Mnemonics, Tools, PDXCEED_900

DescriptionPowerDrive Xceed 900

Related channels
ACTE Accelerometer Temperature
ANGX Quadrant Calibration Angle
ANGXCRS Angle X Calculated From Xceed Surveys Downhole
ANGXPP Angle X Calculated From PowerPulse Downhole
ANGXSRC Source of Angle X computed in PD Xceed
AZIDES Desired Azimuth
AZIM_CONT Continuous Hole Azimuth
BX_ROT Rotating Magnetometer, X-Axis
DCT Drill Cycle Time
FSRATIO Fast Downlink Steering ratio
GX_ROT Continuous Rotational Gravity X-axis
INCL_CONT Continuous Inclination (Hole Deviation)
INCLDES Desired Inclination
RTF Raw Toolface
SBX Magnetic X-Axis Reading, Stationary
SBY Magnetic Y-Axis Reading, Stationary
SBZ Magnetic Z-Axis Reading, Stationary
SGX Gravity X-Axis Reading, Stationary
SGY Gravity Y-Axis Reading, Stationary
SGZ Gravity Z-Axis Reading, Stationary
SHKL Tool Shock Level
SHKLV Xceed Shock Level
SRATIO Steering Ratio
SSAMP Stick Slip Amplitude
SSFRQ Stick Slip Frequency
SSPCNT Stick Slip Percentage Indicator
SSTIME Stick Slip Duration Indicator
STKSLP Stick Slip Status Indicator
TF Raw Toolface
TFDES Raw Desired Toolface
TFDS Desired Toolface Setting
TFROTANG Rotating Mode Vector Angle
TFROTMAG Rotating Mode Vector Magnitude
TFSTRANG Steering Mode Vector Angle
TFSTRMAG Steering Mode Vector Magnitude
TFTOTANG Drill Cycle Vector Angle
TFTOTMAG Drill Cycle Vector Magnitude
TRJMODE PD Xceed Trajectory Mode
TRPM MWD Turbine Rotation Speed
TSTA Tool Status

Related parameters
BRTA Distance To Compute Average Build Rate
RSS_LOCB Magnetic Flux Density for Rotary Steerable Tools
RSS_LOCG Gravitational Field Strength for Rotary Steerable Tools
RSS_MDIP Magnetic Dip Angle for Rotary Steerable Tools

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