Mnemonics, Tools, PMIT-B

DescriptionMultifinger Imaging Tool - B

Related channels
AVCA Average Caliper Diameter
AZEC Azimuth of Eccentering
AZEC_PMIT Azimuth of Eccentering
BPRE Burst Pressure
BPRE_PMIT Burst Pressure
CHUM Checksum Error Count
CIRC Casing/Pipe Nominal Inner Radius
CORC Casing/Pipe Nominal Outer Radius
CR00 Corrected Radius 0
CR01 Corrected Radius 1
CR02 Corrected Radius 2
CR03 Corrected Radius 3
CR04 Corrected Radius 4
CR05 Corrected Radius 5
CR06 Corrected Radius 6
CR07 Corrected Radius 7
CR08 Corrected Radius 8
CR09 Corrected Radius 9
CR10 Corrected Radius 10
CR11 Corrected Radius 11
CR12 Corrected Radius 12
CR13 Corrected Radius 13
CR14 Corrected Radius 14
CR15 Corrected Radius 15
CR16 Corrected Radius 16
CR17 Corrected Radius 17
CR18 Corrected Radius 18
CR19 Corrected Radius 19
CR20 Corrected Radius 20
CR21 Corrected Radius 21
CR22 Corrected Radius 22
CR23 Corrected Radius 23
CR24 Corrected Radius 24
CR25 Corrected Radius 25
CR26 Corrected Radius 26
CR27 Corrected Radius 27
CR28 Corrected Radius 28
CR29 Corrected Radius 29
CR30 Corrected Radius 30
CR31 Corrected Radius 31
CR32 Corrected Radius 32
CR33 Corrected Radius 33
CR34 Corrected Radius 34
CR35 Corrected Radius 35
CR36 Corrected Radius 36
CR37 Corrected Radius 37
CR38 Corrected Radius 38
CR39 Corrected Radius 39
CRAD Corrected Radii
CRAM Corrected Radii Minus Average
CRMN Corrected Radii Minus Nominal
DEVI Hole Deviation
DEVI_PMIT Borehole Deviation
ECCE Amplitude of Eccentering
ECCE_PMIT Amplitude of Eccentering
FFCO_FLAG Fully-Opened Fingers Correction Flag
FOFF_RAW Fingers Offset Raw Correction
HISTO_FINGER Histogram Fingers
INCX Inclinometer X
INCY Inclinometer Y
IRAV Internal Radius Averaged Value
IRAV_PMIT Internal Radius Averaged Value
IRMN Internal Radius Minimum Value
IRMN_PMIT Internal Radius Minimum Value
IRMX Internal Radius Maximum Value
IRMX_PMIT Internal Radius Maximum Value
LACK Metal Loss
LACK_PMIT Metal Loss
MPDI Maximum Pipe Diameter
OVA Ovalization
PENE Penetration Ratio
PNAV Average of Fractional Penetrations
PNMA Maximum of Fractional Penetrations
PNMI Minimum of Fractional Penetrations
RADI Calibrated Radii
RB Relative Bearing
RB_PMIT Relative Bearing
RFIN Raw Finger Telemetry Words
SQSW Sequence Status Word
TCOD Temperature Telemetry Word
THMN Thickness Minimum Value
THMN_PMIT Thickness Minimum Value
TSTR Tensile Strength
Y_SCALE_MAX Histogram Y Scale Max
Y_SCALE_MIN Histogram Y Scale Min

Related parameters
ACCU_STCU_DATA_AVG Data Average in Accumulation Custom Statistic
ACCU_STCU_NBR_SAMPLE Number Of Samples in Accumulation Custom Statistic
ACCU_STCU_TCOD_MAX Maximal Temperature in Accumulation Custom Statistic
ACCU_STCU_TCOD_MIN Minimal Temperature in Accumulation Custom Statistic
ACQ_MODE Data Acquisition Mode
AZI_SELECT Azimuth Channel Selection
BAD_FINGERS Bad Fingers Ignored for Processing
BF Bad Finger List
CALIPER_RING1 Calibration Ring 1 Diameter
CALIPER_RING10 Calibration Ring 10 Diameter
CALIPER_RING2 Calibration Ring 2 Diameter
CALIPER_RING3 Calibration Ring 3 Diameter
CALIPER_RING4 Calibration Ring 4 Diameter
CALIPER_RING5 Calibration Ring 5 Diameter
CALIPER_RING6 Calibration Ring 6 Diameter
CALIPER_RING7 Calibration Ring 7 Diameter
CALIPER_RING8 Calibration Ring 8 Diameter
CALIPER_RING9 Calibration Ring 9 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG10A After Calibration Ring 10 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG10B Before Calibration Ring 10 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG1A After Calibration Ring 1 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG1B Before Calibration Ring 1 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG2A After Calibration Ring 2 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG2B Before Calibration Ring 2 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG3A After Calibration Ring 3 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG3B Before Calibration Ring 3 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG4A After Calibration Ring 4 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG4B Before Calibration Ring 4 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG5A After Calibration Ring 5 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG5B Before Calibration Ring 5 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG6A After Calibration Ring 6 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG6B Before Calibration Ring 6 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG7A After Calibration Ring 7 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG7B Before Calibration Ring 7 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG8A After Calibration Ring 8 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG8B Before Calibration Ring 8 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG9A After Calibration Ring 9 Diameter
CALIPER_RNG9B Before Calibration Ring 9 Diameter
CFLI Check for Finger Limiting
CYL_LENG Cylinder Length
EXCO Eccentering Correction
EXTFING Extended Fingers
EXTSONDE Extended Sonde
FFCO Fully-Opened Fingers Correction
FING_ECCE_EXCL List of Fingers to be excluded from Eccentralization Correction (in Before Calibration)
FINGER_LST_BAD Before Calibration Bad Fingers List
FINGERS_STATUS Before Calibration Good and Bad Fingers
FINGS_ECC_EXCL Finger Exclusion Flag for Eccentralization Correction (in Before Calibration)
FOCO Finger Offset Correction
FOFF_VAL Finger Offset Values
FOFF_VAL_V Finger Offset Values
FWCO Finger Wear Correction
HACC Histogram Accumulation Flag
IFIL Inclinometry Filtering
IGNORE_TCOD_10 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 10 - Master Calibration
IGNORE_TCOD_R1 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 1 - Master Calibration
IGNORE_TCOD_R2 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 2 - Master Calibration
IGNORE_TCOD_R3 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 3 - Master Calibration
IGNORE_TCOD_R4 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 4 - Master Calibration
IGNORE_TCOD_R5 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 5 - Master Calibration
IGNORE_TCOD_R6 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 6 - Master Calibration
IGNORE_TCOD_R7 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 7 - Master Calibration
IGNORE_TCOD_R8 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 8 - Master Calibration
IGNORE_TCOD_R9 List of TCODs to exclude from Ring Accumulation 9 - Master Calibration
INCL_EPSILON_MASTER Inclinometer Relative Bearing Offset
INCL_K_MASTER Inclinometer Deviation Factor
INCL_R_MASTER X Sensitivity / Y Sensitivity
INCL_X0_MASTER Inclinometer X when Vertical
INCL_Y0_MASTER Inclinometer Y when Vertical
INCX_0DEG_ACCUM Inclinometer INCX 0 Degree Accumulation
INCX_180DEG_ACCUM Inclinometer INCX 180 Degree Accumulation
INCX_270DEG_ACCUM Inclinometer INCX 270 Degree Accumulation
INCX_90DEG_ACCUM Inclinometer INCX 90 Degree Accumulation
INCX_VERT_ACCUM Inclinometer INCX Vertical Accumulation
INCY_0DEG_ACCUM Inclinometer INCY 0 Degree Accumulation
INCY_180DEG_ACCUM Inclinometer INCY 180 Degree Accumulation
INCY_270DEG_ACCUM Inclinometer INCY 270 Degree Accumulation
INCY_90DEG_ACCUM Inclinometer INCY 90 Degree Accumulation
INCY_VERT_ACCUM Inclinometer INCY Vertical Accumulation
LQC_RADII_RESIDUALS Fingers Wellsite Calibration Radius Residuals
MCAL_INCL_TDEV Tool Deviation During Inclinometry Calibration
MEAS_TRAD_RING1 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 1
MEAS_TRAD_RING10 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 10
MEAS_TRAD_RING2 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 2
MEAS_TRAD_RING3 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 3
MEAS_TRAD_RING4 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 4
MEAS_TRAD_RING5 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 5
MEAS_TRAD_RING6 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 6
MEAS_TRAD_RING7 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 7
MEAS_TRAD_RING8 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 8
MEAS_TRAD_RING9 Fingers Wellsite Measured TRAD Ring 9
MIT_RING1_DIA PMIT Master Calibration Ring 1 diameter
MIT_RING2_DIA PMIT Master Calibration Ring 2 diameter
MIT_RING3_DIA PMIT Master Calibration Ring 3 diameter
MIT_RING4_DIA PMIT Master Calibration Ring 4 diameter
MIT_RING5_DIA PMIT Master Calibration Ring 5 diameter
MIT_RING6_DIA PMIT Master Calibration Ring 6 diameter
MIT_RING7_DIA PMIT Master Calibration Ring 7 Diameter
MIT_RING8_DIA PMIT Master Calibration Ring 8 Diameter
MIT_SONDEX_SN PMIT Sondex Serial Number
OVCO Ovalization Correction
PFBOD Future Cylinder Outside Diameter
PMIT_CAL_DATE Calibration Date
PMIT_CAL_FING_COUNT Number of fingers
PMIT_CALI_MAX PMIT Caliper Max Opening
PMIT_CALI_MIN PMIT Caliper Min Opening
PMIT_CSF Finger Scale Factor
PMIT_CUF Master Calibration Units Factor
PMIT_FINGERS PMIT Number of Fingers
PMIT_K_MASTER Deviation factor
PMIT_MAX_CALIPER Max Calibrated Caliper
PMIT_MAX_TEMP Max Calibrated Temperature
PMIT_MIN_CALIPER Min Calibrated Caliper
PMIT_MIN_TEMP Min Calibrated Temperature
PMIT_R_MASTER X sensitivity / Y sensitivity
PMIT_RADII_AFT_GAIN Radii Gain after stage
PMIT_RADII_AFT_OFFS Radii Offset after stage
PMIT_RADII_BEF_GAIN Radii Gain before stage
PMIT_RADII_BEF_OFFS Radii Offset before stage
PMIT_SONDEX_SN PMIT Sondex Serial Number
PMIT_T0 Lowest raw temperature reading noted during the mastercal
PMIT_TCOR_ARM0 RM0 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_G0 GO Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_G1 G1 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_G2 G2 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_G3 G3 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_H0 H0 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_H1 H1 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_H2 H2 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_H3 H3 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_I0 I0 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_I1 I1 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_I2 I2 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_I3 I3 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_J0 J0 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_J1 J1 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_J2 J2 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_J3 J3 Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TCOR_RESIDUAL RESIDUAL Temperature Correction Coefficient
PMIT_TSF Temperature Scale Factor
PMIT_VRES PMIT Vertical Resolution
PMIT_X0_MASTER Inclinometer X when vertical
PMIT_Y0_MASTER Inclinometer Y when vertical
RADII_BAD_FINGERS List of Before and After Calibration Bad Fingers
RADII_CAL_DATE RADII Master Calibration Date
RADII_CAL_FING_NBR RADII Sonde Number Of Fingers
RADII_CSF Finger Scale Factor
RADII_CUF Master Calibration Units Factor
RADII_GAIN Gain Factor for the Before Fingers Measurements
RADII_MAX_CALIPER Maximum Calibration Diameter
RADII_MAX_TCOD Maximum Calibration Temperature Telemetry Word
RADII_MAX_TEMP Maximum Calibration Temperature
RADII_MIN_CALIPER Minimum Calibration Diameter
RADII_MIN_TCOD Minimum Calibration Temperature Telemetry Word
RADII_MIN_TEMP Minimum Calibration Temperature
RADII_OFFSET Offset for the Before Fingers Measurements
RADII_SONDE_SN RADII Sonde Serial Number
RADII_SONDEX_SN Sonde Sondex Serial Number
RADII_T0 Lowest Raw Temperature Reading Noted During Master Calibration
RADII_TCOR_ARM0 Lowest Raw Arm Reading at Minimum Ring Size
RADII_TCOR_G0 GO Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_G1 G1 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_G2 G2 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_G3 G3 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_H0 H0 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_H1 H1 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_H2 H2 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_H3 H3 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_I0 I0 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_I1 I1 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_I2 I2 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_I3 I3 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_J0 J0 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_J1 J1 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_J2 J2 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_J3 J3 Temperature Correction Coefficient
RADII_TCOR_RESIDUAL Fingers Master Calibration Radius Residuals
RADII_TSF Temperature Scale Factor
RING1_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 1 Master Cal Accumulation
RING1_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 1 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING1_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 1 TCOD Accumulation
RING10_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 10 Master Cal Accumulation
RING10_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 10 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING10_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 10 TCOD Accumulation
RING2_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 2 Master Cal Accumulation
RING2_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 2 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING2_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 2 TCOD Accumulation
RING3_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 3 Master Cal Accumulation
RING3_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 3 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING3_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 3 TCOD Accumulation
RING4_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 4 Master Cal Accumulation
RING4_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 4 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING4_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 4 TCOD Accumulation
RING5_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 5 Master Cal Accumulation
RING5_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 5 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING5_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 5 TCOD Accumulation
RING6_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 6 Master Cal Accumulation
RING6_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 6 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING6_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 6 TCOD Accumulation
RING7_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 7 Master Cal Accumulation
RING7_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 7 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING7_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 7 TCOD Accumulation
RING8_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 8 Master Cal Accumulation
RING8_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 8 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING8_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 8 TCOD Accumulation
RING9_MCAL_ACCUM Calibration Ring 9 Master Cal Accumulation
RING9_RAW_ACCUM Calibration Ring 9 Raw Finger Accumulation
RING9_TCOD_ACCUM Calibration Ring 9 TCOD Accumulation
SDEV Tool deviation during inclinometry calibration
TORTUOSITY_CMP Tortuosity Computation
USE_FOR_OFFSET Use For Default Offset Computation
VRES Vertical Resolution
WEAR Finger Wear Values
WEAR_V Finger Wear Values
WEAR_VAL Finger Wear Values
WLI Logged Interval (for wear correction)

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