Mnemonics, Tools, USIT-D

DescriptionUltrasonic Imaging Tool

Related channels
A3G Index of Acquisition Applied Gain
AI_MDEBOND_IMG Acoustic Impedance With Micro-debonding Image
AIAV Acoustic Impedance Average
AIBH Maximum Theoretical Acoustic Impedance of Mud
AIBK Acoustic Impedance
AIBK_INT_SC Interpreted Impedance Image ( Scaling purpose )
AIBK_SC Impedance Image ( Scaling purpose )
AIBL Minimum Theoretical Acoustic Impedance of Mud
AIBM Acoustic Impedance of Mud
AIFA Acoustic Impedance Flexural Attenuation
AIMD_RF Median of Unflagged Measured Impedance
AIMN Acoustic Impedance Minimum
AIMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged Acoustic Impedance
AIMX Acoustic Impedance Maximum
AIMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged Acoustic Impedance
AM25 Amplitude Low
AM75 Amplitude High
AMED Amplitude Median
AWAV Amplitude of Wave Average
AWAV_RF Average of Unflagged Wave Amplitude
AWBK Amplitude of Wave
AWBK_RAW Amplitude of Raw Ultrasonic Waveforms
AWBKM_RF Unflagged Echo Amplitude minus Median Amplitude
AWCN Image of 1st Echo Amplitude
AWMN Amplitude of Wave Minimum
AWMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged Wave Amplitude
AWMX Amplitude of Wave Maximum
AWMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged Wave Amplitude
AZBR Breakout Axis
AZEC Azimuth of Eccentering
AZEC_EXT Azimuth of External Eccentering
AZEC_RF Azimuth of Eccentering for Unflagged Waves
AZECEXT_RF Azimuth of Unflagged Data External Eccentering
AZKS Keyseat Axis
AZSL Displacement Axis
BRAV Borehole radius average
BRKO Breakout Amplitude
CALI Caliper
CCLU Casing Collar Locator Ultrasonic
CEMR Ratio of Cement Measurements to Total
CFVL Memorized Fluid Acoustic Slowness
CFVL_FPM Fluid Acoustic Slowness (FPM)
CFVL_GRA Fluid Acoustic Slowness (Graphical)
CFVL_MAN Fluid Acoustic Slowness (Manual)
CFVL_PLA Fluid Acoustic Slowness (Planner)
CVEL Cable Velocity
CZMD Acoustic Impedance of Mud
CZMD_FPM Acoustic Impedance of Mud (FPM)
CZMD_FRP Acoustic Impedance of Mud (Free Pipe)
CZMD_GRA Acoustic Impedance of Mud (Graphical)
CZMD_INV Acoustic Impedance of Mud (IBC Inversion)
CZMD_MAN Acoustic Impedance of Mud (Manual)
CZMD_PLA Acoustic Impedance of Mud (Planner)
CZMD_THE Acoustic Impedance of Mud (Theoretical)
DAMP Corrected Echo Amplitude minus Maximum
DFAI Discretized Fluid Acoustic Impedance (Inverted)
DFSL Discretized Fluid Slowness (Inverted)
ECCE Amplitude of Eccentering
ECCE_EXT USIT External Eccentering
ECCE_RF Amplitude of Eccentering for Unflagged Waves
ECCEEXT_RF Unflagged Data External Eccentering
ELLIPSE Bestfit Computation Theorical Ellipse
ERAV External Radii Average
ERAV_EXT Average External Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
ERBA_EXT External Radii Corrected for External Eccentering Minus Average
ERBK External Radii
ERBK_EXT External Radii Corrected for External Eccentering
ERBK_RAW_RF Unflagged External Radii of Casing
ERBN_EXT External Radii Corrected for External Eccentering minus CDIA
ERMD_RF Median of Unflagged External Radii
ERMN External Radii Minimum
ERMN_EXT Minimum External Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
ERMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged External Radii
ERMX External Radii Maximum
ERMX_EXT Maximum External Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
ERMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged External Radii
FA25 Low Amplitude of Echo
FA75 High Amplitude of Echo
FAED Median Amplitude of Echo
FFDI Acquisition Delay Index
FT25 Low Borehole Radius
FT75 High Borehole Radius
FTED Median Radius of Borehole
FVEM Sound Slowness (Fluid Properties Measurement)
GASR Ratio of Gas Measurements to Total
GNMN Min PGA gain
GNMX Max PGA gain
HFVL Filtered Fluid Acoustic Slowness (Fluid Properties Measurement)
HRTT Histogram of Raw Transit Time Index
HRTT2 Histogram of Raw Transit Time Index prior TCUBE
HZMD Acoustic Impedance of Mud in FPM Mode
IDQC Internal Diameter Quality Check
IRAV Internal Radius Averaged Value
IRAV_EXT Average Internal Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
IRBK Internal Radii Normalized
IRBK_RAW Eccentering Corrected Internal Radii
IRBK_RAW_EXT Internal Radii External Corrected for Eccentering
IRBK_RAW_RF Unflagged Internal Radii of Casing Corrected for Eccentering
IRMD_RF Median Internal Radius of Casing Corrected for Eccentering
IRMN Internal Radius Minimum Value
IRMN_EXT Minimum Internal Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
IRMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged Internal Radii
IRMNA Minimum Internal Radius Angle
IRMT Filtered unflagged eccentering corrected Casing Internal Radii
IRMX Internal Radius Maximum Value
IRMX_EXT Maximum Internal Radius Corrected for External Eccentering
IRMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged Internal Radii
IRMXA Maximum Internal Radius Angle
KSEA Keyseat Amplitude
MDEB_SC Interpreted Impedance Image with Microdebonding ( Scaling purpose )
MDR Micro-debonding Ratio
OVAL Ovalization
P1NO_USIT Pad 1 Azimuth in Plane Orthogonal to Tool Axis (0 = True North), memorized to USIT
PLATE_PRESENCE Anadrill Plate Presence Image
RB_USIT Memorized Relative Bearing for USI
RCAV Average of Corrected Radius of Borehole
RCMN Minimum of Corrected Radius of Borehole
RCMX Maximum of Corrected Radius of Borehole
RSAV Motor Revolution Speed
SLGC Solid Liquid Gas Map Casing Collar Locator
SLIP Displacement Amplitude
T1BK Internal Radius Metal Loss
T2AV Thickness Average of Casing minus Nominal
T2BK Thickness of Casing minus Nominal
THAV Thickness Average Value
THBK Casing Thickness Normalized
THBK_RAW Raw Casing Thickness
THBK_RAW_RF Unflagged Thickness of Casing
THBKN_RF Unflagged Casing Thickness minus Nominal Thickness
THBM Thickness of Reference Plate
THFPM Thickness of plate in FPM mode
THMD_RF Median of Unflagged Casing Thickness
THMN Thickness Minimum Value
THMN_RF Minimum of Unflagged Casing Thickness
THMT Filtered unflagged eccentering corrected Casing Thickness
THMX Thickness Maximum Value
THMX_RF Maximum of Unflagged Casing Thickness
TM25 Radius Low
TM75 Radius High
TMED Median Radius
TTAV Transit Time Average
TTBK Transit Time
TTCN Transit Time Image
TTMN Transit Time Minimum Value
TTMX Transit Time Maximum Value
U001 Waveform for Azimuth 01
U001_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 1
U001_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 1
U002 Waveform for Azimuth 02
U002_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 2
U002_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 2
U003 Waveform for Azimuth 03
U003_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 3
U003_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 3
U004 Waveform for Azimuth 04
U004_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 4
U004_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 4
U005 Waveform for Azimuth 05
U005_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 5
U005_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 5
U006 Waveform for Azimuth 06
U006_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 6
U006_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 6
U007 Waveform for Azimuth 07
U007_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 7
U007_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 7
U008 Waveform for Azimuth 08
U008_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 8
U008_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 8
U009 Waveform for Azimuth 09
U009_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 9
U009_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 9
U010 Waveform for Azimuth 10
U010_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 10
U010_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 10
U011 Waveform for Azimuth 11
U011_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 11
U011_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 11
U012 Waveform for Azimuth 12
U012_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 12
U012_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 12
U013 Waveform for Azimuth 13
U013_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 13
U013_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 13
U014 Waveform for Azimuth 14
U014_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 14
U014_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 14
U015 Waveform for Azimuth 15
U015_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 15
U015_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 15
U016 Waveform for Azimuth 16
U016_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 16
U016_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 16
U017 Waveform for Azimuth 17
U017_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 17
U017_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 17
U018 Waveform for Azimuth 18
U018_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 18
U018_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 18
U019 Waveform for Azimuth 19
U019_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 19
U019_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 19
U020 Waveform for Azimuth 20
U020_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 20
U020_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 20
U021 Waveform for Azimuth 21
U021_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 21
U021_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 21
U022 Waveform for Azimuth 22
U022_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 22
U022_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 22
U023 Waveform for Azimuth 23
U023_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 23
U023_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 23
U024 Waveform for Azimuth 24
U024_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 24
U024_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 24
U025 Waveform for Azimuth 25
U025_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 25
U025_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 25
U026 Waveform for Azimuth 26
U026_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 26
U026_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 26
U027 Waveform for Azimuth 27
U027_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 27
U027_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 27
U028 Waveform for Azimuth 28
U028_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 28
U028_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 28
U029 Waveform for Azimuth 29
U029_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 29
U029_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 29
U030 Waveform for Azimuth 30
U030_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 30
U030_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 30
U031 Waveform for Azimuth 31
U031_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 31
U031_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 31
U032 Waveform for Azimuth 32
U032_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 32
U032_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 32
U033 Waveform for Azimuth 33
U033_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 33
U033_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 33
U034 Waveform for Azimuth 34
U034_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 34
U034_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 34
U035 Waveform for Azimuth 35
U035_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 35
U035_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 35
U036 Waveform for Azimuth 36
U036_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 36
U036_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 36
U037 Waveform for Azimuth 37
U037_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 37
U037_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 37
U038 Waveform for Azimuth 38
U038_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 38
U038_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 38
U039 Waveform for Azimuth 39
U039_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 39
U039_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 39
U040 Waveform for Azimuth 40
U040_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 40
U040_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 40
U041 Waveform for Azimuth 41
U041_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 41
U041_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 41
U042 Waveform for Azimuth 42
U042_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 42
U042_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 42
U043 Waveform for Azimuth 43
U043_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 43
U043_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 43
U044 Waveform for Azimuth 44
U044_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 44
U044_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 44
U045 Waveform for Azimuth 45
U045_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 45
U045_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 45
U046 Waveform for Azimuth 46
U046_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 46
U046_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 46
U047 Waveform for Azimuth 47
U047_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 47
U047_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 47
U048 Waveform for Azimuth 48
U048_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 48
U048_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 48
U049 Waveform for Azimuth 49
U049_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 49
U049_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 49
U050 Waveform for Azimuth 50
U050_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 50
U050_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 50
U051 Waveform for Azimuth 51
U051_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 51
U051_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 51
U052 Waveform for Azimuth 52
U052_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 52
U052_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 52
U053 Waveform for Azimuth 53
U053_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 53
U053_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 53
U054 Waveform for Azimuth 54
U054_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 54
U054_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 54
U055 Waveform for Azimuth 55
U055_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 55
U055_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 55
U056 Waveform for Azimuth 56
U056_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 56
U056_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 56
U057 Waveform for Azimuth 57
U057_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 57
U057_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 57
U058 Waveform for Azimuth 58
U058_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 58
U058_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 58
U059 Waveform for Azimuth 59
U059_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 59
U059_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 59
U060 Waveform for Azimuth 60
U060_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 60
U060_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 60
U061 Waveform for Azimuth 61
U061_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 61
U061_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 61
U062 Waveform for Azimuth 62
U062_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 62
U062_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 62
U063 Waveform for Azimuth 63
U063_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 63
U063_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 63
U064 Waveform for Azimuth 64
U064_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 64
U064_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 64
U065 Waveform for Azimuth 65
U065_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 65
U065_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 65
U066 Waveform for Azimuth 66
U066_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 66
U066_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 66
U067 Waveform for Azimuth 67
U067_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 67
U067_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 67
U068 Waveform for Azimuth 68
U068_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 68
U068_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 68
U069 Waveform for Azimuth 69
U069_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 69
U069_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 69
U070 Waveform for Azimuth 70
U070_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 70
U070_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 70
U071 Waveform for Azimuth 71
U071_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 71
U071_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 71
U072 Waveform for Azimuth 72
U072_RAW Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 72
U072_RAW_ICE2 ICE2 Uncalibrated Waveform Azimuth 72
U3CF Third Interface Echo to Casing Amplitude Ratio Far
U3CN Third Interface Echo to Casing Amplitude Ratio Near
U3QF Third Interface Echo QC Far
U3QN Third Interface Echo QC Near
U3TT Third Interface Transit Time
U3VT Third Interface Validated Transit Time
UA3F Amplitude of Third Interface Echo Far
UA3N Amplitude of Third Interface Echo Near
UACF Amplitude of Casing Arrival Far
UACN Amplitude of Casing Arrival Near
UAEF Amplitude of Extensional Far
UAEN Amplitude of Extensional Near
UAMN Minimum Amplitude of Echo
UAMX Maximum Amplitude of Echo
UATK Annulus Thickness
UATN Annulus Thickness Minimum
UATV Annulus Thickness Average
UATX Annulus Thickness Maximum
UAVK Apparent Velocity
UAVV USIT Average Apparent Velocity
UBRW Ultrasonic Waveform in UBI mode
UBSK Binary Segmentation
UCAF Casing Arrival Time Far
UCAN Casing Arrival Time Near
UCCP Casing Centering Percentage
UCEZ Casing Eccentering Azimuth
UCPF Casing Arrival Picking QC Far
UCPN Casing Arrival Picking QC Near
UEAK Extensional Attenuation
UEAN Minimum Extensional Attenuation
UEAV Average Extensional Attenuation
UEAVE USIT Ellipse Mean Error
UEAX Maximum Extensional Attenuation
UELA USIT Ellipse Long Axis
UEMM Applied EMEX Voltage (Fluid Properties Measurement)
UEMXE USIT Ellipse Maximum Error
UERA USIT Ellipse Rotation Angle
UESA USIT Ellipse Short Axis
UF001_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 1
UF002_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 2
UF003_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 3
UF004_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 4
UF005_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 5
UF006_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 6
UF007_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 7
UF008_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 8
UF009_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 9
UF01 USIT Waveform in FPM Mode
UF010_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 10
UF011_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 11
UF012_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 12
UF013_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 13
UF014_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 14
UF015_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 15
UF016_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 16
UF017_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 17
UF018_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 18
UF019_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 19
UF020_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 20
UF021_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 21
UF022_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 22
UF023_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 23
UF024_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 24
UF025_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 25
UF026_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 26
UF027_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 27
UF028_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 28
UF029_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 29
UF030_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 30
UF031_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 31
UF032_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 32
UF033_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 33
UF034_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 34
UF035_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 35
UF036_RAW Far Raw Waveform for azimuth 36
UFAI Fluid Acoustic Impedance (Inverted)
UFAK Flexural Attenuation
UFAK_PREV Flexural Attenuation Preview
UFAN Minimum Flexural Attenuation
UFAV Average Flexural Attenuation
UFAX Maximum Flexural Attenuation
UFBSX Ultrasonics Far Bit Shift Maximum
UFLG USIT Processing Flags
UFLM USIT Processing Flag (Fluid Properties Measurement)
UFRT Firing Rate
UFSL Fluid Slowness (Inverted)
UFTI Telemetry Time of Waves Far Sensor
UFVK Flexural Velocity in Casing
UFVN Minimum Flexural Velocity
UFVV Average Flexural Velocity
UFVX Maximum Flexural Velocity
UFWBI_FLAG Ultrasonic Flexural Far Window Begin Index Flag
UFZQ Inverted Fluid Acoustic Impedance QC
UGCI USIT Gaseous Index
UGCI_RF USIT Gaseous Index Computed on Unflagged Data
UHCF Hydraulic Communication Flag
UHCK Hydraulic Communication Map
UHCW Hydraulic Communication Width
UMT1 Mean Tracking State 1
UMT2 Mean Tracking State 2
UMT3 Mean Tracking State 3
UN001_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 1
UN002_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 2
UN003_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 3
UN004_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 4
UN005_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 5
UN006_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 6
UN007_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 7
UN008_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 8
UN009_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 9
UN010_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 10
UN011_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 11
UN012_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 12
UN013_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 13
UN014_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 14
UN015_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 15
UN016_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 16
UN017_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 17
UN018_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 18
UN019_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 19
UN020_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 20
UN021_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 21
UN022_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 22
UN023_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 23
UN024_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 24
UN025_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 25
UN026_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 26
UN027_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 27
UN028_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 28
UN029_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 29
UN030_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 30
UN031_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 31
UN032_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 32
UN033_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 33
UN034_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 34
UN035_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 35
UN036_RAW Near Raw Waveform for azimuth 36
UNBSX Ultrasonics Near Bit Shift Maximum
UNTI Telemetry Time of Waves Near Sensor
UNWBI_FLAG Ultrasonic Flexural Near Window Begin Index Flag
UO1 Ultrasonic Data Block first round
UO2 Ultrasonic Data Block second round
UPBSX Ultrasonics PulseEcho Bit Shift Maximum
UPGA USIC Programmable Gain Amplitude of Waves
UPGM Automatic Gain (Fluid Properties Measurement)
UPRG Gas Probability
UPRL Liquid Probability
UPRS Solid Probability
USBI USIT Bond Index
USBI_RF USIT Bond Index Computed on Unflagged Data
USEC Sonde Eccentering
USEZ Sonde Eccentering Azimuth
USGI_RF USIT Gas Index Computed on Unflagged Data
USLG Solid Liquid Gas Color Index
USLGCR SLG Cement Ratio
USLGLR SLG Liquid Ratio
USLGWR SLG White Points Ratio
USLP Solid Liquid Gas Sorted Color Map
USQ1 Solid Liquid Gas QC 1
UTDL USIC Tachometer Delay
UTIM Time of Arrival of Waves
UTMM Waveform Acquisition Time (Fluid Properties Measurement)
UTMN Minimum Radius of Borehole
UTMX Maximum Radius of Borehole
UTQ1 Tracking QC
UTQ2 Tracking QC 2
UTQC Thickness Quality Check
VDWFF000 Waveform Far at 0 and 180 degrees
VDWFF090 Waveform Far at 90 and 270 degrees
VDWFN000 Waveform Near at 0 and 180 degrees
VDWFN090 Waveform Near at 90 and 270 degrees
WAGM Waveform Applied Gain (Fluid Properties Measurement)
WAGN Waveform Applied Gain
WDAV Waveform Delay Average
WDMN Waveform Delay Minimum
WDMX Waveform Delay Maximum
WFDL Waveform Delay
WFDM Waveform Delay (Fluid Properties Measurement)
WINS Sliding window start
WPKA Waveform Peak Amplitude
WPKM Waveform Peak Amplitude (Fluid Properties Measurement)
ZMTH Theorical Mud Impedance

Related parameters
AAMN Minimum of Automatic Amplitude scale
AFVU Automatic Fluid Velocity Update
AGMN Minimum Gain of Cartridge
AGMX Maximum Gain of Cartridge
ANGO Angular Offset
ATMN Minimum of Automatic Transit Time Scale
BERJ Bad Echo Rejection
BESTFIT_OPTION Bestfit Ellipse Computation Option
CASING_PRATIO Casing Poisson Ratio
CZMD_FRP_ZONE USIT Acoustic Impedance in selected Free Pipe Zone
CZMD_INV_ZONE USIT Acoustic Impedance in selected Inversion Zone
DCMN Window Position Decrement
DCMX Window Position Increment
DDT5 USIC Downhole Decimation for T5 only
DFVL Default Fluid Velocity
DFVLG Fluid Velocity Gain
DFVLO Fluid Velocity Offset
DOTF Distance between Opposite Transducer Faces
ECRL Eccentering correction level
ERDB Eccentering Rejection (DB)
FLON Hole Shape Analysis Filters Option
FMOS Offset Correction of Memorized Fluid Velocity Measurement
FPM_WLEN Tcube Processing Window Length in FPM Mode
FREEPIPE_ZONE Free Pipe Mud Normalization Depth Zone
FTMX Maximum Fall Time
GCSW Gain Correction
GOODWIN_OPTION Good Window Computation Option
HRES Horizontal Resolution
HSAN Hole Shape Analysis Option
IBC_ACQTYPE IBC Acquisition type
IBC_FLEXDBP IBC Flex Duration Before Peak
IBC_FRP_OFFSET IBC Flexural Offset from Free Pipe
IBC_FVEL_SEL IBC Fluid Velocity Selection
IBC_INV_ZONE IBC Inversion Mud Normalization Depth Zone
IBC_OFFSET_SEL IBC Flexural Offset Selector
IBC_ZMUD_SEL IBC Mud Impedance Selection
ICE_BINPROC ICE Bin Processing Depth Interval
IMG_ROT Image Rotation
INHT FIFO Inhibition Time
LIM1 Sliding Window minimum limit control mode
LIM2 Sliding Window maximum limit control mode
MEAS_WLEN Tcube Processing Window Length in Measurement Mode
MOTOR_PROTECT Motor Protection
MUD_N_FRP Free Pipe Mud Normalization Factor
MUD_N_INV IBC Inversion Mud Normalization Factor
MUD_N_THE Theoretical Mud Normalization Factor
NBCD Number of Depth for Color Correction
NBLD Number of Depth for Eccentering Correction
NCDI Depth Interval Between Noise corrections
NDPF Number of depth in 6 inches frame
NPPW Number of Points Per Waveform
NRPD Number of Rotations Per Depth
NWPD Number of Waveforms per Depth
OPLEV USIT Remove Flagged Data Level
PNSW Processing Noise Correction
RADI_FLAG Absent Radius On/Off
RADII_OPTION Radii and Diameters Computation Option
RAPID_OPTION Rapid Access Computation Option
RCOD Reference Calibrator Outer Diameter
RCSO Reference Calibrator Standoff
RCTH Reference Calibrator Thickness
RJ60 60 Hz rejection filter
RTMX Maximum Rise Time
SDNV Number of Vertical Samples used for Micro-debonding Computation
SDTHOR Acoustic Impedance STD Horizontal Threshold for Micro-debonding
SDTVER Acoustic Impedance STD Vertical Threshold for Micro-debonding
SUBT Ultrasonic Subassembly Type
SWLV Sliding window minimum
SWMX Sliding window maximum
TCUB T^3 Processing Level
TH_FLAG Absent Thickness On/Off
THDH Maximum Search Thickness (percentage of nominal)
THDL Minimum Search Thickness (percentage of nominal)
THDT Bandwidth delta for casing thickness
UACLV_PERM Ultrasonic ACLV Permanent
UBI_UPAT Emission Pattern in UBI mode
UBI_UWKM USIT Working Mode
UCI_ULOG Logging Objective for Measurement Mode
UCI_UPAT Emission Pattern in UCI mode
UCI_UWKM USIT Working Mode
UFFPZ USIT FreePipe Fluid Acoustic Impedance
UFON UBI flagging of lost echoes
UGS_OPTION USIT Gas-Cut Fluid Computation Option
ULOG Logging Objective
UMAO USIT Measurement Angular Offset
UMFR Modulation Frequency
URFD_OPTION Remove Flagged Data Computation Option
USFR Ultrasonic Sampling Frequency
USI_FVEL_SEL USI Fluid Velocity Selection
USI_UPAT USIT Emission Pattern
USI_UWKM USIT Working Mode
USI_ZMUD_SEL USI Mud Impedance Selection
USSP Ultrasonic Service
USTO Ultrasonic Time Offset
UTHDP Thickness Detection Policy
VCAS Ultrasonic Transversal Velocity in Casing
VERR Vertical Resolution
VRES Vertical Resolution
WFVS Waveform Vertical Sampling
WINB Window Begin Time
WINE Window End Time
WLEN T^3 Processing Length
ZCAS Acoustic Impedance of Casing
ZINI Initial Estimate of Cement Impedance
ZMUD Acoustic Impedance of Mud
ZMUDG Fluid Acoustic Impedancce Gain
ZMUDO Fluid Acoustic Impedancce Offset
ZTCM Acoustic Impedance Threshold for Cement
ZTGS Acoustic Impedance Threshold for Gas

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