Mnemonics, Tools, VPWD

Description4.75-in. Vision Pressure While Drilling

Related channels
APRS Average Annular Pressure
APRS_VPWD VPWD Annulus Pressure
ATMP_VPWD VPWD Annular Temperature
DHAP Downhole Annulus Pressure
DHAP_FILT Filtered Annulus Pressure
DHAP_LWR Downhole Annulus Pressure, Lower
DHAP_UPR Downhole Annulus Pressure, Upper
DHAT Downhole Annulus Temperature
DHAT_LWR Downhole Annulus Temperature, Lower
DHAT_UPR Downhole Annulus Temperature, Upper
ECD Equivalent Circulating Density
ECD_LWR Equivalent Circulating Density, Lower
ECD_UPR Equivalent Circulating Density, Upper
ECD_VPWD VPWD Equivalent Circulating Density
ECDL Lower Sensor Equivalent Circulating Density
ECDU Upper Sensor Equivalent Circulating Density
ESD Equivalent Static Density
ESD_MAX Maximum Equivalent Static Density
ESD_MIN Mininum Equivalent Static Density
FPG_VPWD VPWD Fracture Pressure Gradient
FPGL Lower Sensor Fracture Pressure Gradient
FPGU Upper Sensor Fracture Pressure Gradient
IESD Internal pressure at the time PESD was taken
IPRS Internal Pressure
IPRS_VPWD VPWD Internal Pressure
ITMP_VPWD VPWD Internal Temperature
LPAV Averaged Lower Sensor Pressure
LPMN Minimum Lower Sensor Pressure
LPMX Maximum Lower Sensor Pressure
LPUF Unfiltered Lower Sensor Pressure
LSTMP Lower Sensor Temperature
LWRP Lower Sensor Pressure
MTFQ MUD Motor Frequency
PESD Hydrostatic pressure (ESD)
PFPG Fracture pressure gradient
PFPG_LWR Fracture Pressure Gradient, Lower
PFPG_UPR Fracture Pressure Gradient, Upper
PMAX Maximum Pressure (Delta from PESD)
PMIN Minimum Pressure (Delta from PESD)
PMOD Pressure Sub-System Mode
PPG_VPWD VPWD Pore Pressure Gradient
PPGI Pore Pressure Gradient
PPGI_LWR Pore Pressure Gradient, Lower
PPGI_UPR Pore Pressure Gradient, Upper
PPGL Lower Sensor Pore Pressure Gradient
PPGU Upper Sensor Pore Pressure Gradient
PRDF Difference between Averaged Internal (AVG_IP) and Annular Pressure (AVG_AP)
PRSA_LWR Lower Sensor Annulus Pressure
PRSA_UPR Upper Sensor Annulus Pressure
TEMPI Internal Pressure Sensor Temperature
TIP Tool Internal Pressure
TLST Downhole Tool Status
TMPL_ANN Lower Sensor Annulus Temperature
TMPU_ANN Upper Sensor Annulus Temperature
TSTA Tool Status
TTEM Tool Temperature
UPAV Averaged Upper Sensor Pressure
UPMN Minimum Upper Sensor Pressure
UPMX Maximum Upper Sensor Pressure
UPRP Upper Sensor Pressure
UPUF Unfiltered Upper Sensor Pressure
USTMP Upper Sensor Temperature

Related parameters
ANSEN Annulus Mud Sensor Selection Parameter
VPWD_ANSEL Annulus Mud Sensor Selection Parameter

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