Mnemonics, Tools, PPC1

DescriptionPower Positioning Device and Caliper Tool - 1st tool in string

Related channels
CAL1 Caliper 1
CAL2 Caliper 2
CAL3 Caliper 3
CAL4 Caliper 4
CRD1_PPC1 PPC1 Radius 1 Arm Bending Compensated
CRD2_PPC1 PPC1 Radius 2 Arm Bending Compensated
CRD3_PPC1 PPC1 Radius 3 Arm Bending Compensated
CRD4_PPC1 PPC1 Radius 4 Arm Bending Compensated
ECO_PPC1 Ellipse Center Offset
EHD1_PPC1 PPC1 Enhanced Hole Diameter 1 (ellipse-based algorithm)
EHD2_PPC1 PPC1 Enhanced Hole Diameter 2 (ellipse-based algorithm)
ELA_PPC1 Ellipse Long Axis
EMID_PPC1 Ellipse Minimum Distance
ERA_PPC1 Angle between Ellipse Long Axis and Line of Caliper 1-3
ESA_PPC1 Ellipse Short Axis
ETC1_PPC1 PPC1 Tool Center Position on the Caliper #1 and #3 log
ETC2_PPC1 PPC1 Tool Center Position on the Caliper #2 and #4 log
HD1_PPC1 PPC1 Hole Diameter 1
HD2_PPC1 PPC1 Hole Diameter 2
HDOV_PPC1 Hole Diameter from Oval
LSR_PPC1 Long and Short Axis Ratio
OSDV_PPC1 Oval Standard Deviation
PHWA_PPC1 Pad Hole-Wall Angle (0 = caliper arm perpendicular to hole wall)
PWLIND_PPC1 PPC1 Power Level Indicator
RB_PPC1 PPC1 Relative Bearing
RD1_PPC1 PPC1 Radius 1 Calibrated
RD2_PPC1 PPC1 Radius 2 Calibrated
RD3_PPC1 PPC1 Radius 3 Calibrated.
RD4_PPC1 PPC1 Radius 4 Calibrated
REA_PPC1 Relative Ellipse Azimuth
SRD1_PPC1 PPC1 Synthetic Radius 1
SRD2_PPC1 PPC1 Synthetic Radius 2

Related parameters
CLBD_PPC PPC Calibration data selection

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