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Parents Property > Plane_Angle
DescriptionHorizontal angle measured clockwise from true North. (Also referred to as True Bearing.) Occasionally azimuth will be specified relative to some other reference.

Related children
Axis_Azimuth Axis Azimuth
Borehole_Failure_Azimuth Borehole Failure Azimuth
Central_Line_Bearing Central Line Bearing
Compass_Bearing Compass Bearing
Dip_Azimuth Dip Azimuth
Direction_Channel_To_Axis Direction of Channel To Axis
Direction_Channel_To_Flow Direction of Channel To Flow
Direction_Channel_To_Land Direction of Channel To Land
Direction_Current Direction of Current
Direction_Downthrown_Block Direction To Downthrown Block
Direction_Overthrust Direction Of Overthrust
Direction_To_Source Direction to Source
Eccentering_Azimuth Eccentering Azimuth
Fault_Strike Fault Strike
Fracture_Azimuth Facture Azimuth
Fracture_Orientation Fracture Orientation
Great_Circle_Azimuth Great Circle Dip Azimuth
Hole_Azimuth Wellbore Azimuth
Image_Origin_Azimuth Origin Azimuth
Magnetic_Declination Magnetic Declination
Major_Axis_Azimuth Major Axis Azimuth
Min_Horizontal_Stress_Azimuth Minimum Horizontal Stress Azimuth
Polarization_Azimuth Polarization Azimuth
Projection_Azimuth Projection Azimuth
Rig_Heading Rig Heading
Sensor_Azimuth Sensor Azimuth
Small_Circle_Azimuth Small Circle Dip Azimuth
Thin_Out_Azimuth Thin-out Azimuth
Tool_Azimuth Tool Azimuth
Trace_Azimuth Trace Azimuth
Velocity_Ellipticity_Azimuth Velocity Ellipticity Azimuth
Vertical_Section_Azimuth Vertical Section Azimuth
Wave_Azimuth Wave Azimuth
Wind_Azimuth Wind Azimuth

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