Mnemonics, Tools, HGNS-B

DescriptionHILT Gamma-Ray Neutron Sonde - B

Related channels
AZ Acceleration Z-Axis
CFGR Gamma Ray Correction Coefficient
CFTC Corrected Far Thermal Count Rate
CNTC Corrected Near Thermal Count Rate
CTEM Cartridge Temperature
CWEL Curvature of the Well
DNPH Difference between Corrected Thermal Neutron Porosity and Uncorrected
DRTA Depth Derivative of Raw TALP
ECGR Environmentally Corrected Gamma Ray
FTIM Fast Channels Acquisition Time
GR Gamma Ray
HTNP High Resolution Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
HWEC HGNS Well Curvature
HWER Well Curvature Radius
NPHI Thermal Neutron Porosity (original Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
NPHI_LIM Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) (matrix Limestone)
NPOR Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity in Selected Lithology
NPOR_HSTS NPOR Corrected By Sidewall Temperature
QCPOR Porosity Quality Indicator Obtained by Comparison Between Uncorrected and Corrected Thermal Neutron Porosity
RCFT Raw Corrected Thermal Far Count Rate
RCNT Raw Corrected Thermal Near Count Rate
RGR Raw Gamma Ray
RTNR Raw Thermal Neutron Ratio
SDEV Sonde Deviation
TALP Thermal Alpha Factor
TGST TSCD Z-Axis Gravity Estimation
TNPH Thermal Neutron Porosity (Ratio Method) in Selected Lithology
TNRA Thermal Neutron Ratio

Related parameters
BSCO Borehole Salinity Correction Option
CCCO Casing & Cement Thickness Correction Option
CFTC_GAIN CFTC Calibration Gain
CFTC_OFFSET CFTC Calibration Offset
CNTC_GAIN CNTC Calibration Gain
CNTC_OFFSET CNTC Calibration Offset
DFT_HGNS Borehole Fluid Type (supported by HGNS algorithms)
FSCO Formation Salinity Correction Option
GR_GAIN GR Calibration Gain
GR_JIG_REF Jig minus background reference
GR_OFFSET GR Calibration Offset
GR_SHIFT GR Supplemental Offset
GRAVITY_MEASURED Local Earth Gravity
HGNS_ACCLO_TYPE HGNS Accelerometer Type
HSCO Hole Size Correction Option
MCCO Mud Cake Correction Option
MCOR Mud Correction
MWCO Mud Weight Correction Option
NCT_WATER_TEMP Calibration Tank Water Temperature
PROCSPO Sonde Position
PTCO Pressure Temperature Correction Option
RCFT_PLUS_CORR Corrected RCFT Plus Average
RCFT_PLUS_REF Far Neutron Count Rate Plus Reference
RCNT_PLUS_CORR Corrected RCNT Plus Average
RCNT_PLUS_REF Near Neutron Count Rate Plus Reference
RGR_PLUS_ACCUM Plus Gamma-Ray Minus Background
SOCO Standoff Correction Option
TH_HOUSING_SZ Thermal Housing Size
TNRA_GAIN TNRA Calibration Gain
TNRA_OFFSET TNRA Calibration Offset
TNRA_PLUS_REF Neutron Ratio Plus Reference

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