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DescriptionThe perpendicular measurement downward from a surface. Also, the direct linear measurement from the point of viewing usually from front to back.

Related children
Bit_Depth Bit Depth
Bottom_Depth Bottom Depth
Casing_Shoe_Depth Casing Shoe Depth
Circulation_Loss_Depth Circulation Loss Depth
Corrected_Depth Corrected Depth
Fill_Bottom_Depth Bottom of Fill
Fill_Top_Depth Top of Fill
Flattening_Depth Flattening Depth
Flowing_Condition_Depth Depth at Flowing Conditions
Free_Water_Level Free Water Level
Gas_Water_Contact_Depth Gas-Water Contact Depth
Initial_Reservoir_Pressure_Depth Depth at Initial Reservoir Pressure
Landing_Collar_Depth Landing Collar depth
Last_Static_Pressure_Depth Last Static Pressure Depth
Map_Migrated_Depth Map Migrated Depth
Max_Depth Maximum Depth
Measured_Depth Measured Depth
Min_Depth Minimum Depth
Nom_Cable_Depth Nominal Cable Depth
Nom_Source_Depth Nominal Source Depth
Oil_Water_Contact_Depth Oil-Water Contact Depth
Packer_Depth Packer Measured Depth
Penetration_Depth Depth of Penetration
Plug_Back_Total_Depth Plug Back Total Depth
Pond_Depth Pool or Pond Depth
Propped_Bottom_Depth Propped Bottom Depth
Propped_Top_Depth Propped Top Depth
Reference_Depth Reference Depth
Rock_Compressibility_Depth Depth for Rock Compressibility
Standard_Reference_Datum Standard Reference Datum Depth
Start_Depth Start Depth
Stop_Depth Stop Depth
Test_Depth Test Depth
Top_Depth Top Depth
Total_Depth Total Depth
Trace_Depth Trace Depth
Treatment_Bottom_Depth Current Total depth
True_Stratigraphic_Thickness_Depth TST Depth
True_Vertical_Depth True Vertical Depth
True_Vertical_Thickness_Depth TVT Depth
Tubing_Shoe_Depth Tubing Shoe Depth
Vertical_Lift_Depth Vertical Lift Depth
Water_Depth Water Depth
Weathering_Depth Weathering Depth
Zone_Start Zone Start
Zone_Stop Zone Stop

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