
DSR4 Dip Signal Real 4
DSX1 Dip Signal Imaginary, Pad 1
DSX2 Dip Signal Imaginary, Pad 2
DSX3 Dip Signal Imaginary, Pad 3
DSX4 Dip Signal Imaginary, Pad 4
FCAX Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on X Axis
FCAY Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on Y Axis
FCAZ Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on Z Axis
FINC Magnetic Field Inclination
FINC_SL Magnetic Field Inclination
FNOR Magnetic Field Intensity Computed Norm
FNOR_SL Magnetic Field Computed Norm (vector length)
FTIM Fast Channels Acquisition Time
FX Magnetometer X-Axis
FX_SL Magnetometer X-Axis
FY Magnetometer Y-Axis
FY_SL Magnetometer Y-Axis
FZ Magnetometer Z-Axis
FZ_SL Magnetometer Z-Axis
GAT GPIT Accelerometer Temperature
GAT_SL Accelerometer Temperature
GMT_SL Magnetometer Temperature
HAZI Hole Azimuth Relative to True North
HAZI_SL Hole Azimuth
HAZIM Memorized Hole Azimuth
P1AZ Pad 1 Azimuth in Horizontal Plane (0 = True North)
P1AZ_OBDT Pad 1 Azimuth in Horizontal Plane (0 = True North), memorized to OBDT
P1AZ_SL Pad 1 Azimuth in Horizontal Plane (0 = True North)
PP1 Pad Pressure 1
PP2 Pad Pressure 2
RB Relative Bearing
RB_SL Relative Bearing
RC1 Raw C1
RC2 Raw C2
SDEV Sonde Deviation
SDEV_SL Sonde Deviation
SDEVM Memorized Sonde Deviation

Related parameters
ACCC Accelerometer coefficients
ACCM Accelerometer Month of Calibration
ACCN Accelerometer Serial Number
ACCT Accelerometer Type
ACCY Accelerometer Year of Calibration
ACPP Accelerometer PROM Presence Flag
AFMO Accelerometer Filtering Mode
ART Accelerometer Reference Temperature
GLM GPIT Logging Mode
GTM Inclinometry Telemetry Mode
ICMO Inclinometry Computation Mode
MAGM Magnetometer Month of Calibration
MAGN Magnetometer Serial Number
MAGT Magnetometer Type
MAGY Magnetometer Year of Calibration
MAPP Magnetometer Prom Presence Flag
MDEC Magnetic Field Declination
MFIN Magnetic Field Intensity
MGMC Magnetometer coefficients
MINC Magnetic Field Inclination
MRTE Magnetometer Reference Temperature
PADT Presentation Allow Disallow Threshold
PRC1 Phase Reference Constant 1
PRC2 Phase Reference Constant 2
PRC3 Phase Reference Constant 3
PRC4 Phase Reference Constant 4
PRFI Phase Reference Filter
SOFF Standoff
TEMS Temperature Sensor Used

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