Mnemonics, Tools, TBIT-A

DescriptionThruBit Induction Tool - A

Related channels
RMS_WTEP_COR Corrected Mud Resistivity
TBIO10 Thrubit Induction One Foot Resistivity at 10 inch Depth Of Investigation

Related parameters
CALF1_RD Frequency 1, Real
CALF1_XD Frequency 1, Imaginary
CALF2_RD Frequency 2, Real
CALF2_XD Frequency 2, Imaginary
CALF3_RD Frequency 3, Real
CALF3_XD Frequency 3, Imaginary
CALF4_RD Frequency 4, Real
CALF4_XD Frequency 4, Imaginary
HSCOT Hole Size Correction Option (None, Bit Size, Density Caliper, GCSE)
ITCO Induction Temperature Correction Option
RTSC_RM Rt Selector (for RWA_RM Computation)
SNDBASEF1_RD SndBase Frequency 1, Real
SNDBASEF1_XD SndBase Frequency 1, Imaginary
SNDBASEF2_RD SndBase Frequency 2, Real
SNDBASEF2_XD SndBase Frequency 2, Imaginary
SNDBASEF3_RD SndBase Frequency 3, Real
SNDBASEF3_XD SndBase Frequency 3, Imaginary
SNDBASEF4_RD SndBase Frequency 4, Real
SNDBASEF4_XD SndBase Frequency 4, Imaginary
TBI_REPL_ARRAY_DEST Thrubit Induction Array to Replace
TBI_REPL_ARRAY_SOURCE Thrubit Induction Array to Replace with
TBI_RMUD_SRC TBI Mud Resistivity Source for Borehole Correction

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