Mnemonics, Tools, DVDXT475-APWD

DescriptionDVDxT 4.75in MWD Tool with APWD/IPWD

Related channels
AJAM Number of Anti-Jams Detected
AZIM Measured Azimuth
AZIM_CONT Continuous Hole Azimuth
AZIM_EU EU Converted Downhole-calculated Azimuth
BX_ROT Rotating Magnetometer, X-Axis
CRPM Collar Rotational Speed
CUREDT Current Equivalent Drilling Time in 10 Hours
CURFSL Current Frame Set List
DEPTH_DNI Depth of the Direction and Inclination Sensor
DHAP Downhole Annulus Pressure
DIP Dip Angle
ECD Equivalent Circulating Density
ESD Equivalent Static Density
GRCB_THR1 Raw Gamma Ray Counts, Bottom, below Threshold-1
GRCL_THR1 Raw Gamma Ray Counts, Left, below Threshold-1
GRCR_THR1 Raw Gamma Ray Counts, Right, below Threshold-1
GRCU_THR1 Raw Gamma Ray Counts, Up, below Threshold-1
GRMA Gamma Ray, Average
GRMA_FILT Gamma Ray, Calibrated and Filtered, Average
GRMA_UNC Uncorrected Gamma Ray, Average
GRMB_UNC Uncorrected Gamma Ray, Bottom
GRML_UNC Uncorrected Gamma Ray, Left
GRMR_UNC Uncorrected Gamma Ray, Right
GRMU_UNC Uncorrected Gamma Ray, Up
GRTB GammaRay, Quadrant Acquisition Time, Bottom
GRTL GammaRay, Quadrant Acquisition Time, Left
GRTR GammaRay, Quadrant Acquisition Time, Right
GRTU GammaRay, Quadrant Acquisition Time, Up
GTF Gravity Toolface Angle
GX_ROT Continuous Rotational Gravity X-axis
GX_ROT_VERT Continuous Rotational Gravity X-axis with High Resolution for vertical wells
HTEMP Magnetometer Temperature
IMOTOR Motor Current
INCL Hole inclination
INCL_CONT Continuous Inclination (Hole Deviation)
INCL_EU EU Converted Downhole-calculated Inclination
INCL_RAW Uncorrected Survey Station Inclination
IPTEMP Internal Pressure Sensor Temperature.
LTBRT Low Power Tool Bus (LTB) Retries
MOT_STATUS2 Motor Status
MSP1 Spare MWD Channel #1
MSP2 Spare MWD Channel #2
MSP3 Spare MWD Channel #3
MSP4 Spare MWD Channel #4
MSP5 Spare MWD Channel #5
MSP6 Spare MWD Channel #6
MSP7 Spare MWD Channel #7
MSP8 Spare MWD Channel #8
MSP9 Spare MWD Channel #9
MTF Magnetic Toolface Angle
NGX Angle X is the angle measured clockwise looking downhole from the projection of gravity to the projection of the magnetic field in the plane perpendicular to the tool axis
NRPM Negative Rotation Indicator
PESD Hydrostatic pressure (ESD)
PMAX Maximum Pressure (Delta from PESD)
PMIN Minimum Pressure (Delta from PESD)
QLTY Survey quality: GOOD or BAD versus criteria
RGRA Raw Gamma Ray, Average
SBX Magnetic X-Axis Reading, Stationary
SBY Magnetic Y-Axis Reading, Stationary
SBZ Magnetic Z-Axis Reading, Stationary
SDEP Station Depth
SDEP_RAW Unmodified Survey Station Depth
SGX Gravity X-Axis Reading, Stationary
SGY Gravity Y-Axis Reading, Stationary
SGZ Gravity Z-Axis Reading, Stationary
SHK3TIME Time at Shock Level 3
SHKL Tool Shock Level
SHKPK Shock Peak
SHKPK_X Axial shocks peak amplitude
SHKR Shock Rate
SHKRSK Shock Risk
SHOCK_RAW Combined Shock Risk and Shock Peak
SHOCKS_ACC Total Shocks accumulated over tool lifetime
STICK Stick Slip Indicator
STNTCOR Survey Station Total Azimuth Correction
STUCK Percent Time Stuck Below 5 RPM Indicator
SVY_SOURCE Survey Station Source Tool
SVY_USAGE Survey Usage Limitations Indicator
TAB_GR Gamma Ray Time after Bit
TCOA Gamma Ray Oxygen Activation
TEMP_DNI Direction and Inclination Sensor Temperature
TICKS_GR Gamma Ray Tick Marks
TOOLB Tool Magnetometer Magnitude from the Long Survey Axes
TOOLBYZ Root-Mean-Square of the Long Survey By and Bz Axes
TOOLG Tool Gravity Magnitude from the Long Survey Axes
TOOLGYZ Root-Mean-Square of the Long Survey Gy and Gz Axes
TRPM MWD Turbine Rotation Speed
TSTA Tool Status
VIB_X RMS Vibration, X-Axis
VIB_Y RMS Vibration, Y-Axis
VIB_Z RMS Vibration, Z-Axis

Related parameters
BHK Drilling Fluid Potassium Concentration
BS Bit Size
DFD Drilling Fluid Density
EP_REF_TO_TOOL_BTM Reference to Tool Bottom
GR_O2COR_OPT Enable Gamma Ray Oxygen Activation Correction
GRID_CONV_ANG Grid convergence angle: angular difference between grid north (Y axis of a grid or cartographic projection) and true north. [Geoshare convention: True Azimuth = Grid Azimuth + Grid_Convergence_Angle]
OACF O2 Activation Correction Factor (RM)
TFO Toolface Angle Offset
USER_LOCB User-supplied values for Magnetic Flux Density
USER_LOCG User-supplied values for Gravitational Field Strength
USER_MDEC User-supplied values for Magnetic Declination
USER_MDIP User-supplied values for Magnetic Dip Angle

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