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Parents Property
DescriptionLinear extent of a measured distance or dimension.

Related children
API_Range API Range
Axial_Length Axial Length
Axial_Spacing Axial Spacing
Bend_1_To_Bottom_Conn Bend 1 To Bottom Conn
Bend_2_To_Bottom_Conn Bend 2 To Bottom Conn
Blade_Gauge_Length Blade Gauge Length
Blade_Height Blade Height
Blade_Length Blade Length
Blade_To_Conn_2 Blade To Conn 2
Cable_Length Cable Length
Conn_1_Nom_Length Connection 1 Nominal Length
Conn_2_Nom_Length Connection 2 Nominal Length
Coordinate Coordinate
Depth Depth
Depth_Offset Depth Offset
Diameter Diameter
Displacement Displacement
Distance Distance
Eccentering Eccentering
Etched_Half_Length Etched Half Length
Fishneck_Length Fishneck Length
Fracture_Half_Length Facture Half Length
Fracture_Length Facture Length
Frequency_Filter_Length Frequency Filter Length
From_Offset From Offset
Gauge_Length Gauge Length
Height Height
Horizontal_Well_Flowing_Length Horizontal Well Flowing Length
Interval_Length Interval Length
Investigation_Radius_Increase Investigation Radius Increase
Length_Cocked Length Cocked
Length_Compressed Length Compressed
Length_Extended Length Extended
Length_Recovered Recovered Sample Length
Liquid_Radius Centrifuge Liquid Radius
Major_Dimension Major Dimension
Measure_Point_Offset Measure Point Offset
Measure_Reference_Plane_Offset Measure Reference Plane Offset
Migration_Length Migration_Length
Minor_Dimension Minor Dimension
Neutron_Diffusion_Length Neutron Diffusion Length
Neutron_Slowing_Down_Length Neutron Slowing Down Length
Next_Receiver_Group_Distance Distance to Next Receiver Group
Nom_Length Nominal Length
Nom_Receiver_Group_Distance Nominal Receiver Group Distance
Nom_Station_Distance Nominal Station Distance
Normalized_Distance Normalized Distance
Optical_Wave_Length Optical Wave Length
Perforation_Length Perforation Length
Pitch_Length Pitch
Propped_Half_Length Propped Length
Radial_Length Radial Length
Radius Radius
Reservoir_Distance Reservoir Distance
Running_Length Running Length
Section_Length Section Length
Seismic_Offset Seismic Offset
Shank_Length Shank Length
Spurt Spurt
Stab_To_Bottom_Conn_1 Stab To Bot Conn 1
Stab_To_Bottom_Conn_2 Stab To Bot Conn 2
Stab_To_Bottom_Conn_3 Stab To Bot Conn 3
Standoff Standoff
Streamer_Length Streamer Length
Stretch Stretch
Stroke_Length Stroke Length
Thickness Thickness
Top_Charge_Offset Top Charge Offset
Trace_Length Trace Length
Trimmed_Length Trimmed Length
Tubular_String_Offset Tubular String Component Offset
Vertical_Section Vertical Section
Visibility Visibility
Volume_Per_Area Volume Per Area
Wellbore_Tortuosity_Wave_Length Wellbore Tortuosity Wave Length
Wheel_Circumference Wheel Circumference
Width Width

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