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DescriptionWell Seismic Tool

Related channels
BTIM Break Time for Downhole Geophone
CALI Caliper
CPRE Compressor Pressure
D1 Downhole Sensor 1 Waveform
DEPT Depth Index
DFI Data File Identification
ELEV Elevation Source
OAZI Source Offset Azimuth
ODFW Source Offset Distance from Well
S1 Surface Sensor Waveform 1
S2 Surface Sensor Waveform 2
SAFE Signal From Hydraulic System
SCAT Stack Catalogue
SDBS Source Distance Below Surface
SNUM Shot Number
SRDS Sample Rate Downhole Sensor
SRSS Sample Rate Surface Sensor
SV1 Surface Vibroseis Sensor Waveform 1
TOFD Time of First Downhole Datum
TOFS Time of First Surface Datum
TTIM Transit Time

Related parameters
AFD Automatic Fire Delay
AMD Azimuth of Maximum Deviation
AMSR Manual/Automatic Shot Rejection
ASSG Auxiliary Surface Sensor Gain
ASSS Auxiliary Surface Sensor Source
CSTA Counter Stack Number
DGT Downhole Geophone Type
DSG Downhole Sensor Gain
DSS Downhole Sensor Source
DSSR Downhole Sensor Sampling Rate
DSTT Downhole Surface Travel Time (Dynamite Only)
EW Explosive Weight
FAUT Automatic Fire Counter
FPSS Firing Pulse Sensor Source
GDTL Gun Depth to Tide (Ground) Level
GMMA Geophone Moving Mass
GTSP Geophone Time Starting Point
GVOL Air Gun Volume
HCGF High Cut Geophone Filter
HDET Hydrophone Detection
HDTL Hydrophone Depth to Tide (Ground) Level
HTL High Tide Level
HTLD High Tide Level Day
HTLH High Tide Level Hour
HTLM High Tide Level Minute
HTS Horizontal Time Scale
JTYP Job Type
LCGF Low Cut Geophone Filter
LTL Low Tide Level
LTLD Low Tide Level Day
LTLH Low Tide Level Hour
LTLM Low Tide Level Minute
MHD Maximum Hole Deviation
MTTC Nanual Transit Time Computation
PTAR Plot True Amplitude Recovery
PTYP Pad/Platform Type
RTMS Rotary Table to MSL
RTTL Rotary Table to Tide Level
RTYP Rig Type
SES Surface Energy Source
SNRA Signal to Noise Ratio
SPOA Source Position Offset Azimuth
SPOD Source Position Offset Distance
SPS Shot Processing Selection
SRDG Seismic Reference Datum to Ground Level
SRDR Seismic Reference Datum to Rotary Table
SSGA Surface Sensor Gain
SSS Surface Sensor Source
SSTY Surface Sensor Type
STWS Source Type
SZMS Schlumberger Zero to Mean Sea Level
TLMS Tide Level to Mean Sea Level
TTL Trough Threshold Locator
TWDM WDM (Wavefrom Digitizer Module) Type Option
VAS Vertical Amplitude Scale
VSDR Vibrator Sweep Direction
VSLE Vibrator Sweep Length
VSR Vibrator Sweep Rate
VSSF Vibrator Sweep Start Frequency
VST Vibrator Sweep Taper
VTYP Vibroseis Type Description
WCL Waveform Correlation Length
WCS Waveform Correlation Start
WDMS Water Depth to Mean Sea Level
WPO Waveform Plot Offset

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