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DescriptionUltrasonic Borehole Imager

Related channels
A3G Index of Acquisition Applied Gain
AM25 Amplitude Low
AM75 Amplitude High
AMED Amplitude Median
ANOR Acceleration Computed Norm (vector length)
AWAV Amplitude of Wave Average
AWBK Amplitude of Wave
AWCN Image of 1st Echo Amplitude
AWMN Amplitude of Wave Minimum
AWMX Amplitude of Wave Maximum
AX Acceleration X-Axis
AY Acceleration Y-Axis
AZ Acceleration Z-Axis
AZBR Breakout Axis
AZEC Azimuth of Eccentering
AZKS Keyseat Axis
AZS1G GPIT Gamma Simple Sum
AZS2G GPIT Gamma Double Sum
AZSL Displacement Axis
AZSNG GPIT Number of Raw Acceleration Samples
BRAV Borehole radius average
BRKO Breakout Amplitude
CALI Caliper
CFVL Memorized Fluid Acoustic Slowness
CVEL Cable Velocity
DAMP Corrected Echo Amplitude minus Maximum
ECCE Amplitude of Eccentering
FA25 Low Amplitude of Echo
FA75 High Amplitude of Echo
FAED Median Amplitude of Echo
FCAX Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on X Axis
FCAY Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on Y Axis
FCAZ Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on Z Axis
FFDI Acquisition Delay Index
FINC Magnetic Field Inclination
FNOR Magnetic Field Intensity Computed Norm
FT25 Low Borehole Radius
FT75 High Borehole Radius
FTED Median Radius of Borehole
FTIM Fast Channels Acquisition Time
FVEL Fluid Acoustic Slowness
FX Magnetometer X-Axis
FY Magnetometer Y-Axis
FZ Magnetometer Z-Axis
GAT GPIT Accelerometer Temperature
GNMN Min PGA gain
GNMX Max PGA gain
HAZI Hole Azimuth Relative to True North
HAZIM Memorized Hole Azimuth
HFVL Filtered Fluid Acoustic Slowness (Fluid Properties Measurement)
HGMN Minimum Applied Gain (Fluid Properties Measurement)
HGMX Maximum Applied Gain (Fluid Properties Measurement)
HRTT Histogram of Raw Transit Time Index
HTAV Transit Time Average (Fluid Properties Measurement)
HTMN Minimum of Echo Transit Time (Fluid properties Measurement)
HTMX Maximum of Echo Transit Time (Fluid Properties Measurement)
KSEA Keyseat Amplitude
OVAL Ovalization
P1AZ Pad 1 Azimuth in Horizontal Plane (0 = True North)
RB Relative Bearing
RB_USIT Memorized Relative Bearing for USI
RCAV Average of Corrected Radius of Borehole
RCMN Minimum of Corrected Radius of Borehole
RCMX Maximum of Corrected Radius of Borehole
RSAV Motor Revolution Speed
SDEV Sonde Deviation
SDEVM Memorized Sonde Deviation
SLIP Displacement Amplitude
TM25 Radius Low
TM75 Radius High
TMED Median Radius
TTAV Transit Time Average
TTBK Transit Time
TTCN Transit Time Image
TTMD Median Transit Time
TTMN Transit Time Minimum Value
TTMX Transit Time Maximum Value
U001 Waveform for Azimuth 01
UAMN Minimum Amplitude of Echo
UAMX Maximum Amplitude of Echo
UBRB UBI Corrected Relative Bearing
UBRW Ultrasonic Waveform in UBI mode
UFLG USIT Processing Flags
UFRT Firing Rate
UO1 Ultrasonic Data Block first round
UO2 Ultrasonic Data Block second round
UPAZ UBI Corrected Pad1 Azimuth
UPGA USIC Programmable Gain Amplitude of Waves
UTDL USIC Tachometer Delay
UTIM Time of Arrival of Waves
UTMN Minimum Radius of Borehole
UTMX Maximum Radius of Borehole
WAGN Waveform Applied Gain
WFDL Waveform Delay
WINS Sliding window start
WPKA Waveform Peak Amplitude

Related parameters
AAMN Minimum of Automatic Amplitude scale
ACCC Accelerometer coefficients
ACCM Accelerometer Month of Calibration
ACCN Accelerometer Serial Number
ACCT Accelerometer Type
ACCY Accelerometer Year of Calibration
ACPP Accelerometer PROM Presence Flag
AFMO Accelerometer Filtering Mode
AGMN Minimum Gain of Cartridge
AGMX Maximum Gain of Cartridge
AMCM Minimum of Color Scale for Image of Amplitude minus Maximum
AMCX Maximum of Color Scale for Image of Amplitude minus Maximum
ANGO Angular Offset
ART Accelerometer Reference Temperature
ATMN Minimum of Automatic Transit Time Scale
AWMN Amplitude Color Scale Minimum
AWMX Amplitude Color Scale Maximum
CACN Corrected Amplitude Color scale Minimum
CACX Corrected Amplitude Color scale Maximum
CRCN Corrected Radii Color scale Minimum
CRCX Corrected Radii Color scale Maximum
CSID Casing Inner Diameter
DCMN Window Position Decrement
DCMX Window Position Increment
DFVL Default Fluid Velocity
DISI Radial Plot Depth Increment
DISR Radial Plot Display Requested
DOS Diameter of sub
DOT Diameter of Transducer Sensor
DSTI Depth averaging for Inhibit time control
ECRL Eccentering correction level
ERDB Eccentering Rejection (DB)
FDOS Depth Offset of Memorized Fluid Velocity Measurement
FLON Hole Shape Analysis Filters Option
FMOS Offset Correction of Memorized Fluid Velocity Measurement
FVLM Fluid Velocity Filter
GCSW Gain Correction
GLM GPIT Logging Mode
GTM Inclinometry Telemetry Mode
HFLT Length of Fluid Velocity Depth Filter
HSAN Hole Shape Analysis Option
ICMN Internal Corrosion Color scale Minimum
ICMO Inclinometry Computation Mode
ICMX Internal Corrosion Color scale Maximum
IMAR Image Rotation
INHT FIFO Inhibition Time
LIM1 Sliding Window minimum limit control mode
LIM2 Sliding Window maximum limit control mode
MAGM Magnetometer Month of Calibration
MAGN Magnetometer Serial Number
MAGT Magnetometer Type
MAGY Magnetometer Year of Calibration
MAPP Magnetometer Prom Presence Flag
MDEC Magnetic Field Declination
MFIN Magnetic Field Intensity
MGMC Magnetometer coefficients
MINC Magnetic Field Inclination
MLCN Metal Loss Color scale Minimum
MLCX Metal Loss Color scale Maximum
MRTE Magnetometer Reference Temperature
MW Mud Weight
NBCD Number of Depth for Color Correction
NBLD Number of Depth for Eccentering Correction
NCDI Depth Interval Between Noise corrections
NDPF Number of depth in 6 inches frame
NPPW Number of Points Per Waveform
NRPD Number of Rotations Per Depth
NWPD Number of Waveforms per Depth
NWPR Number of Waveform per Rotation
PNSW Processing Noise Correction
RACN RAW Amplitude Color scale Minimum
RACX RAW Amplitude Color scale Maximum
RAMN Minimum of Automatic Raw Amplitude Scale
RCOD Reference Calibrator Outer Diameter
RCSO Reference Calibrator Standoff
RCTH Reference Calibrator Thickness
RJ60 60 Hz rejection filter
RRCN Raw Radii Color scale Minimum
RRCX Raw Radii Color scale Maximum
RTMN Minimum of Automatic Raw Transit Time scale
SBSZ Size of Status Block
SPAL Azimuthal sampling correction level
STON Hole Shape Analysis Data Storage
SUBT Ultrasonic Subassembly Type
SWLV Sliding window minimum
SWMN SW Minimum
SWMX Sliding window maximum
TEMS Temperature Sensor Used
UFON UBI flagging of lost echoes
ULOG Logging Objective
UMFR Modulation Frequency
UPAT Emission Pattern
USFR Ultrasonic Sampling Frequency
USTO Ultrasonic Time Offset
USUB Ultrasonic Subassembly Identifier
UTOG Type of Gain
UTRT USIT Transducer Type
UWKM Ultrasonic Working Mode
VCAS Ultrasonic Transversal Velocity in Casing
VERR Vertical Resolution
WBSZ Waveform Block Size
WFAS Waveform Azimuthal Sampling
WFVS Waveform Vertical Sampling
WINB Window Begin Time
WINE Window End Time
WINS Window start index
WINT Window type
WTYP Type of Waveform Displayed
ZCAS Acoustic Impedance of Casing
ZMUD Acoustic Impedance of Mud

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