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DescriptionUltrasonic Imaging Tool

Related channels
AGMA Maximum Allowed Electronic Gain
AGMI Minimum Allowed Electronic Gain
AI_MICRO_DEBONDING_IMAGE Acoustic Impedance With Micro-debonding Image
AI1 Acoustic Impedance 1
AI10 Acoustic Impedance 10
AI11 Acoustic Impedance 11
AI12 Acoustic Impedance 12
AI13 Acoustic Impedance 13
AI14 Acoustic Impedance 14
AI15 Acoustic Impedance 15
AI16 Acoustic Impedance 16
AI17 Acoustic Impedance 17
AI18 Acoustic Impedance 18
AI19 Acoustic Impedance 19
AI2 Acoustic Impedance 2
AI20 Acoustic Impedance 20
AI21 Acoustic Impedance 21
AI22 Acoustic Impedance 22
AI23 Acoustic Impedance 23
AI24 Acoustic Impedance 24
AI25 Acoustic Impedance 25
AI26 Acoustic Impedance 26
AI27 Acoustic Impedance 27
AI28 Acoustic Impedance 28
AI29 Acoustic Impedance 29
AI3 Acoustic Impedance 3
AI30 Acoustic Impedance 30
AI31 Acoustic Impedance 31
AI32 Acoustic Impedance 32
AI33 Acoustic Impedance 33
AI34 Acoustic Impedance 34
AI35 Acoustic Impedance 35
AI36 Acoustic Impedance 36
AI37 Acoustic Impedance 37
AI38 Acoustic Impedance 38
AI39 Acoustic Impedance 39
AI4 Acoustic Impedance 4
AI40 Acoustic Impedance 40
AI41 Acoustic Impedance 41
AI42 Acoustic Impedance 42
AI43 Acoustic Impedance 43
AI44 Acoustic Impedance 44
AI45 Acoustic Impedance 45
AI46 Acoustic Impedance 46
AI47 Acoustic Impedance 47
AI48 Acoustic Impedance 48
AI49 Acoustic Impedance 49
AI5 Acoustic Impedance 5
AI50 Acoustic Impedance 50
AI51 Acoustic Impedance 51
AI52 Acoustic Impedance 52
AI53 Acoustic Impedance 53
AI54 Acoustic Impedance 54
AI55 Acoustic Impedance 55
AI56 Acoustic Impedance 56
AI57 Acoustic Impedance 57
AI58 Acoustic Impedance 58
AI59 Acoustic Impedance 59
AI6 Acoustic Impedance 6
AI60 Acoustic Impedance 60
AI61 Acoustic Impedance 61
AI62 Acoustic Impedance 62
AI63 Acoustic Impedance 63
AI64 Acoustic Impedance 64
AI65 Acoustic Impedance 65
AI66 Acoustic Impedance 66
AI67 Acoustic Impedance 67
AI68 Acoustic Impedance 68
AI69 Acoustic Impedance 69
AI7 Acoustic Impedance 7
AI70 Acoustic Impedance 70
AI71 Acoustic Impedance 71
AI72 Acoustic Impedance 72
AI8 Acoustic Impedance 8
AI9 Acoustic Impedance 9
AIAV Acoustic Impedance Average
AIAV_RF Median of Unflagged Measured Impedance
AIBH Maximum Theoretical Acoustic Impedance of Mud
AIBK Acoustic Impedance
AIBL Minimum Theoretical Acoustic Impedance of Mud
AIBM Acoustic Impedance of Mud
AIMN Acoustic Impedance Minimum
AIMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged Acoustic Impedance
AIMX Acoustic Impedance Maximum
AIMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged Acoustic Impedance
ANOR Acceleration Computed Norm (vector length)
AV_AI1 Average Acoustic Impedance 1
AV_AI2 Average Acoustic Impedance 2
AV_AI3 Average Acoustic Impedance 3
AV_AI4 Average Acoustic Impedance 4
AV_AI5 Average Acoustic Impedance 5
AV_AI6 Average Acoustic Impedance 6
AV_AI7 Average Acoustic Impedance 7
AV_AI8 Average Acoustic Impedance 8
AV_AI9 Average Acoustic Impedance 9
AWAV Amplitude of Wave Average
AWAV_RF Average of Unflagged Wave Amplitude
AWBK Amplitude of Wave
AWMN Amplitude of Wave Minimum
AWMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged Wave Amplitude
AWMX Amplitude of Wave Maximum
AWMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged Wave Amplitude
AX Acceleration X-Axis
AY Acceleration Y-Axis
AZ Acceleration Z-Axis
AZEC Azimuth of Eccentering
AZEC_EXT Azimuth of External Eccentering
AZEC_RF Azimuth of Eccentering for Unflagged Waves
AZS1G GPIT Gamma Simple Sum
AZS2G GPIT Gamma Double Sum
AZSNG GPIT Number of Raw Acceleration Samples
BPRE Burst Pressure
CCL1 Ultrasonic Casing Collar Locator 1
CCL2 Ultrasonic Casing Collar Locator 2
CCL3 Ultrasonic Casing Collar Locator 3
CCL4 Ultrasonic Casing Collar Locator 4
CCLU Casing Collar Locator Ultrasonic
CFVL Memorized Fluid Acoustic Slowness
CWEI Casing Weight
CZMD Acoustic Impedance of Mud
DCLV DC Low Voltage
DIAM Nominal Casing Outer Diameter
ECCE Amplitude of Eccentering
ECCE_EXT USIT External Eccentering
ECCE_RF Amplitude of Eccentering for Unflagged Waves
ERAV External Radii Average
ERAV_EXT Average External Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
ERAV_RF Median of External Radii for Unflagged Waves
ERBA_EXT External Radii Corrected for External Eccentering Minus Average
ERBK External Radii
ERBK_EXT External Radii Corrected for External Eccentering
ERBN_EXT External Radii Corrected for External Eccentering minus CDIA
ERMN External Radii Minimum
ERMN_EXT Minimum External Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
ERMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged External Radii
ERMX External Radii Maximum
ERMX_EXT Maximum External Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
ERMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged External Radii
FCAX Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on X Axis
FCAY Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on Y Axis
FCAZ Fast Channel (High Resolution) Acceleration on Z Axis
FINC Magnetic Field Inclination
FNOR Magnetic Field Intensity Computed Norm
FTIM Fast Channels Acquisition Time
FVEL Fluid Acoustic Slowness
FVEM Sound Slowness (Fluid Properties Measurement)
FX Magnetometer X-Axis
FY Magnetometer Y-Axis
FZ Magnetometer Z-Axis
GAT GPIT Accelerometer Temperature
GDAV Group Delay Average
GDBK Group Delay
GDMN Group Delay Minimum
GDMX Group Delay Maximum
GNMN Min PGA gain
GNMX Max PGA gain
HAZI Hole Azimuth Relative to True North
HAZIM Memorized Hole Azimuth
HFVL Filtered Fluid Acoustic Slowness (Fluid Properties Measurement)
HZMD Acoustic Impedance of Mud in FPM Mode
IDQC Internal Diameter Quality Check
IR1 Internal Radius 1
IR10 Internal Radius 10
IR11 Internal Radius 11
IR12 Internal Radius 12
IR13 Internal Radius 13
IR14 Internal Radius 14
IR15 Internal Radius 15
IR16 Internal Radius 16
IR17 Internal Radius 17
IR18 Internal Radius 18
IR19 Internal Radius 19
IR2 Internal Radius 2
IR20 Internal Radius 20
IR21 Internal Radius 21
IR22 Internal Radius 22
IR23 Internal Radius 23
IR24 Internal Radius 24
IR25 Internal Radius 25
IR26 Internal Radius 26
IR27 Internal Radius 27
IR28 Internal Radius 28
IR29 Internal Radius 29
IR3 Internal Radius 3
IR30 Internal Radius 30
IR31 Internal Radius 31
IR32 Internal Radius 32
IR33 Internal Radius 33
IR34 Internal Radius 34
IR35 Internal Radius 35
IR36 Internal Radius 36
IR37 Internal Radius 37
IR38 Internal Radius 38
IR39 Internal Radius 39
IR4 Internal Radius 4
IR40 Internal Radius 40
IR41 Internal Radius 41
IR42 Internal Radius 42
IR43 Internal Radius 43
IR44 Internal Radius 44
IR45 Internal Radius 45
IR46 Internal Radius 46
IR47 Internal Radius 47
IR48 Internal Radius 48
IR49 Internal Radius 49
IR5 Internal Radius 5
IR50 Internal Radius 50
IR51 Internal Radius 51
IR52 Internal Radius 52
IR53 Internal Radius 53
IR54 Internal Radius 54
IR55 Internal Radius 55
IR56 Internal Radius 56
IR57 Internal Radius 57
IR58 Internal Radius 58
IR59 Internal Radius 59
IR6 Internal Radius 6
IR60 Internal Radius 60
IR61 Internal Radius 61
IR62 Internal Radius 62
IR63 Internal Radius 63
IR64 Internal Radius 64
IR65 Internal Radius 65
IR66 Internal Radius 66
IR67 Internal Radius 67
IR68 Internal Radius 68
IR69 Internal Radius 69
IR7 Internal Radius 7
IR70 Internal Radius 70
IR71 Internal Radius 71
IR72 Internal Radius 72
IR8 Internal Radius 8
IR9 Internal Radius 9
IRABS_PS Counter of Absented-out Internal Radii
IRAV Internal Radius Averaged Value
IRAV_EXT Average Internal Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
IRAV_PS Median Internal Radius
IRAV_RF Median Internal Radius of Casing for Unflagged Waves
IRBK Internal Radii Normalized
IRBK_EXT Internal Radii Corrected for External Eccentering
IRBK_RF Unflagged Internal Radii of Casing
IRMN Internal Radius Minimum Value
IRMN_EXT Minimum Internal Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
IRMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged Internal Radii
IRMNA Minimum Internal Radius Angle
IRMX Internal Radius Maximum Value
IRMX_EXT Maximum Internal Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
IRMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged Internal Radii
IRMXA Maximum Internal Radius Angle
MAX_AI1 Maximum Acoustic Impedance 1
MAX_AI2 Maximum Acoustic Impedance 2
MAX_AI3 Maximum Acoustic Impedance 3
MAX_AI4 Maximum Acoustic Impedance 4
MAX_AI5 Maximum Acoustic Impedance 5
MAX_AI6 Maximum Acoustic Impedance 6
MAX_AI7 Maximum Acoustic Impedance 7
MAX_AI8 Maximum Acoustic Impedance 8
MAX_AI9 Maximum Acoustic Impedance 9
MDR Micro-debonding Ratio
MIN_AI1 Minimum Acoustic Impedance 1
MIN_AI2 Minimum Acoustic Impedance 2
MIN_AI3 Minimum Acoustic Impedance 3
MIN_AI4 Minimum Acoustic Impedance 4
MIN_AI5 Minimum Acoustic Impedance 5
MIN_AI6 Minimum Acoustic Impedance 6
MIN_AI7 Minimum Acoustic Impedance 7
MIN_AI8 Minimum Acoustic Impedance 8
MIN_AI9 Minimum Acoustic Impedance 9
P1AZ Pad 1 Azimuth in Horizontal Plane (0 = True North)
PIPD Pipe Indicator
RB Relative Bearing
RB_USIT Memorized Relative Bearing for USI
RSAV Motor Revolution Speed
SDEV Sonde Deviation
SDEVM Memorized Sonde Deviation
T1BK Internal Radius Metal Loss
T2BK Thickness of Casing minus Nominal
TH1 Thickness 1
TH10 Thickness 10
TH11 Thickness 11
TH12 Thickness 12
TH13 Thickness 13
TH14 Thickness 14
TH15 Thickness 15
TH16 Thickness 16
TH17 Thickness 17
TH18 Thickness 18
TH19 Thickness 19
TH2 Thickness 2
TH20 Thickness 20
TH21 Thickness 21
TH22 Thickness 22
TH23 Thickness 23
TH24 Thickness 24
TH25 Thickness 25
TH26 Thickness 26
TH27 Thickness 27
TH28 Thickness 28
TH29 Thickness 29
TH3 Thickness 3
TH30 Thickness 30
TH31 Thickness 31
TH32 Thickness 32
TH33 Thickness 33
TH34 Thickness 34
TH35 Thickness 35
TH36 Thickness 36
TH37 Thickness 37
TH38 Thickness 38
TH39 Thickness 39
TH4 Thickness 4
TH40 Thickness 40
TH41 Thickness 41
TH42 Thickness 42
TH43 Thickness 43
TH44 Thickness 44
TH45 Thickness 45
TH46 Thickness 46
TH47 Thickness 47
TH48 Thickness 48
TH49 Thickness 49
TH5 Thickness 5
TH50 Thickness 50
TH51 Thickness 51
TH52 Thickness 52
TH53 Thickness 53
TH54 Thickness 54
TH55 Thickness 55
TH56 Thickness 56
TH57 Thickness 57
TH58 Thickness 58
TH59 Thickness 59
TH6 Thickness 6
TH60 Thickness 60
TH61 Thickness 61
TH62 Thickness 62
TH63 Thickness 63
TH64 Thickness 64
TH65 Thickness 65
TH66 Thickness 66
TH67 Thickness 67
TH68 Thickness 68
TH69 Thickness 69
TH7 Thickness 7
TH70 Thickness 70
TH71 Thickness 71
TH72 Thickness 72
TH8 Thickness 8
TH9 Thickness 9
THABS_PS Counter of Absented-out Thicknesses
THAV Thickness Average Value
THAV_PS Average Thickness of Casing (corrosion statistics)
THAV_RF Average of Unflagged Casing Thickness
THBK Casing Thickness Normalized
THBK_RF Image of Unflagged Thickness of Casing
THBM Thickness of Reference Plate
THMN Thickness Minimum Value
THMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged Casing Thickness
THMX Thickness Maximum Value
THMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged Casing Thickness
TTAV Transit Time Average
TTBK Transit Time
TTMN Transit Time Minimum Value
TTMX Transit Time Maximum Value
U001 Waveform for Azimuth 01
U002 Waveform for Azimuth 02
U003 Waveform for Azimuth 03
U004 Waveform for Azimuth 04
U005 Waveform for Azimuth 05
U006 Waveform for Azimuth 06
U007 Waveform for Azimuth 07
U008 Waveform for Azimuth 08
U009 Waveform for Azimuth 09
U010 Waveform for Azimuth 10
U011 Waveform for Azimuth 11
U012 Waveform for Azimuth 12
U013 Waveform for Azimuth 13
U014 Waveform for Azimuth 14
U015 Waveform for Azimuth 15
U016 Waveform for Azimuth 16
U017 Waveform for Azimuth 17
U018 Waveform for Azimuth 18
U019 Waveform for Azimuth 19
U020 Waveform for Azimuth 20
U021 Waveform for Azimuth 21
U022 Waveform for Azimuth 22
U023 Waveform for Azimuth 23
U024 Waveform for Azimuth 24
U025 Waveform for Azimuth 25
U026 Waveform for Azimuth 26
U027 Waveform for Azimuth 27
U028 Waveform for Azimuth 28
U029 Waveform for Azimuth 29
U030 Waveform for Azimuth 30
U031 Waveform for Azimuth 31
U032 Waveform for Azimuth 32
U033 Waveform for Azimuth 33
U034 Waveform for Azimuth 34
U035 Waveform for Azimuth 35
U036 Waveform for Azimuth 36
U037 Waveform for Azimuth 37
U038 Waveform for Azimuth 38
U039 Waveform for Azimuth 39
U040 Waveform for Azimuth 40
U041 Waveform for Azimuth 41
U042 Waveform for Azimuth 42
U043 Waveform for Azimuth 43
U044 Waveform for Azimuth 44
U045 Waveform for Azimuth 45
U046 Waveform for Azimuth 46
U047 Waveform for Azimuth 47
U048 Waveform for Azimuth 48
U049 Waveform for Azimuth 49
U050 Waveform for Azimuth 50
U051 Waveform for Azimuth 51
U052 Waveform for Azimuth 52
U053 Waveform for Azimuth 53
U054 Waveform for Azimuth 54
U055 Waveform for Azimuth 55
U056 Waveform for Azimuth 56
U057 Waveform for Azimuth 57
U058 Waveform for Azimuth 58
U059 Waveform for Azimuth 59
U060 Waveform for Azimuth 60
U061 Waveform for Azimuth 61
U062 Waveform for Azimuth 62
U063 Waveform for Azimuth 63
U064 Waveform for Azimuth 64
U065 Waveform for Azimuth 65
U066 Waveform for Azimuth 66
U067 Waveform for Azimuth 67
U068 Waveform for Azimuth 68
U069 Waveform for Azimuth 69
U070 Waveform for Azimuth 70
U071 Waveform for Azimuth 71
U072 Waveform for Azimuth 72
UCAV Ultrasonic Caliper Average
UCCI USIT Contaminated Cement Index
UCCL Ultrasonic CCL
UCMN Ultrasonic Caliper Minimum Value
UCMX Ultrasonic Caliper Maximum Value
UDEP USIT River Depth Index
UEAVE USIT Ellipse Mean Error
UELA USIT Ellipse Long Axis
UEMM Applied EMEX Voltage (Fluid Properties Measurement)
UEMXE USIT Ellipse Maximum Error
UERA USIT Ellipse Rotation Angle
UESA USIT Ellipse Short Axis
UF01 USIT Waveform in FPM Mode
UFLG USIT Processing Flags
UFLM USIT Processing Flag (Fluid Properties Measurement)
UFRT Firing Rate
UGCI USIT Gaseous Index
UGCI_RF USIT Gaseous Index Computed on Unflagged Data
UJCD USIT Joint Collar Detection
UPGA USIC Programmable Gain Amplitude of Waves
UPGM Automatic Gain (Fluid Properties Measurement)
USBI USIT Bond Index
USBI_RF USIT Bond Index Computed on Unflagged Data
USGI_RF USIT Gas Index Computed on Unflagged Data
USLI USIT Liquid Index
UTDL USIC Tachometer Delay
UTIM Time of Arrival of Waves
UTMM Waveform Acquisition Time (Fluid Properties Measurement)
WA1 Waveform Amplitude 1
WA10 Waveform Amplitude 10
WA11 Waveform Amplitude 11
WA12 Waveform Amplitude 12
WA13 Waveform Amplitude 13
WA14 Waveform Amplitude 14
WA15 Waveform Amplitude 15
WA16 Waveform Amplitude 16
WA17 Waveform Amplitude 17
WA18 Waveform Amplitude 18
WA19 Waveform Amplitude 19
WA2 Waveform Amplitude 2
WA20 Waveform Amplitude 20
WA21 Waveform Amplitude 21
WA22 Waveform Amplitude 22
WA23 Waveform Amplitude 23
WA24 Waveform Amplitude 24
WA25 Waveform Amplitude 25
WA26 Waveform Amplitude 26
WA27 Waveform Amplitude 27
WA28 Waveform Amplitude 28
WA29 Waveform Amplitude 29
WA3 Waveform Amplitude 3
WA30 Waveform Amplitude 30
WA31 Waveform Amplitude 31
WA32 Waveform Amplitude 32
WA33 Waveform Amplitude 33
WA34 Waveform Amplitude 34
WA35 Waveform Amplitude 35
WA36 Waveform Amplitude 36
WA37 Waveform Amplitude 37
WA38 Waveform Amplitude 38
WA39 Waveform Amplitude 39
WA4 Waveform Amplitude 4
WA40 Waveform Amplitude 40
WA41 Waveform Amplitude 41
WA42 Waveform Amplitude 42
WA43 Waveform Amplitude 43
WA44 Waveform Amplitude 44
WA45 Waveform Amplitude 45
WA46 Waveform Amplitude 46
WA47 Waveform Amplitude 47
WA48 Waveform Amplitude 48
WA49 Waveform Amplitude 49
WA5 Waveform Amplitude 5
WA50 Waveform Amplitude 50
WA51 Waveform Amplitude 51
WA52 Waveform Amplitude 52
WA53 Waveform Amplitude 53
WA54 Waveform Amplitude 54
WA55 Waveform Amplitude 55
WA56 Waveform Amplitude 56
WA57 Waveform Amplitude 57
WA58 Waveform Amplitude 58
WA59 Waveform Amplitude 59
WA6 Waveform Amplitude 6
WA60 Waveform Amplitude 60
WA61 Waveform Amplitude 61
WA62 Waveform Amplitude 62
WA63 Waveform Amplitude 63
WA64 Waveform Amplitude 64
WA65 Waveform Amplitude 65
WA66 Waveform Amplitude 66
WA67 Waveform Amplitude 67
WA68 Waveform Amplitude 68
WA69 Waveform Amplitude 69
WA7 Waveform Amplitude 7
WA70 Waveform Amplitude 70
WA71 Waveform Amplitude 71
WA72 Waveform Amplitude 72
WA8 Waveform Amplitude 8
WA9 Waveform Amplitude 9
WAGM Waveform Applied Gain (Fluid Properties Measurement)
WAGN Waveform Applied Gain
WDMA Maximum Possible Waveform Delay
WDMI Minimum Possible Waveform Delay
WDMN Waveform Delay Minimum
WDMX Waveform Delay Maximum
WFDL Waveform Delay
WFDM Waveform Delay (Fluid Properties Measurement)
WPKA Waveform Peak Amplitude
WPKM Waveform Peak Amplitude (Fluid Properties Measurement)

Related parameters
ACCC Accelerometer coefficients
ACCM Accelerometer Month of Calibration
ACCN Accelerometer Serial Number
ACCT Accelerometer Type
ACCY Accelerometer Year of Calibration
ACPP Accelerometer PROM Presence Flag
AFMO Accelerometer Filtering Mode
AGMN Minimum Gain of Cartridge
AGMX Maximum Gain of Cartridge
ART Accelerometer Reference Temperature
AUXV Value Recommended for AC Aux
BERJ Bad Echo Rejection
CASG Casing Grade
CDIA Casing Outer Diameter
CDUN Curves Unit Declared in Presentation Manager
CGRD Casing Grade
CSDE Casing Density
CSG_YIELD_STRENGTH Casing Yield Strength
CSID Casing Inner Diameter
CSW Casing Weight
CYST Casing Yield Strength
DFVL Default Fluid Velocity
DOT Diameter of Transducer Sensor
FDII FPM Data Interpolation Interval
FMOS Offset Correction of Memorized Fluid Velocity Measurement
FVLM Fluid Velocity Filter
GLM GPIT Logging Mode
GTM Inclinometry Telemetry Mode
ICMO Inclinometry Computation Mode
IMAR Image Rotation
INHT FIFO Inhibition Time
MADT Maximum ADC temperature
MAGM Magnetometer Month of Calibration
MAGN Magnetometer Serial Number
MAGT Magnetometer Type
MAGY Magnetometer Year of Calibration
MAPP Magnetometer Prom Presence Flag
MDEC Magnetic Field Declination
MFIN Magnetic Field Intensity
MGMC Magnetometer coefficients
MINC Magnetic Field Inclination
MRTE Magnetometer Reference Temperature
MT Mud Type
MW Mud Weight
NDPF Number of depth in 6 inches frame
NPDF Number of Depth per 6 inches Frame
NPPW Number of Points Per Waveform
NRPD Number of Rotations Per Depth
NWPD Number of Waveforms per Depth
NWPR Number of Waveform per Rotation
RCOD Reference Calibrator Outer Diameter
RCSO Reference Calibrator Standoff
RCTH Reference Calibrator Thickness
SBSZ Size of Status Block
SUBT Ultrasonic Subassembly Type
TCUB T^3 Processing Level
TEMS Temperature Sensor Used
THDH Maximum Search Thickness (percentage of nominal)
THDL Minimum Search Thickness (percentage of nominal)
THDT Bandwidth delta for casing thickness
THNO Nominal Thickness of Casing
TMUC Type of Mud
ULOG Logging Objective
UMAO USIT Measurement Angular Offset
UMFR Modulation Frequency
UPAT Emission Pattern
USFR Ultrasonic Sampling Frequency
USTO Ultrasonic Time Offset
USUB Ultrasonic Subassembly Identifier
UTOG Type of Gain
UTRT USIT Transducer Type
UWKM Ultrasonic Working Mode
VCAS Ultrasonic Transversal Velocity in Casing
WBSZ Waveform Block Size
WFAS Waveform Azimuthal Sampling
WFAZ Azimuth of Displayed Waveform
WFVS Waveform Vertical Sampling
WINB Window Begin Time
WINE Window End Time
WLEN T^3 Processing Length
WTYP Type of Waveform Displayed
ZCAS Acoustic Impedance of Casing
ZINI Initial Estimate of Cement Impedance
ZMUD Acoustic Impedance of Mud
ZTCM Acoustic Impedance Threshold for Cement
ZTGS Acoustic Impedance Threshold for Gas
ZVCS Zonable Velocity of Sound in Casing

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