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DescriptionPower Positioning Device and Caliper Tool

Related channels
CRD1 Radius 1 Arm Bending Compensated
CRD2 Radius 2 Arm Bending Compensated
CRD3 Radius 3 Arm Bending Compensated
CRD4 Radius 4 Arm Bending Compensated
ECO Ellipse Center Distance
EHD1 Enhanced Hole Diameter 1 (ellipse-based algorithm)
EHD2 Enhanced Hole Diameter 2 (ellipse-based algorithm)
PWLIND Power Level Indicator

Related parameters
ARMLENGTH_1 Arm Length of Arm 1
ARMLENGTH_2 Arm Length of Arm 2
ARMLENGTH_3 Arm Length of Arm 3
ARMLENGTH_4 Arm Length of Arm 4
ARMTYPE_PPC Caliper Arm Equipment Type for PPC
ARMWEIGHT_1 Arm Weight of Arm 1
ARMWEIGHT_2 Arm Weight of Arm 2
ARMWEIGHT_3 Arm Weight of Arm 3
ARMWEIGHT_4 Arm Weight of Arm 4
CCS Full Close Position Offset
COP Caliper Open Position Offset
CPW Power-4 Position Offset
PLUS_REF Large Size Ring
RD1_GAIN Calibration Gain for Radius 1
RD1_OFFSET Calibration Offset for Radius 1
RD2_GAIN Calibration Gain for Radius 2
RD2_OFFSET Calibration Offset for Radius 2
RD3_GAIN Calibration Gain for Radius 3
RD3_OFFSET Calibration Offset for Radius 3
RD4_GAIN Calibration Gain for Radius 4
RD4_OFFSET Calibration Offset for Radius 4
RD5_GAIN Calibration Gain for Radius 5
RD5_OFFSET Calibration Offset for Radius 5
RD6_GAIN Calibration Gain for Radius 6
RD6_OFFSET Calibration Offset for Radius 6
ZERO_REF Small Size Ring

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