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DescriptionSonic Logging Tool

Related channels
AMPL E2 Amplitude
BCDT Borehole Compensated Delta-T
BI Bond Index
BILI Bond Index Level for Zone Isolation
CBFS CBL Amplitude (Far Spacing)
CBL CBL Amplitude
CBL5 CBL Amplitude (5 ft Spacing)
CBLF CBL Amplitude (Fluid Compensated)
CBSL CBL Amplitude (Sliding Gate)
CDTC Confidence Delta-T High Resolution Compensated
CDTR Confidence Delta-T High Resolution Receiver
CDTT Confidence Delta-T High Resolution Transmitter
DBUF Diagnostic Buffer
DIAG Diagnostic
DT Delta-T (also called Slowness or Interval Transit Time)
DTC Delta-T Time Corrected
DTHC Delta-T High Resolution Compensated
DTHL Delta-T High Resolution Lower Transmitter
DTHR Delta-T High Resolution Receiver
DTHT Delta-T High Resolution Transmitter
DTHU Delta-T High Resolution Upper Transmitter
DTL Delta-T Long Spacing
DTLF Delta-T Long Spacing Far
DTLN Delta-T Long Spacing Near
DTMD Delta-T Mud
FCBL Fluid Compensated CBL Amplitude
GOBO Good Bond
ITT Integrated Transit Time
LDTL Long Spacing Delta-T Long
LSA2 Long Spacing Sonic Amplitude 2
LSA3 Long Spacing Sonic Amplitude 3
LSA4 Long Spacing Sonic Amplitude 4
LSDT Long Spacing Delta-T
LTT1 Long Spacing Transit Time 1
LTT2 Long Spacing Transit Time 2
LTT3 Long Spacing Transit Time 3
LTT4 Long Spacing Transit Time 4
MDT Mud Delta-T
MGW1 Multi-Gain Waveform 1
MGW2 Multi-Gain Waveform 2
MGW3 Multi-Gain Waveform 3
MGW4 Multi-Gain Waveform 4
MGW5 Multi-Gain Waveform 5
MGW6 Multi-Gain Waveform 6
MGW7 Multi-Gain Waveform 7
MGW8 Multi-Gain Waveform 8
MTT Mud Transit Time
NOIS Noise Amplitude
NSRT Noise to Signal Ratio
PMN0 Packed Multigain Waveform Normalization Factor 0
PMW0 Packed Multi-Gain Waveform 0
PRG0 Packed Receiver Geometry 0
PTG0 Packed Transmitter Geometry
PWD0 Packed Waveform Depth 0
PWF0 Packed Waveform 0
PWF1 Packed Waveform Data - Lower Dipole
PWN0 Packed Waveform Normalization Factors 0
PWN1 Packed Waveform Normalization Factors - Lower Dipole
SA1 Sonic Amplitude for Subcycle 1
SA2 Sonic Amplitude for Subcycle 2
SA3 Sonic Amplitude for Subcycle 3
SA4 Sonic Amplitude for Subcycle 4
SMTT Smoothed Mud Transit Time
SPHI Sonic Porosity
SSDT Status of SDT
SSLT Status of Sonic Logging Tool
SSVE Sonic Shear Velocity
STM1 Seismic Trace Middle Value 1
STM2 Seismic Trace Middle Value 2
STM3 Seismic Trace Middle Value 3
STM4 Seismic Trace Middle Value 4
STR3 Seismic Trace Value 3
STR4 Seismic Trace Value 4
SVEL Sonic Velocity
TT Transit Time for CBL
TT1 Transit Time 1
TT2 Transit Time 2
TT3 Transit Time 3
TT4 Transit Time 4
TTFS Transit Time (Far Spacing)
TTIC Transit time integration (cumulative)
TTS1 Transit Time High Resolution Short Spacing 1
TTS3 Transit Time High Resolution Short Spacing 3
TTS4 Transit Time High Resolution Short Spacing 4
TTSL Transit Time (Sliding Gate)
VDL Variable Density Log
WF Waveform Dummy Output for Film Insert
WF1 Waveform 1
WF1D Waveform 1 Depth
WF1N Waveform 1 Normalization Factor
WF2 Waveform 2
WF2D Waveform 2 Depth
WF2N Waveform 2 Normalization Factor
WF3 Waveform 3
WF3D Waveform 3 Depth
WF3N Waveform 3 Normalization Factor
WF4 Waveform 4
WF4D Waveform 4 Depth
WF4N Waveform 4 Normalization Factor
WF5 Waveform 5
WF5D Waveform 5 Depth
WF5N Waveform 5 Normalization Factor
WF6 Waveform 6
WF6D Waveform 6 Depth
WF6N Waveform 6 Normalization Factor
WF7 Waveform 7
WF7D Waveform 7 Depth
WF7N Waveform 7 Normalization Factor
WF8 Waveform 8
WF8D Waveform 8 Depth
WF8N Waveform 8 Normalization Factor
WF9 Waveform 9
WF9D Waveform 9 Depth
WF9N Waveform 9 Normalization Factor
WFI1 Waveform Image 1
WFI2 Waveform Image 2
WFI3 Waveform Image 3

Related parameters
3MSG 3' Minimum Sliding Gate Time
5MSG 5' Minimum Sliding Gate Time
7MSG 7' Minimum Sliding Gate Time
ADTM Adjust Delta-T Minimum
AGC Automatic Gain Control Status
AGM Amplitude Gate Mode for CBL
AHWM Acquisition Hardware Mask
AMPL Sonic Amplitude Select
AMSG Auxiliary Minimum Sliding Gate
ASGL Auxiliary Sliding Gate Length
BILI Bond Index Level for Zone Isolation
CABL Cable Type
CBL Cement Bond Log Amplitude
CBLG CBL Gate Width
CDTS Correction for Delta-T Shale, Empirical
CLEN Cable Length
CSRL Cycle Skip Recovery Logic Algorithm
CSTR Compressive Strength of Cement
CURR Current
CWEI Casing Weight
D3GB Downhole 3' Gain Boost
D7GB Downhole 7' Gain Boost
DAGC Downhole Automatic Gain Control Status
DDEL Digitizing Delay
DDMG Downhole Differential Multi_gain
DETE Delta-T Detection
DG Downhole Gain
DG1W Downhole Gain for Waveform 1
DG2W Downhole Gain for Waveform 2
DG3W Downhole Gain for Waveform 3
DG4W Downhole Gain for Waveform 4
DGAI Downhole Gain
DGM Downhole Gain Maximum for AGC
DLEV Downhole AGC Signal Level
DSIN Digitizer Sample Interval
DT Delta-T (Interval Transit Time)
DTCM Delta-T Computation Mode
DTF Delta-T Fluid
DTLI Delta-T Limiting
DTM Delta-T Matrix
DTOT Distance To Transmitter
DWCO Digitizer Word Count
DWF Digitized Waveforms
EDAC Error Depth Averaging Constant
EDMD Effective Distance Mud
EDTH Error Decision Threshold
ERTH Error Decision Threshold
FCF CBL Fluid Compensation Factor
FDAD Firing Delay Allow/Disallow
FDEL Firing Delay
FMSG Far Minimum Sliding Gate
FPA Fire Pulse Adjust
FRAT Firing Rate
FRR Far Receiver Reduction
FTAD Field Test Allow/Disallow
FWOF Film Waveform Offset Factor
GAI Manual Gain
GAIC Gain Control
GFTS Geogram Film Time Scale
GOBO Good Bond
GODI Geogram Output Depth Interval
GVDL Gain for Variable Density Log
HRSP High Resolution Spacing
ITMD Intrinsic Time Mud
ITTS Integrated Transit Time Source
LMOD Logging Mode
LTUT Lower to Upper Transmitter Spacing Ratio
MAFD Monitor Analog Firing Diagnostic
MAGC Mud AGC Allow/Disallow
MCI Minimum Cemented Interval for Isolation
MGAI Maximum Gain
MMOD Mud Firing Mode
MMSG Mud Minimum Sliding Gate
MODE Sonic Firing Mode (e.g. DDBHC = Depth-Derived BHC, STRA = Single Transmitter, SREV = Single Receiver
MSA Minimum Sonic Amplitude
MSGA Mud Sliding Gate Allow/Disallow
MSGL Mud Sliding Gate Length
MSGW Mud Sliding Gate Width
MUDG Mud Manual Gain
NC Noise Control
NMSG Near Minimum Sliding Gate
OVDL Offset for Variable Density Log
PNSC Pass Number Sonic Calibration
PWS1 Reference Water O.D. for ch#1
RATE Firing Rate
RMOD Receiver Mode
RPS Raw Power Shallow
RPSE Receiver Pair Select (LONG = R1/R2, SHORT = R3/R4)
SA1G Sonic Amplitude 1 Gain Correction
SA2G Sonic Amplitude 2 Gain Correction
SCIN Starting Convolution Index
SFAF Sonic Formation Attenuation Factor
SFRC Sonic Frequency Response Correction Factor
SGAD Sliding Gate Status
SGDT Sliding Gate Delta-T
SGW Sliding Gate Width
SHPF Sonic High Pass Filter Status
SLC Sonic Logging Cartridge
SLEN Spacer Length
SLEV Signal Level for AGC
SLS Sonic Sonde Type
SOAD Sonic Output Allow/Disallow
SPAC Upper Transmitter to Lower Receiver Spacing (3 = 3 ft, 8 = 8 ft)
SPFS Sonic Porosity Formula
SPLE Spacer Length
SPSO Sonic Porosity Source
SPWE Spacer Weight
SRAT Sonic Ratio
SS Sweep Speed
SSPA Sonic (Delta_t Computation) Span
ST0D Sync T0 Delay
SVS Sonic Velocity Source
T0CA T0 Correction Allow/Disallow
T0D T0 Delay Allow/Disallow
TC Track Coverage
TTST Transit Time Sonic Top
U3GB Uphole 3' Gain Boost
U7GB Uphole 7' Gain Boost
UAGC Uphole AGC Allow/Disallow
UGAI Uphole Gain (dB)
UGM Uphole Gain Maximum for AGC
ULEV Uphole AGC Signal Level
VDLD VDL Destination
VDLG VDL Manual Gain
VDLM VDL Firing Mode
VWF Viewable Waveforms
W1MP Waveform 1 Measure Point (in.)
W2MP Waveform 2 Measure Point (in.)
W3MP Waveform 3 Measure Point (in.)
W4MP Waveform 4 Measure Point (in.)
WAGC Waveform AGC Allow/Disallow
WCFR Wavelet Central Frequency
WDI Waveform Display Interval
WDUR Wavelet Duration (KLAUDER)
WEFR Wavelet Stop Frequency (Klauder)
WFAF Waveform Formation Attenuation Factor
WFD Waveform Destination
WFM Waveform Mode
WFS Waveform Spacing
WFSD Waveform Selected for Diagnostics
WFSP Waveforms Selected for Processing
WGAI Waveform Manual Gain
WGDT Waveform Gain Delta-T
WGIN Waveform Gain Interval
WLEV Waveform Signal Level for AGC
WMOD Waveform Firing Mode
WOF Waveform Offset Factor
WSFR Wavelet Start Frequency (Klauder)
WSNU Wavelet Sample Number
WVTP Wavelet Type
ZID Zone Isolation Destination

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