Mnemonics, Software product, DNMSESSION

DescriptionDrilling and Measurements Session system ensemble

Related parameters
ALT_PDAT Name of Alternate Permanent Datum (for PDAT = OTHER)
APD Elevation of Depth Reference (LMF) Above Permanent Datum
BIT_CONF_THRES Threshold used for setting acceptance level for MWD measurement
COORDSYS_NAME Surface coordinate system name
ECF Elevation of Casing Flange above Permanent Datum
EDF Elevation of Derrick Floor Above Permanent Datum
EGL Elevation of Ground Level Above Permanent Datum
EKB Elevation of Kelly Bushing Above Permanent Datum
ELZ Elevation of Logging Zero Reference
EPD Elevation of Permanent Datum (PDAT) above Mean Sea Level
GRID_CONV_ANG Grid convergence angle: angular difference between grid north (Y axis of a grid or cartographic projection) and true north. [Geoshare convention: True Azimuth = Grid Azimuth + Grid_Convergence_Angle]
LATD Latitude (N=+ S=-)
LATD64 64-bit Latitude (N=+ S=-)
LMF Logging Measured From (Name of Logging Elevation Reference)
LOND Longitude
LOND64 64-bit Longitude (E=+ w=-)
MANL_GRID_CONV Flag for manually entering the grid convergence angle
NORTH_REF North Reference
PDAT Permanent Datum
WDMS Water Depth to Mean Sea Level

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