Mnemonics, Tools, SSTC-C

DescriptionSelective SampleTaker Cartridge - C

Related parameters
ARM_BULLETS The list of bullets armed by a bullet
BBMP Bottom Bullet Measure Point
BELOW_POLARITY Below polarity
BOTHOLE_PRES Bottom Hole Pressure
BOTHOLE_TEMP Bottom Hole Temperature
BOTNOSE_TYPE Bottom Nose Type
BULLET_OFFSET Bullet offset
BULLET_PULL Differential Cable Tension required to pull the bullet free from the formation
BULLET_STATUS Bullet status
BULLET_TYPE Bullet type.
BULLET_TZDD Distance from Tool Zero to Bullet Device
CHARGE_TYPE Charge type
DEF_BULLETYPE Default bullet type.
DEF_CHARGETYPE Default charge type
DEF_FASTLENGTH Default fastener length
DEF_FORMATION Default geological formation
DEF_LITHOLOGY Default lithology
DEF_POROSITY Default porosity
DEF_PORSOURCE Default porosity source
DEF_POWDLOAD Default powder load
DEF_RECSTATUS Default Recovery status
DEF_RINGTYPE Default ring type.
DEF_SMPBITSIZE Default bit size value
DEF_SMPCALIPER Default caliper value
DEF_SMPDENSITY Default density
DEF_SMPDEVI Default well deviation value
DEF_SMPFLUO Default fluorescence
DEF_SMPLENGTH Default core length
DEF_SMPODOR Default sample odor
DEF_SMPPERM Default permeability
DEF_TRANSTIME Default transit time
EDIT_ENABLED Enable Edition
FASTENERLENGTH Fastener length
MAX_SHOT_COUNT Maximum number of shots
MTAW Maximum Time in Arming Window
MTFB Maximum Time to Fire a Bullet
MTSW Maximum Time in Shooting Window
NUM_ATTEMPTED Number attempted samples
NUM_EMPTY Number of empty samples
NUM_LOST Number of lost samples
NUM_MISFIRED Number of misfired samples
NUM_RECOVERED Number of samples recovered
POWDER_LOAD Powder load
REQSMPLDEPTH Requested Sample Depths
REQSMPLREMARK Requested Sample Remarks
RING_TYPE Ring type.
SHOOT_POL Shooting Polarity
SHOT_ANSDEPTH The depth at which a button press occurred
SHOT_DETDEPTH The depth at which shot detection occurred
SHOT_POLARITY Sampling shooting polarity
SHOT_REQDEPTH The shot requested depth
SHOT_VOLTDEPTH The depth at which voltage detection occurred
SHOT_WIRE Sampling shooting wire
SMPL_BITSIZE Sample bit size value
SMPL_CALIPER Sample caliper value
SMPL_DENSITY Sample density
SMPL_DESC Sample description
SMPL_DEVI Sample well deviation value
SMPL_FLUO Sample fluorescence
SMPL_FORMATION Sample geological formation
SMPL_LENGTH Sample core length
SMPL_LITHOLOGY Sample lithology
SMPL_ODOR Sample odor
SMPL_PERM Sample permeability
SMPL_POROSITY Sample porosity
SMPL_PORSOURCE Porosity source
SMPL_TRANSTIME Sample transit time
TBMP Top Bullet Measure Point
TSBD Tool Sensor To Device Distance

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