Mnemonics, Properties, Plane_Angle

NamePlane Angle
Parents Property
DescriptionThe angular displacement between two lines extending from the same point, measured in the plane of the two lines.

Related children
1_Minute_Gel_Test_Deflection Gel Test Deflection - 1min
10_Minute_Gel_Test_Deflection Gel Test Deflection - 10min
10_Second_Gel_Test_Deflection Gel Test Deflection - 10s
30_Minute_Gel_Test_Deflection Gel Test Deflection - 30min
Azimuth Azimuth
Bearing Bearing
Bend_1_Angle Bend 1 Angle
Bend_1_Bend_2_Angle Bend 1-2 Offset Angle
Bend_2_Angle Bend 2 Angle
Bend_2_Bend_3_Angle Bend 2-3 Offset Angle
Binset_Skew Binset Skew
Blade_Spiral Blade Spiral
Bladeface Bladeface
Critical_Angle Critical Angle
Declination Declination
Deviation Deviation
Dilation_Angle Dilation Angle
Dip_Angle Dip Angle
Eccentering_Azimuth_Offset Eccentering Azimuth Offset
Failure_Arc Failure Arc
Fault_Hade Fault Hade
Flex_Joint_Angle Flex Joint Angle
Friction_Angle Friction Angle
Great_Circle_Axis Great Circle Dip Axis
Grid_Convergence_Angle Grid Convergence Angle
Incident_Angle Incident Angle
Inclination Inclination
Interfault_Angle Interfault Angle
Latitude Latitude
Longitude Longitude
Max_Bend_Angle Maximum Bend Angle
Multi_Comp_Compressional_Angle Multi-Component PhiP
Multi_Comp_Shear_Angle Multi-Component PhiS
P_Wave_Angle P-wave Angle
Phase_Shift Phase Shift
Reflection_Angle Reflection Angle
Relative_Bearing Relative Bearing
Rheometer_Deviation Rheometer Deviation
Rig_Pitch_Angle Rig Pitch Angle
Rig_Roll_Angle Rig Roll Angle
Riser_Angle Riser Angle
Rotation Rotation
S_Wave_Angle S-wave Angle
Slant_Rig_Angle Slant Rig Angle
Survey_Bearing Survey Bearing
Theta_Angle Theta Angle
Toolface Toolface
Well_To_Fault_Angle Well to Fault Angle
Wellbore_Tortuosity_Amplitude_Angle Wellbore Tortuosity Amplitude Angle
Wetting_Contact_Angle Contact Angle
Zenith_Angle Zenith Angle

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