Mnemonics, Properties, Indicator

Parents Property
DescriptionProperty which indicates presence of some entity, occurrence or condition, or which quantifies some condition, often as a proportion of some local reference value. Often called _Factor or _Coefficient.

Related children
Casing_Collar_Locator Casing Collar Locator
Cement_Bond_Index Cement Bond Index
Confidence_Factor Confidence Factor
Connectedness_Coefficient Connectedness Coefficient
Correlation_Coefficient Index of Determination
Corrosion_Indicator Corrosion Indicator
Data_Acquisition_Mode Data Acquisition Mode
Drainage_Area_Shape_Factor Drainage Area Shape Factor
Expansion_Factor Expansion Factor
Flag Flag
Interporosity_Flow_Coefficient Interporosity Flow Coefficient
Linear_Thermal_Expansion Coefficient of Linear Expansion
Non_Darcy_Flow_Coefficient Non Darcy Flow Coefficient
Processing_Option Processing Option
Quality_Indicator Quality Indicator
Shock_Level Shock Level
Status Status
Thermal_Alteration_Index Thermal Alteration Index
Turbulence_Coefficient Turbulence Coefficient

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