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DescriptionAngle measured about the spheroid (or ellipsoid) axis from a local prime meridian to the meridian through the point. A positive value denotes East.

Related children
Base_Longitude Base Longitude
Central_Line_Pt1_Longitude Longitude of Central Line Point 1
Central_Line_Pt2_Longitude Longitude of Central Line Point 2
Central_Meridian Projection Central Meridian
Eastern_Meridian Projection Eastern Meridian
Geodetic_Datum_Point_Longitude Datum Point Longitude
Longitude_Reference_1 Longitude Reference 1
Longitude_Reference_2 Longitude Reference 2
Northing_Longitude Northing Longitude
Origin_Longitude Origin Longitude
Prime_Meridian_Greenwich_Offset Prime Meridian Greenwich Offset
Principal_Meridian Principal Meridian
Scale_Factor_Longitude Scale Factor Longitude

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