Mnemonics, Properties, Reservoir_Distance

NameReservoir Distance
Parents Property > Length
DescriptionThe distance between two features in a reservoir, for use in modeling the reservoir.

Related children
Eff_Reservoir_Radius Effective Reservoir Radius
External_Drainage_Radius External Drainage Radius
Horizontal_Well_Standoff Horizontal Well Standoff
Hydraulic_Unit_Top_To_Flowing_Top Distance Hydraulic Unit Top To Flowing Top
Hydraulic_Unit_Top_To_Perforation_Top Distance Formation Top To Perf Top
Interwell_Distance Inter-well Distance
Rectangle_Length Rectangle Length
Rectangle_Width Rectangle Width
Well_Spacing Well Spacing
Well_To_Boundary_Distance Well-Boundary Distance
Well_To_Fault_Distance Well-Fault Distance
Well_To_Fracture_Element_Distance Well-Fracture Element Distance

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