Mnemonics, Tools, PDARCHER_675

DescriptionPowerDrive Archer 675

Related channels
ANGB Beta Angle
AZI_TRGT Azimuth Target
AZIM_REF Azimuth Reference
BUR_CONT Continuous Buildup Rate
BUR_RSS_CONT Continuous Rotary Steerable Build Up Rate
CCRPM Control Collar RPM
DIMSTAT nRDIM Real Time Status Word
DLNK Downlink Command
DLS_CONT Continuous Dogleg Severity
DLS_RSS_CONT Continuous Rotary Steerable Dogleg Severity
DTF_OFFSET Drilling ToolFace Offset
GR_BHC_SYNTH Borehole Corrected Gamma Ray Average from 8 sector GR data (GR_IMG8_BHC)
GR_DN_LF Gamma Ray Down Left with Borehole Correction
GR_DN_RG Gamma Ray Down Right with Borehole Correction
GR_IMG8 Raw Gamma Ray (8-Sector) Image
GR_IMG8_BHC Gamma Ray (8-Sector) Image with Borehole Correction
GR_IMG8_QC QC flag of Gamma Ray (8-Sector) Image
GR_PD_IMG_RT PowerDrive Gamma Ray Image Real Time
GR_UP_LF Gamma Ray Up Left with Borehole Correction
GR_UP_RG Gamma Ray Up Right with Borehole Correction
GRR_DN_LF Raw Gamma Ray Down Left (cps)
GRR_DN_RG Raw Gamma Ray Down Right (cps)
GRR_UP_LF Raw Gamma Ray Up Left (cps)
GRR_UP_RG Raw Gamma Ray Up Right (cps)
IH_TRGT Inclination Hold Target
IH_TURN Inclination Hold Turn
INCL_REF Inclination Reference
LTRPM Lower Torquer RPM
MAINSTAT Main controller status
MTCSTAT Motor Controller Status
PCNTSTCK Percent Stuck
PDTEMP Control Unit Temperature
POSSUM Integral Control Term
PRDS Desired Proportion
PROPEFF Steering Proportion
RGR_DN_LF Raw Gamma Ray Down Left
RGR_DN_RG Raw Gamma Ray Down Right
RGR_UP_LF Raw Gamma Ray Up Left
RGR_UP_RG Raw Gamma Ray Up Right
ROT_CONT Continuous Rate of Turn
ROT_RSS_CONT Continuous Rotary Steerable Rate Of Turn
RTTOTSHK Total Shock
SHK_AMPL Shock Amplitude
SS_AMPL Stick Slip Amplitude
STREFF Steering Efficiency
TF_TRGT ToolFace Target
TSTA2 Tool Status 2
TSTA3 Tool Status 3
TSTA4 Tool Status 4
UTRPM Upper Torquer RPM
WELL_TF Well Toolface
WTF_DLT_FLT Filtered Well Toolface Offset

Related parameters
WTF_DLT_FLT_SZ Well Toolface Offset Filter Size

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