Mnemonics, Tools, SHORT475

DescriptionIntegrated MWD and Gamma Ray Tool (ShortPulse)

Related channels
ANGX Quadrant Calibration Angle
AZIM_CONT Continuous Hole Azimuth
AZIM_EU EU Converted Downhole-calculated Azimuth
BX_ROT Rotating Magnetometer, X-Axis
BY_ROT Non-Stationary Magnetometer, Y-Axis
BZ_ROT Non-Stationary Magnetometer, Z-Axis
CRPM Collar Rotational Speed
DLMSG Downlink Command
GR Gamma Ray
GR_CAL Calibrated Gamma Ray
GR_CONF Gamma Ray Bit Confidence
GR_DN Gamma Ray, Down
GR_LF Gamma Ray, Left
GR_RG Gamma Ray, Right
GR_UP Gamma Ray, Up
GRR Raw Gamma Ray
GRR_DN Raw Gamma Ray Down Quadrant
GRR_LF Raw Gamma Ray, Left
GRR_RG Raw Gamma Ray, Right
GRR_UP Raw Gamma Ray Up Quadrant
GTF Gravity Toolface Angle
GX_ROT Continuous Rotational Gravity X-axis
GY_ROT Non-Stationary Accelerometer, Y-Axis
GZ_ROT Non-Stationary Accelerometer, Z-Axis
INCL_CONT Continuous Inclination (Hole Deviation)
INCL_EU EU Converted Downhole-calculated Inclination
MAV Minus Analog Voltage
MTF Magnetic Toolface Angle
PAV Plus Analog Voltage
PRECNUM Downlink Precursor
RGR Raw Gamma Ray
RGR_DN Raw Gamma Ray Down Quadrant
RGR_LF Raw Gamma Ray Left Quadrant
RGR_RG Raw Gamma Ray Right Quadrant
RGR_UP Raw Gamma Ray Up Quadrant
SBX Magnetic X-Axis Reading, Stationary
SBY Magnetic Y-Axis Reading, Stationary
SBZ Magnetic Z-Axis Reading, Stationary
SGX Gravity X-Axis Reading, Stationary
SGY Gravity Y-Axis Reading, Stationary
SGZ Gravity Z-Axis Reading, Stationary
SHKPK Shock Peak
SHKR Shock Rate
SHKRSK Shock Risk
SHKRSK_25G 25G Torsional (rotational) shock risk
SHOCKS_ACC Total Shocks accumulated over tool lifetime
STICK Stick Slip Indicator
TAB_GR Gamma Ray Time after Bit
TEMP_DNI Direction and Inclination Sensor Temperature
TOOLB Tool Magnetometer Magnitude from the Long Survey Axes
TOOLBYZ Root-Mean-Square of the Long Survey By and Bz Axes
TOOLG Tool Gravity Magnitude from the Long Survey Axes
TOOLGYZ Root-Mean-Square of the Long Survey Gy and Gz Axes
TRPM MWD Turbine Rotation Speed
TTEM Tool Temperature

Related parameters
COMB_TOOL_LEN Total Length
DH_SAVER_SUB Has Downhole Saver Sub
GR_GAIN GR Calibration Gain
TFO Toolface Angle Offset

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