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NameStoneley Permeability
DescriptionPermeability Evaluation from borehole Stoneley wave

Related channels
APP_ATMD Apparent Mud Attenuation
APP_DTMD Apparent Mud Slowness
ATMD Mud Attenuation
ATST Attenuation of the Stoneley Wave
BMKS Solid Bulk Modulus - Ks
BS Bit Size
C1 Caliper 1
C2 Caliper 2
C3 Double R1 Radius (HDT)
C4 Double R4 Radius (HDT)
CAL1 Caliper 1
CAL2 Caliper 2
CALI Caliper
CALS Micro Resistivity Caliper
CENFRQ Processing Band Center Frequency
DPHI Density Porosity
DT1R Delta-T Shear, Receiver Array - Lower Dipole
DT1T Delta-T Shear, Transmitter Array - Lower Dipole
DT2R Delta-T Shear, Receiver Array - Upper Dipole
DT2T Delta-T Shear, Transmitter Array - Upper Dipole
DT3R Delta-T Stoneley, Receiver Array - Monopole Stoneley
DT3T Delta-T Stoneley, Transmitter Array - Monopole Stoneley
DT5 Delta-T Compressional, DDBHC - FMD
DTCO Delta-T Compressional
DTMD Delta-T Mud
DTMUD The computed mud slowness
DTRP Delta-T Compressional, Receiver Array - Monopole P&S
DTRS Delta-T Shear, Receiver Array - Monopole P&S
DTSM Delta-T Shear
DTST Delta-T Stoneley - Monopole Stoneley
DTSTE The elastic Stoneley slowness
DTTP Delta-T Compressional, Transmitter Array - Monopole P&S
DTTS Delta-T Shear, Transmitter Array - Monopole P&S
FVIS Fluid Viscosity Downhole
GR Gamma Ray
HD Hole Diameter
HDAR Hole Diameter from Area
HDOV Hole Diameter from Oval
ITEINC The estimated error of DTSTE computation
ITEINCM The estimated error of DTMUD computation
LA Large Arm Caliper
LCAL Density Caliper
MCAL MLT (Microlog) Caliper
MOBILITY Fluid Mobility in the Formation
MOBILITY_MINUS_ERR_NOISE Mobility Error Bar (-); that is, Mobility Minus Error due to Noise
MOBILITY_MINUS_UNCERTAINTY Mobility Uncertainty Bar (-); that is, Mobility Minus Uncertainty
MOBILITY_PLUS_ERR_NOISE Mobility Error Bar (+); that is, Mobility Plus Error due to Noise
MOBILITY_PLUS_UNCERTAINTY Mobility Uncertainty Bar (+); that is, Mobility Plus Uncertainty
NITER The number of iterations in DTSTE computation
NITERM The number of iterations in DTMUD computation
NPHI Thermal Neutron Porosity (original Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
PERM Permeability Computed
PHIE Effective Porosity
PIGE Effective Porosity Less Irreducible Water
PIGT Total Porosity, VISO and VPAR Removed
QFLG Quality Indicator Flag
QFM Qualitative fluid mobility indicator
RECON_ATST Reconstructed Stoneley Attenuation
RECON_DTST Reconstructed Stoneley Slowness
RHOB Bulk Density
RHOF Density of the Formation Fluid
SHGR Shale zone indicator
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SPEC Spectrum
SPHI Sonic Porosity
STACK_CENFRQ Stacked Signal Center Frequency
STP_DS STPERM Delta Slowness
STP_K STPERM inverted permeability
STP_STATUS STPERM computation status
SWF1 Sonic Waveform 1
SWF2 Sonic Waveform 2
SWF3 Sonic Waveform 3
SWF4 Sonic Waveform 4
SWF5 Sonic Waveform 5
SWF6 Sonic Waveform 6
SWF7 Sonic Waveform 7
SWF8 Sonic Waveform 8

Related parameters
ADTMUD The averaged mud slowness
BMKF Fluid Bulk Modulus - Kf
CENFRQ Center frequency
DAMAGED_ZONE_MOBILITY Mobility in the Damaged Zone
DAMAGED_ZONE_THICKNESS Thickness of the near-wellbore Damaged Zone
DFD Drilling Fluid Density
DTF Delta-T Fluid
DTMD Borehole Fluid Slowness
FIL_LENG Filter length
FREQ_HIGH Filter high cut frequency
FREQ_LOW Filter low cut frequency
FST The frequency of Stoneley wave
FVIS Fluid Viscosity Downhole
GRSHALE The threshold GR value for shale zone identification
MODEL_NAME Name of a model or version of some entity or algorithm; for equipment, it may coincide with the trade name.
PLL Porosity Lower Limit
RHOF Density of the Formation Fluid
STPCMP Type of STPERM computation
UTILITY_PLOT_INTERVAL UtilityPlots sample spacing
WF_FLG Flag to show which waveforms are utilized
WMUD Weight of Mud

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