Mnemonics, Tools, PDHRT_675

DescriptionPowerDrive HPHT Rotary Steerable System Tool 6.75"

Related channels
ANGB Beta Angle
AZI_TRGT Azimuth Target
AZIM_REF Azimuth Reference
BUR_RSS_CONT Continuous Rotary Steerable Build Up Rate
DIMSTAT nRDIM Real Time Status Word
DLS_RSS_CONT Continuous Rotary Steerable Dogleg Severity
DTF_OFFSET Drilling ToolFace Offset
GR_BHC_SYNTH Borehole Corrected Gamma Ray Average from 8 sector GR data (GR_IMG8_BHC)
GR_DN_LF Gamma Ray Down Left with Borehole Correction
GR_DN_RG Gamma Ray Down Right with Borehole Correction
GR_IMG8 Raw Gamma Ray (8-Sector) Image
GR_IMG8_BHC Gamma Ray (8-Sector) Image with Borehole Correction
GR_IMG8_QC QC flag of Gamma Ray (8-Sector) Image
GR_UP_LF Gamma Ray Up Left with Borehole Correction
GR_UP_RG Gamma Ray Up Right with Borehole Correction
GRR_DN_LF Raw Gamma Ray Down Left (cps)
GRR_DN_RG Raw Gamma Ray Down Right (cps)
GRR_UP_LF Raw Gamma Ray Up Left (cps)
GRR_UP_RG Raw Gamma Ray Up Right (cps)
INCL_REF Inclination Reference
MAINSTAT Main controller status
MTCSTAT Motor Controller Status
PRDS Desired Proportion
RGR_DN_LF Raw Gamma Ray Down Left
RGR_DN_RG Raw Gamma Ray Down Right
RGR_UP_LF Raw Gamma Ray Up Left
RGR_UP_RG Raw Gamma Ray Up Right
ROT_RSS_CONT Continuous Rotary Steerable Rate Of Turn
STREFF Steering Efficiency
TF_TRGT ToolFace Target
WELL_TF Well Toolface
WTF_DLT_FLT Filtered Well Toolface Offset

Related parameters
WTF_DLT_FLT_SZ Well Toolface Offset Filter Size

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