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NameMultiple Matrix Density Porosities
DescriptionSimultaneous computation of density porosity outputs for sandstone, limestone and dolomite

Related channels
DPHI_DOL Density Porosity (matrix Dolomite)
DPHI_LIM Density Porosity (matrix Limestone)
DPHI_SAN Density Porosity (matrix Sandstone)
HDPH_DOL HiRes Density Porosity (matrix Dolomite)
HDPH_LIM HiRes Density Porosity (matrix Limestone)
HDPH_SAN HiRes Density Porosity (matrix Sandstone)
HPHN_DOL HiRes Enhanced Density Porosity (matrix Dolomite)
HPHN_LIM HiRes Enhanced Density Porosity (matrix Limestone)
HPHN_SAN HiRes Enhanced Density Porosity (matrix Sandstone)
PHND_DOL Porosity from Enhanced Density (matrix Dolomite)
PHND_LIM Porosity from Enhanced Density (matrix Limestone)
PHND_SAN Porosity from Enhanced Density (matrix Sandstone)

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