Mnemonics, Tools, SRFT_B

DisciplineWell Testing
DescriptionSlim Repeat Formation Tester - B

Related channels
AUXF Auxiliary Frequency
CABLE_SLACK Cable Slack with Probe Set
CABLE_SLACK_DL Cable Slack while Probe Set
CHUN Calibrated Pressure Hundreds Digit
CONE Calibrated Pressure Ones Digit
CPHU Pressure 100s digit (calibrated)
CPON Pressure 1s digit (calibrated)
CPTE Pressure 10s digit (calibrated)
CPTH Computed Potassium and Thorium
CSGP Compensated SGP (RSGP - SGOF)
CSHO Current Shot Number
CTEN Calibrated Pressure Tens Digit
CTHO Calibrated Thousands Digit
DMV Downhole Motor Voltage
DMV_DL Downhole Motor Voltage
DMVF Downhole Motor Volts Frequency
ETIM Elapsed Logging Time
FDEP Formation Depth
FHP4 HP Pressure FTPR Format
FSG4 Four Track Format
FTD Formation Test Depth
HPF HP Frequency
HPGP HP Gauge Pressure
IMEA Intermediate Calibration Resistor Measured Value
LNFG Output Line to Film Indicator
LSAM Lower Sample Open Valve Signal
MSPE Motor Speed
MSPE_DL Motor Speed
MSPF Motor Speed Frequency
NCLK Quartz Gauge Nclock Signal Component
NMIX Quartz Gauge Nmix Signal Component
NSEN Quartz Gauge Nsen Signal Component
PD10 Ten Thousand Pressure Scale (Raw)
PD20 Twenty Thousand Pressure Scale (Raw)
PFRA Pressure Fractional Digit (SGP)
PHUN Pressure 100s Digit
PMCU Pump Motor Current
PMEA Plus Calibration Resistor Measured Value
PONE Pressure 1s Digit
PRES Pressure (Analog)
PSIG Fitting Coefficient for SIGM from TDT
PTEM PTS Fluid Temperature
PTEN Pressure 10s Digit
PTHO Pressure 1000s Digit
PTNO Pretest Number
PTNO_DL Pretest Number
RDSW RFT Downhole Status Word
RDSW_DL RFT Downhole Status Word
RET1 Retract line 1 pressure (RTHB)
RET2 Retract line 2 pressure (RTHB)
RFPD Probe Depth
RFSD Repeat Formation Test Set Depth
RPPW RTTM Status Word
RPQP RPQS Quartz Gauge Pressure
RPQS RPQS Quartz Gauge Tool Status
RPQT RPQS Quartz Gauge Temperature
RSGP Raw Strain Gauge Pressure
RSGP_DL Raw Strain Gauge Pressure
RSST RFT Shooting Status Word
RSSW RFT Shoot Status Word
RSSW_DL RFT Shoot Status Word
RTES Raw SGP Temperature
RTES_DL Raw SGP Temperature
SCSN Sample Chamber Sample Number
SCSN_DL Sample Chamber Sample Number
SDEP Station Depth
SEAL Seal Signal
SET1 Set line 1 pressure (used with RTHB)
SET2 Set line 2 pressure (used with RTHB)
SET3 Set line 3 pressure (used with RTHB)
SGA SGP Parabolic Coefficient "A"
SGB SGP Parabolic Coefficient "B"
SGC SGP Parabolic Coefficient "C"
SGHG Strain Gauge High Gain
SGHO Strain Gauge High Offset
SGLG Strain Gauge Low Gain
SGLO Strain Gauge Low Offset
SGOF Strain Gauge Offset
SGP Strain Gauge Pressure
SGP_DL Strain Gauge Pressure
SGPF Strain Gauge Frequency
SGPF_DL Strain Gauge Frequency
SHOS Shot State
SQSW Sequence Status Word
SQSW_DL Sequence Status Word
TEMS SGP Temperature
TEMS_DL SGP Temperature
UMV Uphole Motor Voltage
USAM Upper Sample Open Valve Signal
ZMEA Zero Calibration Resistor Measured Value
ZTEM SGP Temperature Calibration Zero Value

Related parameters
ACUP Constant Update Switch
AOFF Alphanumeric Output to Film Flag
APRE Atmospheric Pressure
ATC0 Alpha Temperature Coefficient 0
ATC1 Alpha Temperature Coefficient 1
ATC2 Alpha Temperature Coefficient 2
ATC3 Alpha Temperature Coefficient 3
ATEM Ambient Temperature
BFT1 Back-Flush Timer 1
BFT2 Back-Flush Timer 2
C1V Pretest Chamber 1 Volume
C2V Pretest Chamber 2 Volume
CDAT Calibration Date
CDEP Current Depth for Shooting
CDLY Calibration Delay Time
CFCV Controlled Flow Adapter Chamber Volume
CMOD Computation Mode
CNUM Calibration Number
CSHO Current Shot Number
EOFF ETIM Output to Film Flag
FDEP Formation Test Depth
FLD Flow Line Density
HPT HP Gauge Temperature
HPTS HP Temperature Source
MPOW Motor Powered
MSRP Motor Speed Running Point
MSTA Motor State
MSTL Motor State
MVIS Mud Filtrate Viscosity
NSMP Number of Calibration Samples
ODEP Odometer Depth for Shooting
PMV Pump Motor Voltage
PMVT Pump Motor Voltage Tolerance
PRES Tool Pressure Rating
PSGA Parabolic Coefficient A
PSGB Parabolic Coefficient B
PSGC Parabolic Coefficient C
QGDC Quartz Gauge Dynamic Compensation Coefficients
RFIN Control RFT Insert
RFTS RFT Temperature Source
RFTT RFT Temperature
RLM RFT Logging Mode
RPU RFT Panel Units
SDEP Tool Set Depth
SGOF Strain Gauge Offset
SGSO Strain Gauge Selection Option
SSIZ Shot Size
SSLD Shot Summary Listing Destination
TFMT ETIM Alphanumeric Format
TMUD Drilling Mud Type
TPRE Test Pressure
TVGS Throttle Valve Gap Size

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