Mnemonics, Properties, Quality_Indicator

NameQuality Indicator
Parents Property > Indicator
DescriptionProperty which provides a relative measure of the quality or fitness-for-purpose of data, or of some item, process, or material.

Related children
Acoustic_Quality_Indicator Acoustic Quality Indicator
Antenna_Quality_Factor Antenna Quality Factor
Array_Induction_Quality_Indicator Quality Indicator
CBL_Quality_Indicator CBL Quality Indicator
Cyclic_Redundancy_Check Cyclic Redundancy Check
Degradation_Factor Degradation Factor
Degree_Of_Confidence Degree of Confidence
Density_Quality_Indicator Density Quality Indicator
Dip_Quality Dip Quality
Dip_Quality_Cutoff Dip Quality Cutoff
Filter_Cake_Thickness_Quality_Indicator Filter Cake Thickness Quality Indicator
Gross_Cutoff_Absent_Fraction Gross Cutoff Absent
Net_Cutoff_Absent_Fraction Net Cutoff Absent
Net_Pay_Cutoff_Absent_Fraction Net Pay Cutoff Absent
Net_Reservoir_Cutoff_Absent_Fraction Net Reservoir Cutoff Absent
Neutron_Capture_Cross_Section_Quality_Indicator Neutron Capture Cross Section Quality Indicator
Neutron_Quality_Indicator Neutron Quality Indicator
NMR_Quality_Indicator NMR Quality Indicator
Photoelectric_Factor_Quality_Indicator Photoelectric Factor Quality Indicator
Pick_Quality Pick Quality
Snap_Quality Snap Quality
Tracking_Quality Tracking Quality

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