Mnemonics, Tools, OBMT-D2

DescriptionOil Base Mud Formation Imager Tool - D (2nd OBMT in tool string)

Related channels
C1_OBMT_2 OBMT2 Caliper 1
C2_OBMT_2 OBMT2 Caliper 2
CREF_2 Caliper Reference
LQC_IMG_OBMT_2 Data Quality Flags Image
OBRA_2 Buttons Resistivities Pad A
OBRB_2 Buttons Resistivities Pad B
OBRC_2 Buttons Resistivities Pad C
OBRD_2 Buttons Resistivities Pad D
OBREA_2 Buttons Resistivities Equalized Pad A
OBREB_2 Buttons Resistivities Equalized Pad B
OBREC_2 Buttons Resistivities Equalized Pad C
OBRED_2 Buttons Resistivities Equalized Pad D
OIA_2 Injected Current Average Amplitude Pad A
OIB_2 Injected Current Average Amplitude Pad B
OIC_2 Injected Current Average Amplitude Pad C
OID_2 Injected Current Average Amplitude Pad D
ONA_2 Buttons Resistivities Normalized Pad A
ONB_2 Buttons Resistivities Normalized Pad B
ONC_2 Buttons Resistivities Normalized Pad C
OND_2 Buttons Resistivities Normalized Pad D
OVAAA_2 Applied Voltage Amplitude Pad A
OVAAB_2 Applied Voltage Amplitude Pad B
OVAAC_2 Applied Voltage Amplitude Pad C
OVAAD_2 Applied Voltage Amplitude Pad D
OZA_2 Injection Impedance Pad A
OZB_2 Injection Impedance Pad B
OZC_2 Injection Impedance Pad C
OZD_2 Injection Impedance Pad D
P1AZ_OBMT_2 Pad 1 Azimuth in Horizontal Plane (0 = True North), memorized to second OBMT
P1NO_OBMT_2 Pad 1 Azimuth in Plane Orthogonal to Tool Axis (0 = True North), memorized to second OBMT
PP_OBMT_2 Pad pressure
RB_OBMT_2 Memorized Relative Bearing

Related parameters
IMG_ROT Image Rotation
SOFF_2 Tool Standoff

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