Mnemonics, Properties, Thickness

Parents Property > Length
DescriptionThe smallest of three dimensions {length, width, and thickness}

Related children
Apparent_Thickness Apparent Thickness
Avg_Bed_Thickness Average Bed Thickness
Cement_Sheath_Thickness Cement Sheath Thickness
Completed_Thickness Completed Thickness
Crushed_Zone_Thickness Crushed Zone Thickness
Damaged_Zone_Thickness Damaged Zone Thickness
Filter_Cake_Thickness Filter Cake Thickness
Gross_Thickness Gross Thickness
Litho_Thickness Litho Thickness
Max_Thickness Maximum Thickness
Min_Net_Thickness Minimum Net Thickness
Min_Non_Net_Thickness Minimum Non-net Thickness
Min_Thickness Minimum Thickness
Net_Pay_HC_Porosity_Thickness Net Pay HC Porosity Thickness
Net_Pay_Moved_HC_Porosity_Thickness Net Pay Moved Hydrocarbon Porosity Thickness
Net_Pay_Porosity_Thickness Net Pay Porosity Thickness
Net_Pay_Thickness Net Pay Thickness
Net_Reservoir_HC_Porosity_Thickness Net Reservoir HC Porosity Thickness
Net_Reservoir_Porosity_Thickness Net Reservoir Porosity Thickness
Net_Reservoir_Thickness Net Reservoir Thickness
Net_Shale_Thickness Net Shale Thickness
Net_Thickness Net Thickness
Nom_Thickness Nominal thickness
Peak_Peak_Delta_Depth Peak Peak Delta Depth
Peak_Trough_Delta_Depth Peak Trough Delta Depth
Producing_Thickness Producing Thickness
Thickness_Loss Wall Thickness Loss
Trough_Peak_Delta_Depth Trough Peak Delta Depth
Trough_Trough_Delta_Depth Trough Trough Delta Depth
True_Stratigraphic_Thickness True Stratigraphic Thickness
True_Vertical_Thickness True Vertical Thickness
Tube_Wall_Thickness Tube Wall Thickness

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