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DescriptionLength from one side of an object to the other measured along a straight line through the center of the object

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API_Pin_Conn_Size API Pin Connection Size
Bubble_Size Bubble Size
Burner_Pilot_Pipe_Size Burner Pilot Gas Connection Size
Core_Diameter Core Diameter
Cuttings_Diameter Cuttings Size
Differential_Caliper Differential Caliper
Gas_Line_Diameter Gas Line Diameter
Gas_Metering_Line_Size Gas Metering Line Size
Grain_Size Grain Size
Horizontal_Size Horizontal Size
Inlet_Connection_Size Inlet Connection Size
Inside_Diameter Inside Diameter
Invasion_Diameter Invasion Diameter
Major_Axis Major Axis
Mean_Particle_Diameter Mean Particle Diameter
Minor_Axis Minor Axis
Nom_Diameter Nominal Diameter
Nozzle_Size Nozzle Size
Oil_Connection_Size Oil Connection Size
Oil_Metering_Line_Size Oil Metering Line Size
Orifice_Plate_Diameter Orifice Plate Diameter
Outlet_Connection_Size Outlet Connection Size
Outside_Diameter Outside Diameter
Perforation_Diameter Perforation Diameter
Pore_Throat_Diameter Pore Throat Diameter
Port_Diameter Port Diameter
Pump_Liner_Diameter Pump Liner Diameter
Reel_Core_Diameter Core Diameter
Screen_Mesh_Size Screen Mesh Size
Solids_Control_Cone_Diameter Cone Size
Upset_Diameter Upset Diameter
Water_Connection_Size Water Connection Size
Water_Metering_Line_Size Water Metering Line Size

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